2011 and The Year Ahead for Competitions!

Posted on: January 2nd, 2011 by Jason 184 Comments

The world of online competitions is evolving and the last 12 months has seen some of the biggest changes. We have new methods of entering competitions via the likes of Twitter and Facebook, there are new listing sites and blogs, and there’s the unsavoury side of comping life in the form of cheating. By the same score, the new social media elements do help bring these kind of issues to the foreground.

So what does 2011 hold for compers and competitions?

We hope that it will be a year in which brands and siteowners start to take responsibility for their promotions. That they start to think about how their competition is going to run and that they understand the pitfalls and problems before they kick off. Our guide to running competitions, written with over a decade of experience behind it, should be a good start for any promoter.

There are so many issues facing promoters when they run competitions – automated entry services, vote rigging, multiple accounts and cheating such as passing off photos/images as your own. They need to be vigilant and aware of these things. Sadly not many are! Let’s hope this year a few more get clued up.

We also hope that 2011 will be a year when Twitter and Facebook competitions are not so much regulated (as that would be impossible) but better structured. For example we’d like to see Twitter insist that a competition running via it’s system has accessible terms and conditions. Anyone can just post “Win an iPad – RT to enter” and generate themselves some promotion.

If Twitter aren’t going to suggest this via their contest guidelines, then it’d be nice to see compers asking for terms and conditions from twittering promoters rather than just randomly retweeting anything that pops up in their timelines. Promoters need to be more responsible but compers need to start insisting they are too – a good combination to help make online comping better (in our opinion).

We’d also like to see the end to the “we’ll giveaway blah when we have x likes/followers” or “we’ll giveaway blah to the x00th person” – just because they’re basically poor!

Blogs are one area to watch out for in 2011 with regards to competitions!

We don’t mean you writing blogs, but blogs giving away prizes. We’ve seen a steady growth in blog sites doing giveaways over the last few months and these are a good source for little prizes, especially for kids and parents. Mommy blogging has been big in The USA and it’s catching on over here too.

Bloggers are given stuff to review, they review it and then some of them giveaway the goodies. Entry is usually via commenting on the blog, but for some very odd reason many people don’t like entering this way. If you can overcome your fear of writing a few words on a blog then you’ll find a new way to enter low entry comps.

The downside is that some bloggers don’t like compers and prefer that their prizes are won by their subscribers. With that in mind we’ll only include blog competitions that are sent in to us.

With so many new ways to enter competitions (and indeed so many competitions) keeping a site like Loquax up to date is always a challenge. Our aim for 2011 is to try and provide the best service we can. If you help and contribute (posting FB/Twitter comps, posting to the main site, postal comps) then that helps us, but also helps your fellow users. Everyone’s efforts, no matter how small, are welcome.

If people prefer not to get involved (or use Loquax but go and contribute to other sites – as some people do *sob*) then fair enough, we’ll just continue to do what we do. And that’s updating daily (365 days a year), tweaking the site, making improvements and offering a free competition community site that is independent of any publication or data management company.

It’ll be our 13th year this year and it’ll be tough. But as we’ve always maintained – whilst we’re enjoying running Loquax (and people keep visiting) then we’ll hope to be here. 2010 in hindsight was a good year for the duck and probably the most enjoyable work wise for a few years too, we hope that 2011 will be equally as good.

Win a Loquax Mug & Pen!

So what are your predictions for comping in 2011?

Do you think comping in 2011 will be better than 2010? Are you worried about the rise of Twitter/Facebook comps or do you think they’ll fade away? Will sites like Loquax still be an important element for compers or are the days of the listing site numbered as people move to mainstream social media?

Let us know your thoughts – we’ll giveaway a Loquax Mug and Loquax Pen to one lucky commentator. Closing date for entries is the 21st January. Entries from The UK only please and only one comment per person will be included in the draw.

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  • mackemprincess

    Happy 2011 everyone! My views on the year ahead in comping is yes I agree there will be loads more competitions on blogs (which i am one who has fear but have been doing several so theres hope for me yet!) and twitter and facebook! But i do believe there will still be plenty of competitions out there to enter via normal method(mainstream).

    I do believe year 2011 will be another tough one for wins though as I believe we have seen the amount of compers grow in 2010 and I believe this will probably grow even more in 2011.

    Oh and us compers always need our Loquax fix so let’s hope for another strong year for the site πŸ™‚

  • fluffywhite

    I’m hoping 2011 will be better for competitions than 2010 and i have a feeling that more and more people will be turning to Facebook and twitter for competitions. It would be great if Facebook stopped all their “fair voting” competitions but somehow i don’t think that this is going to happen! Loquax is an important element for me, always has been and always will be. Love this site. Thanks

  • bbr159

    Happy 2011 to you all. I hope for less facebook and twitter comps.

  • Bladders

    I’m instantly put off by Facebook competitions. I might like the product in question and really want to win the prize, but I hate having to ‘like’ the page before entering.

    Apart from that, I predict a rise in the number of people wishing to do their comping from a mobile device.

  • wendyclayton

    I think 2011 will see lots more new “compers”, if you can win it is a good way to supplement your income, which for so many of us is limited these days. I only enter for the prizes I want and those I can use, either myself or for gifts and don’t enter for prizes for items to sell to make money. I gave in and joined Facebook nearly 18 months ago but don’t actually enter that many comps on there. I, along with many others don’t like the voting/like comps for the reasons that have been discussed many times before. I have never joined Twitter and don’t intend to so I am unable to comment on the comps on there. I will continue in 2011 as I have done every year since I stumbled across Loquax and that will be sitting here checking my tracker and entering as many comps as I have time to. Hopefully for me it will be a year when I can win some prizes, however small — or hopefully big. Keep up the good work Jason and Kirsty and the mods and lots of comping karma to everyone who uses the site.

  • lumers

    Happy new year everyone.
    I am trying to get in to facebook comps, can only do the basics really, not much hope in twittr yet,LOL
    I miss all the postcard and tie break comps.
    Loquax is still the best and a big part of my comping day, Thank You to all concerned on a brilliant site.
    Hope to win more prizes in 2011
    Good luck to all Loquats

  • gracejanet

    happy comping 2011!
    I think there will be more compers out there as more people lose their jobs, but many will bore quickly as no large wins immediatley land on their doormats. I hope we get some brill comps this year like the one a couple of years ago on fanta, which required purschases but was very generous with prizes. i also hope promotors cut down on compers who enter with many email addresses/identities as i think this is lacking in the spirit of comping.

  • comperoo

    Happy 2011 to you all I think that Loquax will always be important to all us Loquats and will be even better this year than last, gets better every year, I have just started a new job and have told loads of people about your wonderful site and I think many of us do the same which means you will always get bigger and better.

  • susanms

    Happy New Year.
    I see more twitter/facebook competitions being run in 2011. I hope they tighten up the T&C’s on these comps but I’m not holding my breath. Personally I have stopped entering twitter comps as I really don’t understand how they are run and I’m not sure other people entering or even the people running them do either!
    Hopefully there will still be lots of competitions with conventional enter routes around.
    Loquax is the only site I use for competitions as it’s most definately the best and I’m sure it will continue to be so.

  • MountainAsh

    I think this year t’s and c’s will be tightened up. However, I feel that big value prizes will be few and far between. Cheaper prizes such as dvd’s, cd’s and downloads will be more prominent. It’s possible that a lot more comps will be pay to enter.

    Long live Loquax!!!

  • anni b

    Happy New Year.
    I haven’t managed to master facebook comps or even attempted twitter comps yet, so I hope conventional entry routes will still continue and be plentiful.
    Loquax is THE best site and I wish to thank all concerned for making this site so brilliant.

  • paulinecnd

    Happy New Year and thank you loquax for a great site .I also think that Facebook competitions need to be organized and regulated properly in 2011.

  • glitterpuss

    I think 2011 will bring more compers, due to the recession and people looking for low cost hobbies. Twitter and Facebook comps will increase, but I don’t think they’ll bring large prizes. There already seems more and more comps requiring a purchase of a product and “unique” codes. Unless I already buy the product it wouldn’t make me buy it especially. It seems that some people will create multiple identities to enter comps and I’d like somehow this to be looked into, and the rules to be a lot fairer for all.

  • stephen55

    happy new year everyone, i see less competitions run by radio stations
    due to consolidation in the industry,
    also due to the current economic climate
    and a small reduction in the number of competitions being run
    due to companies going bust,
    however i see twitter and facebook contests going through the roof
    good luck every one and hope you win lots

  • Footpather

    Happy New Year to everyone and a big thank you to Jason, Kirsty and everyone that makes Loquax such a wonderful community.

