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We like to tell our users what’s happening at Loquax and here’s where you’ll find the latest news from ‘Duck Towers’ (actually we don’t live in a tower and it’s not even Duck named). Do keep an eye on this section and the Loquax Forums so you don’t miss out on important announcements.

Welcome to the latest Loquax Newsletter! First off a pat on the back for us as we remembered to actually write it before the month end. Again we’ve gone for a more ‘chatty’ style and highlighting a few things that you may not have seen in comping or on Loquax. Hopefully it adds a bit […]

After a little bit of a summer break, we’re back with another exciting Loquax newsletter. As we did last time, and hopefully in the future, we’re going for a more newsy style email. If all goes well – and Kirsty remembers to remind Jason to write it – we’ll also try to be a bit […]

Our newsletter is going to be a little bit different this month. We’re going to try and be a little less action and a bit more conversational. The thing is, if you receive our newsletter you know where the competitions are (hopefully) so we thought it’s time to try and share things in a different […]

Last week Loquax turned 21 years of age. It doesn’t seem real that this small part of the internet has reached that milestone. Celebrations were somewhat muted because the fact that Loquax has “come of age” makes us both feel incredibly old. 700,000+ Competitions However, we did take a few moments to see if we […]

It’s now six years – yes six years – since Loquax evolved into a competition listing service where the comps are predominantly posted by the community. Back in 2013 the site was given little or no chance of survival. A “dinosaur” of a site ready for extinction as one person put it. However, thanks to […]

Long before the days of Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter and Tinder there came Loquax. Twenty very long years ago, myself and Kirsty, sat down and cobbled together our first version of the website. As today is our anniversary we’ve been looking back at old versions of the site courtesy of Wayback.org. Not only do they […]

This week we’ve made some adjustments to our competition tracking reporting pages. Firstly, we still do have a competition tracker – in fact we have two – one is the old legacy version which relied on clicking the “thanks” button whilst the other is the “quacker tracker” which involves clicking on the ducks or crosses […]

It seems an age ago since the Loquax Team embarked on revamping the way your forum posts appeared as competition listings. What started out as a “shouldn’t take too long job” has taken a little bit longer than anticipated. However we hope you think it’s been worthwhile and thank you for being patient. With the […]

Most compers will be fully aware of The Free Postcode Lottery. At launch the site was offering daily visitors the chance to win £10 if they matched the winning postcode. Over time the site has mushroomed in to a major UK internet destination and now offers over £700 a day in giveaways. Which isn’t bad […]

In case you hadn’t realised, Loquax runs the giveaway site over at www.prizedraws.co.uk. We set it up a couple of years ago as a fun giveaway site. Our aim was to simply offer you guys the chance to win some slightly different prizes plus it gave us a chance to plug some of other sites […]