Win Your Face On A Nut, Drawn By Harry Hill!

September 5th, 2011

Regular readers of the Loquax Blog will know that we quite like odd competitions and odd prizes. We’ve featured The A Team Van, a Cement Mixer and even a Duck House, but they’re all long forgotten. Today our “oddest competition of the week” comes from TV Burp funny man, Harry Hill and Sainsbury’s. The prize is your face on a nut.

And it’s no ordinary face on a nut. They’ll be drawn by Harry Hill himself. On 7th September, Harry will be drawing portraits of some of Sainsbury’s Facebook fans on his Fairtrade nuts. There’s no fixed number of prizes – basically Harry will try and do as many as he can.

All nuts that are drawn will be entered into a Facebook ‘album’ on the Sainsbury’s Facebook page. According to the terms, the winners will be offered the option to receive their prize of the hand drawn nut in the post.

To enter the prize draw you just need to send in a photo of yourself and hope that Harry picks you to draw. The details, as well as terms and conditions, can be found at Sainsbury’s.

Ok, it’s not the biggest prize on offer, but it’s fun and fun is what comping really should be all about. Who wants to show off a brand new iPad or car to sceptical friends when you could be waving a nut drawn by Harry Hill at them instead!?

If you do enter then you’ll get a confirmation email from Neville (Harry’s Helper). Our email said that we’d “have to hold on until 4pm on the 7th September to find out if your face has been drawn”. Exciting!! LOL!

Keep up to date with the competition and see the winner’s nuts over on the Sainsbury’s Facebook page.

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