    Unfortunately I can see FB and twitter comps increasing. I don’t ‘get’ the Twitter ones. If I am following 200 people including other commercial sites ie pepsi and coca cola for example (I’m not) and pepsi did a comp where I had to retweet. I couldn’t retweet to all as that would reach coca cola but I wouldn’t have time to retweet individually to 199 others!

    Anyway I digress. I do miss the days when you could go to the supermarket and pick up entry forms but things move on and we can only look forward with optimism and hope that we can be lucky..

  • trampus

    Happy New Year – I can see text comps increasing to cover their costs, low value prize increases on FB and twitter to plump up advertising exposure. Please let promotors cotton on to these vile voting comps with all the pleading, begging and cartel activity they bring!

  • stroppymare

    Happy 2011 to all Loquat. I hope there will be less ‘sign up for newsletter’ comps in 2011 – my mailbox gets filled with these already!

  • lorenza

    I think it will be harder to win in 2011 as the economy sends more people to comping thinking they they can win loads. There will be more comps on facebook/twitter/blogs as companies turn to social media to gain fans. I hope the liking/voting comps go away but doubt they will, we know the pitfalls but promoters don’t (until the cheating/moaning/arguements start). Comp listing sites will still be much needed as people still need somewhere to find all the ‘normal’ comps, so yes Loquax we still need you, please carry on and on and on.

  • lorrs1958

    Happy New Year Everyone and may everyone win at least one prize that they want this year ( though more would be nice comping fairy ).
    I’d love to say things won’t change and it mean that the methods we currently use will remain as is – I don’t think I can.
    BUT I CAN say “Things Won’t Change” and mean just that – we will continue to find different ways to communicate and to use those methods along with existing ones to enter competitions. I still fill in entry-forms, still write prose but I also use FB and twittter and been lucky enough to have won entering competitions on them too. While a “RETWEET” or “LIKE” may just be the click of a button keeping a tie break to under 100 characters can be more challenging.

  • maywin

    I am not on Facebook and avoid all comps requiring entry via FB or TWITTER . I am concerned at the increasing number of these types of comps , but then again there are so many comps anyway , there is more than enough to enter , and more than I have time to enter .I am not sure how 2011 will go . Due to problems with the economy Promoters might have less to spend on promotions . But if sales drop significantly , they might have to spend more to promote sales . It really could go either way .

  • sharon29

    I think facebook/twitter has not helped us compers and more “normal folk” see whats put on feeds and think Oooh I will enter that ..I know from experience that a non comper on my friends list has had a bit of time on her hands and has been following everything I do on facebook and has now took up comping,..My favourite type of comp is text, less entries as folk dont want to pay,so I am hoping for lots of these in 2011..Happy new year.xx

  • robinw

    as the recession bites prizes are likely to get smaller and competition greater. I have been driven to use Facebook for comps but not yet to twitter. I think they’ll be more comps on those media in future, although companies aren’t likely to attract a loyal following that way, especially if they continue to run silly voting comps or ones where everyone posts the same silly message. Haven’t checked the Loquax guide to running comps but if it doesn’t already cover those media maybe it should?

  • bikerbill

    I think 2011 will see more twitter and facebook comps. I think there will still be competitions being posted on Loquax, as if we could ever manage without Loquax.
    Happy New Year and good luck with your comping for 2011.

  • suenatal

    I didn’t have much chance to enter a lot of comps in 2010, so my aim is to get back into comping this year and to encourage the family to join in too. I’ve no idea what I am doing with facebook or twitter so I’ll need them to point me in the right direction, but I think it’s definitely something I need to get involved in or I’ll get left behind. Good luck to everyone for a very lucky 2011.

  • juliedee4663

    I would love to see a return to slogan competitions in 2011, and also fairer competitions that the cheats can’t find a way round. I would also like to see a lot more competitions one entry per household and to be strictly enforced and more control over text competitions to stop people with hundreds of handsets winning everything

  • jazza1

    I think the recession will have a big impact on the quality of prizes in competitions. This year I want to try to get to grips with facebook – there seems to be more of these types of competitions and I feel as if I’m being left behind. Happy New Year and the best of luck to Loquax and all its members xxx

  • googoodoll

    Happy New Year everyone! πŸ˜€ I think that Facebook and Twitter comps will increase a lot, but there will definitely still be space for listing sites like Loquax. As I’ve only been comping for about three months I can’t really comment much on how things may or may not change, I imagine the last year has been pretty tough for compers as a lot more people have been joining due to the recession, thinking they can win big prizes and make a living doing competitions. I think that will continue in 2011, we may not ‘officially’ be in a recession any more but a lot of people are still having money problems, and when they read articles about how people win loads and loads of prizes for not much effort they get drawn in.

    I would also like to see more regulation on Twitter and Facebook. I never enter the voting competitions, I want to see less of these as the same people win by swapping votes etc.. And there have been a few fake Twitter comps, which to be honest I should have spotted sooner, but it’s just so easy to click ‘retweet,’ you don’t think about whether it’s a real comp or not, you just assume it is.

    Good luck to everyone in the New Year! And huge thanks to everybody who contributes to Loquax for making it a great place to be.

  • JudeVFR400

    I’m not going to worry about twitter and facebook, there are plenty of prizes to go around. Every year we hear wails of how hard it is to win anything any more, but right next to that how it’s been someone’s best year ever. This is a fun hobby, and loquax is a big part of that for me. Am I going to win big this year? I hope so, but I’ll take what comes.

  • cheggers2000

    I would ask the comping fairy for two wishes.

    1. Great to be told that a prize is on it’s way – but please post it quicker than 6 months !
    2. Fewer Facebook/Twitter comps. They are clogging up my other social networking comments.

    Happy New Year everyone !

  • tractor girl

    My predictions? – I think Loquax will continue to be as popular as ever. I think they’ll be less and less facebook comps, and certainly less and less of the voting comps on there! (thank god!!) – I also think that twitter will see more comps, as it’s far easier for their products to be promoted instantly to the masses!

    I’ll continue to use Loquax as my main comping buddy – facebook i see no changes to my usage (mainly status updates, with the very occasional comp) and twitter i will continue to try to get the hang of…when i get time!

    Best wishes to Loquax and the coming year

    ange xxx

  • grenmus

    Being someone who has not yet really ventured into Facebook and twitter, most of the comments regarding them meant little to me. I only hope that most promoters will still use their websites for comps.
    I wish all using Loquax have a very successful winning 2011.

  • welshsarah

    More competitions can’t wait hoping 2011 I can win some more bits
    Hope facebooks comping will stop
    Good Luck everyone for 2011 comps

  • Bubbles17

    I hate Facebook competitions that require me to spam my friends, so I will continue with the mainstream competitions and hope for the best. Thanks Loquax!

  • athenajm

    Sadly I think that Twitter and FB comps are only going to increase whilst other types of competitions will be on the decline. I wish it was the other way round but hey ho, such is life. I also think that we’re still going to get lots of new compers (hopefully they’ll turn out to be fairweather compers and disappear when they don’t win millions of prizes every day!) so prizes are going to drop off for everyone unless you’re good at the skill and slogan comps. But we’ll always need Loquax, regardless of what happens in the world of comping, I’ll always come to Loquax first for my competitions and the community. I’ve realised that every day I mention the site when I’m talking to colleagues or friends. It’s always on loquax they say this, or someone on loquax said that. I feel like a teenager with her first serious boyfriend!!

    Happy New Year though everyone and here’s hoping my predictions are very very wrong!!! Good luck to you all.x.x.x

  • trueblonde

    I am not on Facebook or twitter, and more and more companies are putting comps on these sites, so THANK YOU Loquax, for sticking to what you do best to bring us the best comps around, Ltes say a GR8 2011 to all the staff at Loquax for all your hard work and keep it up YAY

  • Jessie_Baby

    I hope to see the end of voting comps, I entered a few last year but got fed up with having to keep asking people to vote for me in return for me voting for them, then giving up because the person in the lead is hundreds of votes ahead and there’s just no way you can catch up. I don’t think they are fair, instead I think the winner should be picked by an independent judge. I will continue to use Loquax to guide me towards great competitions, keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  • kathrynann

    Comping does seem to be moving toward Facebook & Twitter which is a shame as the rules for these entries are generally unclear!
    I still much prefer the mainstream comps as listed on Loquax and hope there will still be an abundance of these. I am amazed at how Loquax gets everything updated so promptly – huge thanks to Jason and Kirsty for that πŸ™‚
    Happy new year to one and all. Hope we are all lucky!

