Win Live Every Saturday Night With Walkers

Win Live Every Saturday Night With Walkers

Walkers Crisps used to get a regular mention on the Loquax Blog due to their big prize promotions. For example there was the Bring It Back Campaign with £100,000 on offer and who can forget the Mystery Flavours competition which saw £50,000 cash prizes being dished out. There are more cash prizes on offer in their latest promo – Win Live! Every Saturday night on ITV, until the 2nd June 2018, Walkers Crisps will reveal the winners of their latest prize draw during the ad breaks. To enter the prize draw all you have to do is register/login at the site and enter unique pack codes from sharing packs – alternatively you can scan your code via Facebook messenger.

Win A Suzuki Vitara

This is a prize draw, not an instant win, but each pack code has a 1 in 10 chance of winning a prize. The prizes vary from a sharing pack of crisps worth £1.99 through to the top prize of a Suzuki Vitara car. Other prizes include a £5000 holiday from and £5000 cash. Note that only the top prize winners are announced live during the ad breaks on Saturday night on ITV. If you’ve won a smaller prize then you’ll be contacted by email or messenger. The promotional packs that you need to look out for are: Walkers Sharing Bag Salt & Vinegar 175g, Walkers Sharing Bag Cheese & Onion 175g, Walkers Sharing Bag Ready Salted 175g, Walkers Sharing Bag Prawn Cocktail 175g, Walkers Snacks Spicy 120g, Walkers Snacks Cheese 120g, Walkers Snacks Meaty 120g, Walkers Bugles Cheese 110g, Walkers Bugles Southern Style BBQ 110g and Walkers Bugles Sour Cream & Black Pepper 110g.

Wombling For Free Entries

The easiest way to get a code is to purchase a pack or two, so make sure you get the crisps on your shopping list. We did a quick scan on and you can purchase many of the items for £1 (reduced from £1.99) – just make sure they’re promotional packs though. You can enter up to 5 codes per day! We’re not big crisp eaters so have no idea if people buy that many sharing packs? Mind you we guess some compers will be stocking up on crisps so that they can make a few entries each week. But what about getting entries for free? Well, sually with on-pack code competitions it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for discarded wrappers. Wombling, as it’s called, may not be quite so easy for this particular promotion as the bags are the larger packets of crisps. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye out! Someone’s discarded wrapper could win you a prize! If you live in Northern Ireland then you can always enter for free via a postal route. Details are given in the terms and conditions over at the Win Live page.

Wrapping It Up

If you find codes after the final Win Live draw on the 2nd June 2018 then don’t discard them. A “wrap up” draw is available to enter until the 24th August 2018. All codes entered after the final live draw will go into a draw for the chance to win £1000. You can find out more about this competition – and enter those on pack codes – via Walkers Win Live. You can also drop in on their Facebook page for competition updates and even the chance to win crisps in the occasional free prize draw.


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