Facebook Comping

In October 2007 we blogged about whether Facebook would be a new source of competitions, but even we underestimated just how big it would become. Nowadays loads of brands use the social media network and competitions to gain new followers and interact with consumers. However, it’s not all plain sailing! We also have a Guide to Facebook Comping that you might find useful.

Back in 2007 we blogged about a potential new source of competitions. That source was the social network called Facebook and today it’s incredibly popular for compers. The prizes have improved to include cars and holidays and promoters actively use it to attract “likes” and interaction for their sites and brands. Given the vast number […]

We’re a little late covering this story, but it’s worth a mention. The demise of the tiebreaker is often lamented in some circles of comping. Many miss the skill that’s required in coming up with a unique strapline in 12 words or less whilst others miss searching previous competitions to find a chestnut or two […]

A big thank you to @staffstechgirl on Twitter for making us aware of changes to Facebook’s promotions guidelines. The changes were implemented on the 11th May and, if administered, could have a huge effect on voting competitions that run on the social network. Indeed, the full text has ramifications for all Facebook competitions that don’t […]

Back in November 2010 we added a competition to Loquax for the Velvet Money Tree Promotion. Cash prizes totalling £5million were on offer and all you had to do to enter is enter the promotional code found underneath the barcode on packs of Triple Velvet. If you won a prize – ranging from £1 to […]

It’s been a while since we dipped a toe into the murky waters of Facebook voting competitions but we thought it was high time to revisit them and see how things are fairing. First a brief recap! Voting competitions on Facebook (and in fact now anywhere online) have become a bone of contention amongst compers […]

The Next Baby Boutique Model Competition has hit more problems due to messages being posted around Facebook that the competition is in fact fake. People have been posting on their walls warning other users that it’s not being run by Next and this has caused mass panic and widespread hysteria. People are reposting messages on […]

Yesterday we reported that there the Next Baby Boutique Model Competition was well on course for voting competition misery due to endless “vote for me” messages being posted on the fashion store’s Facebook Wall. However, things have taken a turn for the worse! Whilst there are still a number of vote for me requests, the […]

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Ask Jeeves has made changes to their Unanswerables competition. Instead of the 10 iPad Winners being chosen by votes, the winners were chosen by a judging panel. Unfortunately Jeeves took a bit of flack via Twitter when the winners were announced, which is sad to see. However, […]

Voting competitions on Facebook could be in for a bumpy ride over the next few months after the launch of a new group calling for the social network to ban voting competitions. And the group already has a feather in it’s cap when Ryvita announced a change to it’s competition after encouragement from compers. Help […]

Following on from the voting controversy that surrounded the final stage of their “Share Your Summer with Flip” competition on Facebook, Flip Video UK have taken the bold decision to change the judging procedure. They have announced via Facebook the following statement: We have decided upon the following course of action to ensure the ‘Share […]