  • jan1972

    I’m hoping 2011 will be a better comping year for me personally, with a few more wins than last year. Twitter and facebook comps will continue to grow (IMO) so I guess I’ll have to try and work out how to do those in the coming year.
    Janette x

  • lizziebr

    I am hoping that companies will get bored of Facebook comps, just seems to take so much longer and jumping through hoops for a small comp and such short deadlines to do them.

  • peacheyporridge

    nice to see loquax thriving…. i for one dont know what id do without you… as for blog comps … bring it on xx

  • Julie Taylor

    Just had another go at Twitter and it drives me crazy, all that retweeting and all that. Love loquax, go on daily, usually first before i do anything else. I hopefully predict that companies will give alternative routes for entering comps with an email as well as facebook/twitter etc, that way we can all have an equal chance of entering.
    Thank you for all your hard work it is much appreciated, and has formed a great community on here.

  • dinkyduchess

    I dont know what 2011 holds but may all the Loquax compers have an abundance of good luck….

  • part-time comper

    I feel that due to the economic climate we will see a lot more people returning to comping to assist the family budget. People will comp with the mentality of entering everything and anything in the hope of winning something to sell.

    I also think that more promoters will run competitions on Facebook rather than main stream sites.

  • chris2468

    I am not on facebook – I am not going to be on facebook – if these comps continue to proliferate it could sound the death knell for the old fuddy duddys like me. Comping is FUN – facebook is dull

  • ladette

    i think facebook and twitter comps are here to stay, but i don’t like them myself.
    keep up the good work loquax.
    wishing all a happy and lucky 2011

  • Jaz246t

    Hoping 2011 will be better for comping. Only just getting started on the twitter and facebook competitions and they can be hard work and confusing at times. So I’d be happy if they run down and go back on main sites. As for Loquax just couldn’t do with out it.

  • krmshep

    I think Facebook and Twitter comps are around to stay for the time being. I like the quick one hr or so comps on Facebook but not the ones that request you get votes or friends to join.

    I hope Loquax will still be an important element for compers – I for one will still be logging on every day πŸ™‚

  • welsh34

    I think that due to the current climate more and more people will be returning to comping in 2011 and other compers doubling their efforts so that it will get harder and harder to win.

  • Midastouch

    I think I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and join twitter and facebook πŸ˜‰ as I don’t think those comps are going to go away sigh πŸ™‚

  • DianeA

    I really hope to see an end to ‘voting’ comps and also the comps on facebook that rewards the person that signs up the most ‘friends’, both are abused as are some of the so called ‘skill based’ comps when the winner gets an impossibly ‘high score’ by cheating. Think promotors should do more about these.

    I think the amount of people entering competitions is going to carry on growing, it is very well publicised these days, especially now facebook and twitter are running comps. Good news for the promotors I guess but not so good news for us compers, I have definately seen a decline in my number of wins over the last year or two, and know some other loquats agree, I guess the more popular comping becomes the less prizes there are to go around!

    I think facebook and twitter comps will remain, they are very popular as can be seen by the vast numbers of people entering comps on them for even the smallest of prizes. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see one or two ‘rival’ sites appearing as well.

    I would like to see more entry form/tiebreaker comps around but don’t think there’s much hope of that happening.

    I do a few comps on facebook and twitter but mainly use this site, and hope to see Loquax remaining the great site it is for many more years to come.

  • relisys222

    I think 2011 will see more new compers taking up our hobby. I like facebook and twitter comps and have had a few nice wins – but there are too many voting comps that just cause upset … I try to avoid those, and hope to see less of them and more tiebreaker comps in 2011.

  • vodka_cat

    Hi, i remember comping years and years ago just by entering the comps in the magazines that i read, then after a break i returned to it about 10-12 years ago when the kids were young, i used to go round all the local supermarkets and pick up the entry form comps, i brought a book and joined a site that helped with tiebreakers and run by a lady that had won very many tiebreakers, had a few small wins, then i found loquax and spent a while doing a few comps, no wins, then in December this year i rejoined Loquax and have felt a buzz every time i enter for something i want to win.
    i dont enter just anything and everything but at the moment with times being hard i have started as a way to enter what i really need, new fridge etc etc, Have had a look round on the internet and Loquax seems the only site that is simple to use and is full of what i call proper comps. I hate the idea of facebook and twitter, joined facebook tonight but dont like it, hate the fact that to win you have to have a zillion friends, what about us who work hard and have a family and not much time to socialise and dont have many friends ( that sounds sad!! i do have friends but you know what i mean)
    2011 i hope to enter comps as a hobby as and when i can, gives me light relief and a way of switching off from the ratrace. if i can win things we need on top of that then it a bonus. I hope that the ‘normal’ comps stay around, also hate the ones where they just sell off your details, already had a ‘sales’ phonecall ;-( Even though i always tick no third party consent.
    Facebook/twitter is new but not a way i wish to go from what i have read on here. There should be a few more where you have to do research or something to make it a bit harder. also dont like all the ‘upload a video’ to win comps.

    ineteresting to read all the views on here. Good Luck, happy comping and please Loquax stay different to the other sites and do what you have been doing best. try not to change too much to fit in with the times or you may loose a lot of us ‘older compers’ πŸ˜‰

  • misslucky

    I believe 2011 will be a great year for comping! Loquax is an amazing site for competitions and I wish everyone lots of luck for 2011 with their comps! Keep believing you can win and enter as many as you can! There are some fabulous prizes out there and hope everyone has a very abundant fun year of winning!!

  • donkey21

    More Twitter and Facebook comps on the horizon I think. I have just recently began to embrace them although they are harder to find. I would imagine there might be less comps, smaller prizes and maybe even an increase in compers though some might not stick around to long if the wins are not great. Whatever happens I will still enter my competitions which is my me time. My New Years Resolution said I was to have me time as I had very little last year. Again many thanks to everyone involved and who takes part in Loquax.

  • littleanne

    I hope Loquax continues to thrive I won my first competition on here I too don’t like facebook comps I tried to have a go but don’t really understand it and I don’t do twitter? So thank you jason and co for a great place to comp and chat and get advice and help everything you need really.I hope 2011 is a good year and lucky for us all.

  • barboofa

    Happy new year to you and thank you for making Loquax. I don’t use face book or Twitter and can’t see myself signing up to it. I think there will be loads of competitions to enter, more than enough for everyone. I haven’t comped for nearly 2 years and just come back to Loquax. I am amazed at the prizes on offer now. When I stopped entering 2 years ago a portable dvd player was state of the art and plasm TV’s, by going on the gadgets section I had a crash course on todays technology. I’d forgotten how comping kept me up with what is available out there to buy. I have had loads of wins in the past biggish and small. Once again I will be living in hope and imagining all the prizes that may come to my door. Once a comper always a comper I say. Good luck to everyone.

  • miss claire

    I think this year it’ll be harder to win prizes as the tougher the world’s finances get the more people will turn to competitions to try and win especially when it’s so easy on Twitter and Facebook. I think Loquax will always be an important place to be able to enter these competitions. I think more companies will turn to competitions as a way to advertise their products and sites.

  • misschilli

    Loquax will continue to be important to people as long as we all keep comping and spreading the word about comping. The companies that make products will need to promote their items in order to get people to experience the products in order to make them want to buy their products. I don’t think there will be as many prizes if the econopmy gets worse but then again, if people stop panicking that there will be financial crisis then the situation shouldnt get too bad. Its when the world go into panic mode that it gets so affected. I will; continue to comp as long as i can because i love it so keep up the good work Loquax and here’s to 2011!!

  • Emmasophie

    Happy 2011 – I hope for a fair comping year, with less Twitter and facebook comps as I still tend to steer clear of these through lack of knowledge and not having (or wanting) a facebook account. Yours is the only blog style comp I would enter as I know I can trust your site. i also enter all my comps through Loquax for that very reason, I trust the service you provide. I know I’m generally not likely to be entering a bad site from your listings e.g. you filter out myoffers etc.

    Thanks you and good luck to you for another successful year.

  • lebeeuk

    Keep up the good work Jason, you’re doing a sterling job!

    There’s definitely an issue with some of the FB comps though, some of the companies dont have a clue what they’re doing. This is part of a message I sent to Glopipe about their dire comp – “As a bit of amusement for myself I thought I’d see how many people just copy a post on last nights question. Of the 80 posts 64 of them are copied from the one I entered first – how did I check this? I added my initials in the middle of the post “But apart from *lgb* their aesthetic”. ” This was after they’d told me they acted fairly….

    As for twitter I think you just have to be careful & try to only follow reputable companies rather than the dodgy ones who follow us expecting to be followed back?

    All the best for 2011.

  • zafardina

    love loquaq , hope 011 is better cos i won no competitions in 2010 . brilliant site.

  • JackieJ

    I think comping in 2011 will be in 3 areas – Facebook, Twitter and premium rate text comps. I think there will be fewer postcard comps. Online comps will remain but will maybe require the entrant to do more.

    Thanks again to Loquax for all that you do.

  • rosie42

    Long live Loquax! Twitter and facebook are not for me so I’m sticking with the old faithful Loquax.

  • finkitham

    Blimey just been reading all these comments and they don’t sound very positive!!
    I do agree with the fact that alot of people will bore quickly when they win nothing especially those that enter for things to make money.
    I believe that alot of people will hear of peoples winnings and think straight away easy money, however i do believe that these people don’t realise the time and effort it takes to win things, i think you have to have comping spirit and really enjoy it to carry on , because of course there will be times when nothing seems to come of it but the positivity of comping spirit is you stay positive, enjoy it and dream and hope for the best.
    Twitter i wish i could understand but i can’t yet! FB is okay and i don’t mind entering competions through it.
    Loquax is my loyal friend and i think it will continue to flourish.

  • suroben

    Can’t see Loquax slipping in my estimation. Twitter and Facebook are more trouble than they’re worth from what I’ve seen and hopefully their comps will keep some people from entering comps listed on Loquax. Unfortunately there seems to be a slow rise in comps asking for uploads of photos or videos and I’ll not be joining in those. Hopefully companies will finally get the message and voting comps will once again be judged by a panel not users. If they would also make all hi-score comps a matter of personal pride only with the prizes being awarded randomly we could wave goodbye to the cheating there as well.
    Happy New Year and may Loquax compers win lots.

  • daffy1

    Ducktastic on loquax good look to all this year and hope the newyear is lucky for you.

  • jjbeagrie

    My only prediction for 2011 is that Loquax will still be my 1st point of call when I awake & the last point of call before heading off to bed.
    As for the rest of our comping pleasure its as simple as holding on & enjoying the ride.

  • tillysouth

    Thank you to all who make loquax such a great site. I think 2011 will be the year that reluctant facebook and twitter users will have to cave in. I don’t understand them myself, but I think I will have to learn. I think there will be many more people entering competitions but there will still be some prizes for us all. Hope you all enjoy entering in 2011.

  • Sunnydreamer

    I think 2011 will be the year of facebook, as well as the Rabbit hehe. I think maybe less people will do comps than this year, as the economy is starting to improve.. but who knows. It’ll be whatever you make it… Good luck everyone.

  • janeg88

    Happy new year, I have done well with facebook this year, although i think facebook itself needs to monitor rules and regulations more carefully and hope to see this in 2011. I have never really understood twitter despite a couple of half hearted attempts but think I will need to do so if I want to fully engage in all aspects of comping this year.

    Comping like anything else does not stand still but continues to evolve, it existed before the internet and there will be some compers out there who choose only to do skill or pen and peper comps, only they won’t comment on this blog because they dont do internet.

    Hopefully there will be room for all of us and loquax will continue to be a success!

  • lilmiss1982

    I predict that comping will become more popular in 2011 and winning prizes will be more difficult. It seems to be getting lots of press at the moment as a good way on earning extra money.

  • area

    I think Facebook and Twitter competitions will increase. I don’t see voting competitions reducing – though we can keep trying to point out the problems to promoters. It will get increasingly hard to win as more and more people do the competitions.

    Loquax will continue to be the best competition website because it lists trustworthy competitions so we don’t have to worry about entering, and it really cares about it’s users and what they think. I just hope we can all help to keep running Loquax enjoyable for Jason and Kirsty so that it’s around for a very long time!

  • adrisco

    I refuse to sign up to Twitter or Facebook, so realise I will be restricted comping wise. 2010 was fairly lucky for me, and am hoping 2011 will be the same. Fingers crossed!

  • brenda.heads

    I use Loquax ever day and cannot see that changing. Tried twitter and not won anything so do not bother with it now. 2011 it will be even harder to win comps but I intend to keep trying.

  • julsey

    I believe that Facebook and Twitter comps will increase as long as these sites remain so popular. Eventually it will decline, like FreindsReunited did.

    I shall continue as normal and find plenty to enter on Loquax listings. Ignoring facebook, twitter and premium text comps hasn’t done my winnings any harm.

  • lindyloo50

    Happy New Year everyone! I don’t like the facebook/twitter competitions and the ones who want you to give friends e-mails either. As for Loquax it’s been briliant for me as I’ve been off work sick for nearly a year and have spent many a happy hour entering competitions. I’ve had some brilliant prizes as a result and I hope Loquax goes from strength to strength. Thanks Loquax!

  • ryanmia02

    I think that even more people are going to start comping this year..mor and more people are becoming aware of all the comps on Facebook and Twitter.I do hope that the voting comps will dissapear as they always end up nasty!!
    I will continue to use Loquax as much as ever ..i just can’t stay away lol!!
    Happy comping everyone xx

  • soggykipper

    I joined Twitter & FB 2 years ago and won practically something every week in that time…I’ve comped for about 12 years and have never won so much! On the whole the promoters have been honest and delivered the prize. Only a couple were no shows! I’m not too keen on blog comps as they always want you to jump through hoops to enter! Loquax is and I hope will always be excellent! Happy New Year and good luck to all xxx


  • Starbuck

    Happy New Year!
    I see a rise in Facebook and Twitter comps. But for those of us who aren’t keen and like the more traditional methods of entering, I hope companies still keep posting comps on their websites. As for Loquax, I would be lost without it. Jason & Kirsty, I hope you enjoy running the site for years to come! Thank you for all your hard work.

  • flumpypup

    I think 2011 will be bigger, better and fairer. I think all the recent problems with comps, especially voting comps will be ironed out this year.

    Here’s hoping to a winning year all round and thank you Loquax for all you do πŸ™‚

  • helenwarrener

    i cant stand the facebook and twitter comps and i am hoping to go back to the normal way that competitions where done i hope that 2011 will be more successful and that there will never need to be an end to loquax as it is more than just a competition listing site but also a cyber family

  • locky_uk_2000

    I HATE facebook comps and hope they will die down. Other than that, I want to enter every day as I did last year, and I hope to win more than last year (a shirt). I need new things for my house (TV, oven, new bathroom haha) as I’m skint πŸ˜€

    Cheers for all your help, Loquax

  • chardonnay99

    Hi fellow compers, have enjoyed reading your views and just wanted to add my own thoughts. I personally have only entered a couple of facebook competitions however I’m not happy about using this method. I haven’t a clue what twitter is all about and am not interested in finding out either. I can see these becoming more popular but hopefully they will just become a ‘flash in the pan’. I enjoy entering my competitions though Loquax and will continue to do so. I appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes into making this comping site possible and will support Loquax as best as I can. I would also like to wish everyone a very happy comping New Year!

  • maisietoo

    Happy New Year Loquax! Thank you for helping provide me with somewhere I go to everyday and enjoy! I love getting those prizes you’d never afford to buy, the wierd ones, and those I can give away as presents! I think times will be tougher in 2011 but I also think that’s a good thing for competitions. I remember the previous recession and there were still loads of comps to do – admittedly mainly entry forms and slogans, but fantastic prizes. I hope Loquax continues to be the fantastic site it is and my resolution is to contribute more this year!!

  • LaCara

    I’m a bit wary of Facebook comps as a lot of them want you to add apps and aren’t run by official companies, e.g. ones that are pretending to be run by Toys R Us or whoever, but actually aren’t so I’m a bit worries about my security with those.

    Since I started comping a couple of years ago, I’ve already noticed that many sites that used to do daily comps are now sadly only weekly/monthly, but still, infrequent comps are better than no comps!

  • daisyduck

    Happy 2011 to all Loquats.
    Loquax is by far my main source of comping and long may it remain so πŸ™‚
    I dabble with facebook and twitter and a few blog comps, which do seem to have taken off in 2010, but I foresee a levelling off there. I seem to have less voting requests now so hopefully the promotors are cottoning on to the cheats.
    I predict that many more people will start to enter competitions, but that only a few will persevere and become “compers”
    Thanks for the great site Jason..I’d be lost without you xxxx

  • hopeful77

    Happy new year all…..and the way I look at 2011 is…..Que sera,sera, whatever will be,will be! this is for all aspects of my life, stressing about things had made previous years difficult, so seems as i have an interview tomorrow…if i get it, i get it. if i don’t…then I’ll have to move on and deal with it!

  • krnries

    I seem to win less and less each year, and I don’t have any more time. I have don a few twitter competitions, but they seem to biased towards people who don’t work, so was forever too late with them.

  • Patterry

    I think there will be a rise in Facebook and twitter comps and compers. But unlike the competitions listed on Loquax, I think there will be an influx of competitions that are not monitored. I have noticed recently that people have entered and the sites are not even in the UK. One was even for Karachi, and the people who had liked the site and entered were on my friends list. I prefer the order that the comps are listed in Loquax, and I will not be reverting over

  • kevinwj

    No matter what rules are brought in neither Facebook or twitter seem to enforce them. The best we can hope for is that a big multi-national company has a major comping scandal that teaches them all a lesson, so that the promoters them selves self regulate.

  • sb51

    Happy new year to all at Loquax, and thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
    As far as 2011 goes, perhaps the only way to steer clear of dodgy competitions is to go for a reliable source. Nobody gives away anything for free and promoters are watching their budgets, just like everybody else. The value of “run-of-the-mill” prizes has dropped in real terms, and will probably continue to do so. Perhaps we should all be more selective.

  • Emmaross

    I resisted FB comps for a long time & only tried them for advents – I did win one so can’t really complain. One idiosyncracy I have with them is that my style as a comper is that I like to know when I win, but not when I don’t. I’m not keen on ‘instant’ wins and it’s a similar thing with FB comps, it gets a bit depressing when you read your 5th status that day that tell you that someone else has won. I’d rather be oblivious until that wem/wtc/lwe. Traditionalist in me maybe. I suppose for the future of comping this means exposure to a wider audience and we compers can get a little precious about ‘our’ hobby, but I don’t think FB compers will stick at it once they realise you don’t win every time, any more than the same applies to newbies in mainstream comping. It has at least brought something different to our hobby. There doesn’t seem to be any drop in the amount of normal comps, thanks to J & K’s listings, no doubt Loquax is here to stay for as long as they desire it to. Cheers everyone!

  • Kiwi

    I tend to agree with Kevinwj. A rather large scandal about comping is the only way some of the companies running competitions will sit up and take notice. I blame the PR company as they are the ones responsible for sending out the prizes – albeit sometimes, several months after the comp. closes.It should be compulsary (law) that all competitions run have the results published in a public arena where anyone/everyone can see. This would eliminate cheating which I know goes on a lot. Friends of friends usually win the same comps. Also, I think as far as 2011 is concerned, we are going to see a drop in the freebies as all companies are tightening their belts – something has to go so why not freebies…. Cheers everyone and hope 2011 brings you all what your heart desires – holidays, money or just ‘love’.

  • hodsey77

    Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been entering competitions for fun all my life, really… I started a twitter account just over a year ago to encourage me to get fit, and within a couple of weeks it had changed fron a fitness diary, to entering competitions(!) I had no idea there were so many competitions on there!? Now I have the bug so started entering a few on Facebook and other sites.

    Good luck to everyone for 2011 and thanks to sites like Loquax for making entering comps easier and more fun!

  • tweaky

    My hope for 2011 is when I enter a comp where you have to get a high score and I get 1,235 for example, I don’t want to look at the leaderboard and see 1,323,233 at the top. I don’t know how they are doing it, somehow they must hack into the game. The companies running these games must know someone is cheating, unless of course someone from the company is the person at the top of the board. (rant over)

    Happy new year and good luck to every one in 2011

  • les123

    Happy New Year to all Loquats
    Hoping just to win
    not much all year, won once in november and once in december and advent comp
    I know am not the only one
    Keep the good work up Loquax and all those that post competitions as we would be still in the stoneage without it
    Keep Comping

  • offy66

    Happy New Year everyone! I think that Facebook and twitter comps will increase again in 2011. Personally I don’t mind the Facebook ‘like’ us and we pick a winner when we reach a certain number of followers comp, as I don’t see it as any different from any other random entry comp. I’m hoping the voting type of comp will decrease, but maybe that is just wishful thinking. I believe that Loquax will get more popular, as more people turn to comping…….. it is the best comping site after all πŸ™‚

  • Polarbear

    Long live Loquax.

    I too hate facebook and twitter comps, although i have to admit to winning a very nice Nexus phone for mrs pb on one, but now there are so many sites trying it thats its become just another form of spam and is clogging up the facebook and twitter pages, hopefully many people will see what a nuscience they are becoming and how much likeing and twittering (following) they take up that the fad will die out, either way they are not comps i like and i do all i can to avoid them now, ignoring them even on the loquax main listing as soon as i see the words all you have to do is “Like” or “Follow” our… arrgghh.

    We will have to wait and see how competitions in general turn out, will there be more of them to try and gain or at least maintain market share by attracting or keeping customers interested in their products/goods as customer numbers and available spending money tumbles or will there be less competitions as companies try to cut running costs by trimming away at prizes to cut running costs? will the cost of prizes be worthy of keeping your company and its profile in view in what is after all good publicity (generally) and good cheap advertising or maybe some companies, especially smaller ones, will consider the freebies given away as lost profit and try simply to survive a difficult year by keeping their heads (and overheads) down and rely on previous goodwill and past customers at least until things improve?

    Either is a gamble, probably a bigger gamble for the smaller companies with a small customer base who may decide not to run competitions or to run them for smaller value prizes, which might be a happier medium for them as it keeps their profile but also cuts their costs, meanwhile the larger companies should be fine as they have bigger resources to ride the storm- just so long as it doesnt last for too long – share holders, just like bankers, are notorious for wanting their slice of cake- they are the perfect description of the quote attributed to Marie Antoinette who was alledgedly informed that the peasents had no bread, and replied ‘let them eat cake instead.’ So while shareholders and bankers might settle for a slightly smaller slice of cake, don’t expect them to accept it for too long and it might come down to prizes or jobs or maybe both by the end of the year.

  • sasha1703

    I also noticed the blogging comps trend, they do seem to be getting more and more popular, but they are not new. As I am a crafter, bloggers from the papercrafting community have been doing giveaways and draws for years (including myself when I had time to run my own crafty blog).
    Mummy bloggers offer decent prizes but most of them insist on people subscribing to their blog or following them, and frankly not all of them can write well enough to be followed. But some of them are quite funny and helpful especially if you have a child/children, and are interested in the minute descriptions of baby poo and eating habits.
    I am not very keen on Facebook comping, but I did manage to win a prize in one of the advent calendars on FB.
    Twitter is beyond me, I find it excruciatingly boring.
    Good luck, everyone.

  • samarie

    Happy New Year everyone,
    I’m hoping this is going to be a better year for all of us. I think Loquax will always be an important element for compers because there is nowhere else you can get all the competitions in one place and be part of an amazing community of likeminded people always willing to help if they can.
    I hope sites like twitter will slowely fade into the background because I cant get my head around any of it.
    Take care and Good Luck for 2011
    samarie xx

  • jojangles

    I think Twitter comps will stay as its still feels new, I joined twitter for book tweets and i preferred to Facebook. I entered comps on Twitter before the big brands and the compers really were on, then as it first came into popularity it was an amazing winning streak for me and people who were there before the competion sites really knew what it was. It was the days when a tweet would say first 10 to reply and it would be days sometimes to be replied too.
    Its still fun, the odds have decreased for as many wins for a few which is a good thing.
    Blogs are the new Twitter in a way and as compers realise the potential the entries are rising from a handful to hundreds on some and I see this increasing more as people realise the potential. I am a blogger and the prizes are not usually items I review then giveaway they are offered as a standalone prize. Again its marketing for the brand.
    I think that sites such as Loquax will remain valuable as they still offer advice, sorce so many fab competitions that one comper alone would never have enough hours in a day to do. Loquax for example still are up to date with the new comping areas ie Twitter and encouraging us compers to go to the new places such as blogs.

    I think

  • rosehix

    Happy New Year Compers
    One of the best thing I ever learned on my degree course ( extremely mature student at 48 then) was Loquax – introduced by another mature student a year ahead in 1999 who had just win a car!!! I have yet to win a car.
    Many prizes over the years and looking back it seems relatively few postcard comps nowadays so less cutting out, colouring and coloured inks to attract attention. The trend to internet and purchased items continues to develop. As far as FB is concerned I am guilty of ‘LIKING’ to enter comps – so much that my pages can be difficult to read !!! I need to review this. I am not tweeting yet … doesn’t appeal but could be seduced!!! I am too mean to do phone comps but I really like blogs and writing comps as I feel that I have actually offered something and quite like the more complex questions and comment requests. Last year really got on a roll with December giving me 5 prizes including a New York trip and so far I have a years supply of an Oat Cereal and beer glasses for 2011. I shall comp forever – even my family has stopped laughing. I’ve come a long way since the dog food – we didn’t have a dog! and the years supply of popcorn is still fondly remembered. As lifestyles change producers of goods and services need to raise awareness and sell their wares and long may they use the competition to do this!!

  • Gloworm20

    I think that having to enter competitions via Facebook and Twitter are a bit of a ‘put off’! I have been entering competitions for about a year now and although I have won several prizes, I have noticed a high rise in competitons via these social media sites! I only wish I had entered competitions a few years ago when they weren’t so prevalent! I think that Loquax is a ‘GEM’ of a site for entry of competitions! I thnk that I think that there are a lot of scam competitions out there, which is a shame and agree that promoters have a responsibility to the public to make sure that they are adhering to the rules and only promoting genuine competitions!

  • rebeccajlsk

    Happy New Year to everyone at Loquax!
    I hope that 2011 is a better year for everyone on here, and I agree, Facebook and Twitter competitions need to be better looked after and/or thought out.
    I have also recently discovered blog competitions and they are, as you say, great to enter as they are generally low entry.
    I don’t particularly dislike Facebook competitions, but I will only enter competitions on there if I really want the prize.
    Loquax is definitely my come-to place to find out the new competitions, and I look forward to talking to you over the coming months (I’m relatively new to Loquax, and have only recently got back into comping).

    Other than that, I hope everyone has a good – and lucky- 2011!

  • dianebelcher

    Happy New Year. I love the format of Loquax as a great site for comps in just one site. I HATE these Facebook and Twitter comps as take so much time. I just like to get stuck into comps from companies that like you to visit their site and have a look round and tv entries with BIG prizes. Seems to be a lot more companies that want you to buy a “qualifier” to enter and maybe if people want to be sure of fewer entries this is the way forward. Anyway Loquax certainly have had some big winners and long may it continue.

  • trueblonde

    I hope to win more prizes in 2011, also would LOVE to win a Loquax mug & pencil and use them at work, brill, also use my Loquax Mug when I am at my PC entering the comps that you and your staff find for us FANTASTIC, keep up the good work

  • josie301

    Wayhay! Happy Comping 2011! x

    I think Twitter & FB comps are a welcome addition to the comping family, although it would be good to see some regulations as there seem to be a lot of ‘in house’ winning and invisible prizes.

    There will be the usual amount of folks who try comping as a quick way of getting stuff they want/ making a living – who the give up when they realise it’s a long game!

    Good luck to everyone! x

  • lukeboy

    i despise liking ! also the increase in postage as from april will make entries by snail mail more selective in fact by 2012 it may be cheaper to enter premium rate telephone comps

  • RetiredShopper

    I Love looking forward to entering your competitions the pen would come in handy
    when I am doing crosswords and Sudoku and coffee will taste much better in the mug. I dont often win anything so looking forward to this win – THANK YOU.

  • aliali

    I predict that Loquax will go from strength to strength in 2011, and will win several much deserved awards.:))

    I think there will be more comps this year,with more people entering, and joining Loquax, but with all the extra people entering a comp, it will be much harder to win. Newbies to comping will lose heart that the much sought after prizes aren’t arriving at their door, and will give up, leaving serious compers to pick up the prizes.(says’s she wishful thinking)
    I think there’ll be a decline in Facebook comps, as people will get fed up having to like a page,and will have a light bulb moment when they realise that the companies are using so called facebook fans to do their spamming for them.
    Often it’s the first person to like a page that gets the prize, which is unfair. Proper regulations need to be brought in to FB comps,and all the cheating has got to be stamped out.

    I can’t comment on Twitter comps as I’ve never really got the hang of it. πŸ™

  • markbarlow68

    Happy New Year 2011 everyone. Comping this year will no doubt prove to be ever more popular, and I’m sure there’ll be some that will hope to supplement their finances with the proceeds of competition wins. Needless to say if I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a delightful Loquax mug it would go nowhere other than the kitchen for refilling with coffee!!! πŸ˜‰
    Have a great year fellow compers

  • covequeen

    wish all my new friends at loquax a healthy happy new year,im so glad i found this site as im very seldom out nowadays due to a few illnesses, i love meeting all the new friends and have been made very welcome to the site, i cant beleive i have even won a few comps as im so unlucky. so im wishing all loquax a brilliant year for prizes, and may it be a happy 2011.

  • shellwin

    I’ve only recently dipped my toe in the water of facebook competitions, and discovered I really don’t like them so am not bothering anymore, also I don’t always trust there is a bona fide competiton at the end of it, and I don’t like spamming all my friends as part of the terms and conditions either. As for Twitter, well it doesn’t seem to like me anyway and half the time won’t let me in ! I think more people will enter these competitions, because it’s a lazy way of doing things, “click like and win a car” Yeah right ! People will get bored of it eventually.

    For me, as a die hard comper I will continue to do what I have always done, find comps in magazines and supermarkets and continue using Loquax and Google for the answers ! Avoid the ones that you have to fill in 50 pages of offers for, and stay away from emails that promise to enter comps for you to save you time while taking your money !

  • rai

    I’d love to see an end of the voting/popularity comps, but on the other hand I suppose all the “most popular wins”, retweet this, etc on facebook and twitter keep a lot of people happy and occupied (especially those who only got into comping via those mediums), so leave the “normal” online comps for us.

  • mattsmum2005

    I’m hoping 2011 will be a better year. I did win some great prizes last year but I’m trying to enter more and more, so fingers crossed. I enjoy the facebooks comps but not the voting or ones boosted by friends as they always seem fixed. But will always use loquax as i love that there is a central point for all my comping needs.

    Good luck everyone, happing comping xx

    ps: I’d love a mug lol.

  • funkygal06

    Happy New year ,im taking every opportunity i can to enter comps this year after recently losing my job. i had a few wins last year but im hoping to win alot more, i’ve had my first win of the year so far so lets hope it continues .Loquax is a great site for finding comps and i’m entering slot of FB and Twitter comps .As they say ,you’ve got to be in it to win it!
    Good Luck all

  • Isis1981uk

    I think the trend of more Facebook, Twitter & blog-based competitions will continue & grow, and that people will win lots more small prizes versus the bigger prizes offered. There also seems to be a rise in instant-win competitions which I think will mean people will need convincing of their genuine nature.

  • JOANNA33

    2011 will be the best
    comping it will never rest
    lets hope the 2011 new year
    puts everyone on comping top gear!
    Facebook, twitter here to stay
    no matter how much we all pray
    loquats winning all year round
    that would be extra sound
    bring on the New Year!

  • gaynorj

    I think the number of Facebook and Twitter competitions will continue to increase as will the number of people entering them. My only hope is that the number of people entering the older style comping methods will decrease, giving us more old-fashioned compers a better chance …. Well I can live in hope! πŸ™‚ Like many others, I have entered Facebook comps but very few Twitter comps, as it all just seems a bit uncertain/vague to me. You get no confirmation or assurance about what you are entering, so I hope that is improved this year, but I can’t see how, as that seems to be the nature of Twitter.

  • Michie

    Happy New Year to One and All. Only got back into comping in 2010 after a very big break but am totally hooked now. I must admit that I only like mainsteam comps, I do have a go at a few facebook ones but am not totally convinced by the new ways, twitter, blog etc. I love Loquax and now consider them as my second family. Good Luck everyone for 2011 x x

  • joane1

    Happy new year to Jason and his team and to all loquax users

    Winning competitions are getting harder each year as I think more and more people are entering competitions.

    Personally I do not like Facebook or Twitter comps. I have done a few Facebook comps but never know if I have entered them properly. I think more and more people will enter Facebook and Twitter comps, however I do hope that the ordinary competitions will continue as these are the ones I like

    Other than having entered a few Facebook comps the only site I use is Loquax. It takes me all my time to do this so using other sites as well is a definite no no

    I hope that Loquax will carry on as it’s a brilliant site.

  • ellie vegas

    I think the number of people entering comps is rising but I know some of my friends who hear me winning and have a go themselves. However, not one of them have continued – don’t have the staying power. But the number of competitions also appear to be endless – I never get the feeling that I have entered everyone I need to do.
    I do enter on facebook or twitter and have won from both, I find FB comps boring to enter, Twitter has the advantage over FB for me because it is esy to enter on my iPhone whilst out and about. However, I think Loquax always has the edge because of it’s forums and ‘community spirit’ – hate to miss a day when I can’t drop in. The prizes on offer are much better than FB and Twitter. So Jason and Mods – fear not you’re here to stay πŸ™‚

  • bristolgirl

    Hope comps on fb and twitter fizzle out. Would like to see more tie-breakers and maybe more entry form competitions.

  • gallweym

    I wish Loquax a wonderful year, hope it’s the best yet. Kirsty, Jason and all the mods and contributors do a brilliant job so that we can all enjoy a sharing, caring site, and the hope of many wins. I hope to goodness promotors don’t turn to Facebook and Twitter, I’d like to see both entry methods die a quick but painful death. Loquax continues to be the way forward and I couldn’t imagine comping without it. Thank you so much for the No. 1 website on the www.

  • bill.gould

    I hope for an end to the “most likes” comps on Facebook, and that those people from the “3 initials” site get bored with comps and go away! Especially those that just enter as a money making exercise!

    I also hope for a big win – I’ve been very happy with my Β£4,000 to Β£5,000 per annum rrp prizes for the last few years, but a big one worth that on it’s own would be nice!

    Well done Loquax and keep up the good work for many years to come!

  • nannyt

    Hoping 2011 will be a better comping year for me now that i’ve got a new and faster computer. Have entered on facebook and twitter but never sure if i’ve done the right thing to enter.

    A big thank you to Jason and Kirsty running a fantastic site.

  • calcaz

    Hiya am looking forward to 2011 comps , I only started last year in july and won quite a few good prizes. I am really looking forward to putting in a full year to see what great prizes I can win. I love this site because just reading about other compers wins really lifts my day . I think that more people will become compers as its tough out there at the moment and people need a lift!

  • crispinhughes

    I have been a Loquax user for 2/3 years now and I refuse to join any other site for comping. I feel Loquax is the safest site and offers the best choice of competition. Having said that I have never won anything despite entering hundreds and hundreds of comps and I would never enter a comp that you have to “like” on FB or have to RT on twitter. These are just ploys to get more site users NOT genuine competitions that anyone could win. I WILL continue to enter competitions that are draws or answer a question type but I will never use another site. Loquax is the number one competition site for me

  • jobster

    I am hoping that 2011 finally sees an overhaul in certain competitions and we lose the ridiculous voting system for photos/comments. I would rather companies just accept that this is open to an immense amount of cheating and move onto another format!! I think 2011 will be a quieter year for larger prizes and the knock on effect of the recession will hit hard this year ( in my humble opinion!!!) I would also like to see more comps that are based on ” effort” rather than just plain entry forms, but as long as they`re not voting, I don`t really mind! I for one as well, would not know where to start comping without my Loquax page. I don`t use any other source for comping except here, and as a result I rely on you heavily!!! Thanks once again for all your help….you guys are amazing!!

  • jonpimm

    Wishing all Loquax compers a rewarding 2011 !!! I also think that a lot of companies are using facebook and I am not that keen on this. Keep up the good work Loquax.

  • Sophwar

    I think we will continue to see an increase in FB/Twitter comps and whatever the next social network is too!
    I’m sure 99% of us would like to see the ‘vote for me’ comps laid to rest but I think that’s optimistic.
    Let’s hope lots more ducks win cars (there’s been a flurry of them recently!) and that Jason and Kirsty are kindly rewarded by the comping fairy!
    Happy comping to all of you – may the wins be plentiful!

  • C Duncan

    I agree with crispinhughes, I don’t want to join facebook or twitter or any other site to do comps. I enjoy Loquax comps, I think it is fun trying to get the answers to questions, my general knowledge has greatly improved! lol. I have won several prizes over the years and hopefully continue to do so this year.

  • variety

    Hi I’m fairly new to Loquax, i joined a couple of weeks ago now. I had only entered a few competitions in my life previous to this (didn’t win any of them) Then two days ago i won a wireless router, so exciting and such a great feeling even though its nothing major So thank you to Loquax and all of you supporters on here, happy new year to you all xx
    P.S I have an FB account but refuse to enter comps in this way, no reason really i just dont like it and I dont particularly fancy joining Twitter either. I would happily enter blogs if the subject interested me

  • bplindsey1

    With the amount of facebook and twitter users, of course competitions on those sites will increase. But at the end of the day, everyone will be after an easy 10K or a free holiday to florida from whatever method they can! This is people we’re talking about! So competitions will be the same this year than it was last year πŸ™‚ I just hope i’m that person who gets the Β£10,000 πŸ˜›

  • Joca41Joca41

    An important part of what makes comping a good hobby is having interesting competitions on interesting websites. I find Twitter and Facebook competitions boring to enter and certainly hope there are less of them in the coming year.

    That said, it does seem to be the way that competitions are going and no doubt they will continue to increase in volume. I suppose I’d better try and move with the times!

  • lornakl79

    all the best for 2011 eveyone wishing you all loads of luck

  • mercury3

    First of all I would like to say that I don’t know what I would do without Loquax. The community spirit in the forums is excellent and the list of comps to enter on the main site is fantastic.

    I’ve tried twitter and couldn’t get to grips with it so closed my account. I’m contemplating joining facebook but I’m a bit reluctant.

    All I can say is long live Loquax and a huge thanks to Jason and Kirsty – keep up the amazingly good work.

  • Gastronomix

    I suspect that more smaller businesses will utilise “social networking” tools and competitions to develop mailing lists as its a relatively cheap way of building a customer base. I think we may see less big prizes as promotional budgets get cut and questions asked about the value to the company of giving away large items.

  • caspertheghost

    I HATE voting comps and prize at x many likes comps. I’m also a bit wary of having to add FB apps and handing over data and allowing people to spam my wall and friends.

  • marymod

    I think there will be pressure on promoters to remove voting comps due to privacy laws which I heartily welcome, but we will see more ‘different’ promotions as promoters seek to differentiate their offering. I’m not expecting an increase in the number of competitions as budgets are increasingly under pressure, but do foresee the number of compers increasingly growing. Think it’s down to everyone to share their competition finds and also to remember to thank the person who found it.

  • norpet

    Like a few others I dislike the Facebook and Twitter comps – because I am not a subscriber to either of these – and I don’t really want to be. I think the mix at the moment is just about right and I wouldn’t like to see a move away from ordinary online comps. I like the diversity of these as well – from the Radio Times comp where you have to answer a 15 question quiz to the comps where you simply send in your name and address! I don’t know much about cheating methods – mainly because I am not computer literate enough to understand how they do some of the things they do – but as with everything else in life, cheating is a despicable way of going about things.

  • alison66

    I think it will be harder to win in 2011 as so many people have realised that they can enter comps on sites such as Loquax, facebook and twitter, there are not so many quick to enter and win competitions anymore the promoters have realised that if they offer a prize and sit back for a bit there will be alot of other people visiting and joining their pages, so there is not alot of need for voting comps (fingers crossed) as I give them a wide berth. I would like to see a feature on Loquax of blog competitions in one place the same as facebook, twitter etc.

  • @alison66 – we have a blog section http://www.loquax.co.uk/competitions/competitions-Blog.htm – the problem with blogs is that some bloggers don’t like compers so we only really list those sites that send their comps in. If you know any bloggers then encourage them to add their site to Loquax please πŸ™‚

  • cat

    I think it will be harder to win comps and more and more people are entering than ever. I think Twitter and Facebook comps will become more popular and postcard comps less with the price of stamps going up so much

  • emily

    I think Facebook comps and Twitter comps will continue to increase in popularity but I think as they become less ‘new’ we’ll see more terms & conditions and regulation of this type of comp. I don’t believe there will be less comps, I’ve been comping for over a decade and there are more comps than ever. I’m also hoping the voting / popularity comps become much less prevalent, I hate being hassled to vote for people and I will never win something like this as I don’t want to hassle hundreds of people myself.

  • rosehix

    Hello all compers
    I have had a brilliant December 2010 and January 2011 – Won a foodie trip to New York , a year’s supply of porridge, book, games, cosmetics and a small cheque and glasses.
    However I really miss the postcard comps – yes I know there are a few still out there but so many online/text/FB/Twitter
    It is difficult to stand out – used to be a great way to get noticed by adding colour, glitter etc on the postcard. More comps with purchase necessary – which is fair.
    I love comps that make me work – loads of difficult questions or longer written entries – you feel you have earned the prize!!
    Whatever form comps take in the future – except pay for entry!!! – I’ll be there.
    The excitement of the prize notification really lifts my day!

  • greig23

    i want to wish all compers good luck for 2011! and keep up the good workk LOQUAX!!!!!

  • baconbap

    What, no loquax ducks?

  • Check

    More people will be looking to competitions in 2011 to get the bit of fun (and goods) they can’t afford in a year of cuts and higher prices. On the face of it that means less chance of us “regulars” winning but I think more firms will set competitions to attract business, so we will all “win”.
    As a competitor of 6 months vintage I’m amazed at how often I’m interested in the sites Loquax sends me to, and I often browse there even if I don’t immediately buy. So I reckon competitions are good value for money for the companies that promote them.
    I like competitions that offer a bit of a challenge so I will try to figure out Twitter and Facebook competitions this year – but I don’t think they’ll takeover from more conventional methods. [I like simple draws too, when I’ve had enough of thinking].
    Keep up the good work in 2011, please, Loquax

  • wildchild

    Many companies feel they have to be seen to be up-to-date and following the trends and they are putting their efforts into facebook and twitter comps at the expense of other (older) methods. There are tweeters and facebook users who hadn’t entered comps before, so they’re new to the whole thing and older hands like me who see themselves having to be masters of a whole host of new skills just to keep up.

    To enter these days you have to be able to sort your way around blogs (and many of them do seem to require a lot to enter – you have to comment on their blogs AND follow & tweet AND like & comment & share – all for one little book), twitter, facebook, texts, phonecalls, online comps, EFs, postcards, photocomps…. It’s all getting quite daunting! Where am I supposed to find the extra hours to enter all of them?

    And along with all the new-to-comping people from facebook, twitter and blogs are those who have started because of the worsening financial situation so many of us find ourselves in. There’s still the myth out there that you can ‘make a living’ comping and others who have suddenly found themselves with more time on their hands through reduced hours or redundancy.

    So there are more people out there chasing prizes with every-widening ways of entering. 2011 is going to be far from dull!

  • acalland

    I agree with other users that I think more people will take up comping in 2011 but also that they will get fed up and give up after a couple of months.

    I finally joined facebook this year just to enter comps but it turned out really well as although I have not won anything from there an old friend got in touch and we are hopefully meeting up soon!

    Twitter goes completley over my head so I dont enter those and I do really miss tiebreaker and entry form comps.

    As for Loquax itself,what a wonderful well run site where I have found people to be really friendly and it also feels like somewhere to get loads of advice about life in general.

  • OnesAndTwos

    I wish there weren’t so many competitions asking for me to post a video of myself for example, doing a stupid dance! I have no idea how to twitter and hope more competitions won’t appear there also my friends on Facebook are starting to think there is nothing I don’t ‘like’ as I enter comps there. On the bright side, I have started to win again so hopefully 2011 will bring along a holiday!

  • ladette

    i think 2011 will be a good year for comps, with lots of prizes won by loquax users.

  • opelaccent

    I am sorry but Twitter and Facebook are all key places for hackers and dodgy down loads and your info is targeted so beware The less you put on these web sites the safer you are………….. is a comp worth losing your ID I don’t thing so …
    lets get back to postcards and the computer, use your phone I don’t think so there is to much fine print and big phone bills BEWARE!!

  • dianecarsey

    Happy New Year everyone and good luck in all you enter. I wish the Facebook and twitter comps would stop as they seem to be “when we get this many to join” not any fun anymore πŸ™

  • sylvia spall

    New to compimg and Loquax. Am now hooked. Loquax is a new obsession.Have won five prizes in four monthe. Hoping for the big one in 2011. Thanks loquax.

  • mikebb

    Along with, it appears, many other compers I am not a big fan of FB and Twitter comps. I have no objection to going along and liking something (even if I don’t) BUT I do not like the message that says we would like access to every bit of information you possess, and your friends, and we want carte blanche permission to post any old rubbish on your page… This seems to be becoming the norm and I just won’t enter these comps. Twitter is still a bit of a mystery but I am trying and will see how it goes.
    Last year was not a great one for prizes for me, simply because I did not do my bit and enter as many! It is a numbers game and you have to be in it to win it – I am committed to my pre-2010 plan which worked for 3 or 4 years to pay for Christmas with prizes that I win throughout the year, and in order to make this happen I plan on using some of my past prizes as U2Us to generate a bit of luck!!
    Good luck to everyone out there – have a great 2011

  • IzzySc

    I think that with there being more and more platforms for competitions to be hosted on, their popularity will increase and so will sites such as Loquax. I know that some people have complained that 2010 was one of their worst years for wins, I suppose the popularity of comps has increased moreso than the number of comps but it seems like even the smallest of retailers or home run ‘companies’/businesses are offering small comps through the likes of twitter and facebook, so I think this year, at a total guess but all the same my prediction is that we’ll go from having a few more comps on popular sites and alot of people interested and taking part in them to many more comps being offered across the board, so hopefully more of us may get the chance to win. That is if we don’t tell everyone about all the comps, which can be hard their RT comps on twitter lol

    I’m not overly keen on the voting comps as found via Facebook apps and I’d be perfectly happy if those disappeared but to be honest, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, as their very prevalent. Still I know there are some petitions about banning them, so perhaps action will be taken? probably only if there’s big enough of a ‘voice’ to back it up and complain about many such comps, thoughI know Facebook themselves want nothing to do with it, since run via FB have to be maintained via the companies own app which isn’t ran by FB.

    I certainly hope 2011 is going to be a positive year for comping, fingers crossed and good luck to all the dedicated Loquats πŸ™‚

  • jj32

    After my first year of comps is neally under my belt my hopes for comps in 2011 are for another year like 2010 but i think i will be giving the twitter comps a miss this year cant really see the fun in them. Don’t mind the facebook ones but overall the main site ones are the best so i Think their will always be a place for loquax :0)

  • luckyellie

    I hope to see a wide range of comps still available in 2011 and believe there will be. I do a variety of comps, main site on Loquax (brilliant), forums (fab and I try to contribute a bit too!) postcards, facebook and twitter. FB comps I quite enjoy as you can see you have entered and can only enter once normally and seems mostly fair (I stay well away from voting comps, they’re a joke and I can see these being phased out). Twitter on the other hand, for me, seems a bit of a waste of time. If you’re not on all day every day I don’t think you have much hope of winning and it doesn’t seem fair that you can tweet many times! And you can’t even see you have entered lol. I have also entered a few blog comps too which I enjoy although I can’t see the need to do so many things just to enter! From someone who used to enter comps years ago and have only just returned, my fav is probably postcards as they remind me of the ‘old’ days I feel I am actually doing something to win the prize (although tb are not my strong point). Here’s hoping for a fab 2011 for all of us! Thanks for everything!

  • bopper

    hope to see less Facebook/Twitter comps and more tiebreakers; and hope that in 2011 the broadband network improves so can enter all these competitions that little bit quicker! ( and pray that Loquax remains as great as it is at present )

  • debrasouthgate

    I don’t like FB and Twitter comps. I love Loquax and couldn’t do without it. As for your 13th year this will be lucky. I speak from experience being born on Friday 13th!

  • poshpink

    I think there will be more competitions on facebook and twitter – not for me as I don’t use. Hope Loquax continues in its present form – its great for me. Only won a few small prizes last year but was lucky with the Advent calendar – produced a lovely ipod docking station for my husband’s prezzie on Christmas Eve. Here’s to hopefully more of the same this year and good luck to all compers out there – as they say its the taking part that counts!

  • jayanna

    I think that with the rise in Twitter, Facebook & blog comps there’s going to be a big increase in those awful ones that really make you jump through hoops to enter – i.e. “Comment on our blog, follow our blog, subscribe to our newsletter, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, follow our sponsors on Twitter & like them on Facebook. Miss any of these steps and you’re not entered in our prize draw to win a pack of peanuts.” Aaaaaaargh!!!!!

  • bettyboo34

    I started comping in July 2010 and I won i few prizes hopefully 2011 will bring me luck and lots of prizes.

  • jeanetteb672

    2011 .. another great year to enjoy Loquax,
    Good luck to all, may your entries & wins be upto the max!
    Comping is great fun here, making friends & being able to relax,
    I find Twitter and Facebook a pain,thats a fact,
    My dream prize for 2011 is a Loquax mug & pen free of tax,
    I so enjoy scrolling thru the winners page … what a climax!

  • dayslikethese

    So many peeps seemed to have had a slow 2010 as far as winning is concerned. Surely 2011 should be better for all. I think the rise of fb and twitter comps is a positive step, yes the cynical side of me sees it as free advertising for companies, but so what if we get the chance of winning.

    Long live Loquax..x

  • JohnTM


    Loquax is the site I use on a daily basis and I looking through the various competitions. I do find it difficult to find certain competitions and I am sure I dont use Loquax to my full advantage! There are many competitions that you cant keep track if you have done them before or not which could make it that the company refuse your answers. I use facebook a lot but I am not keen on having that profile filled up to say that I have entered a certain competition however i do them sometime but I think it annoys my non comping friends and also having to like so many pages to get a chance! As for twitter, I am a twit with and havent a clue how to do the twitter ones and then that gets filled up which again annoys non comping friends who have told me!
    I also think more people will start doing comping in this difficult economic climate which makes it less chance for the old timers such as myself and many others!
    ON the whole however i love loquax and its a great website which i gain a lot of enthusiasm from! Thankyou loquax!
    Happy Comping Everyone!

  • lizziebr

    I’m hoping that I can win one of your new design mugs. I use the old one all the time, but it’s now getting lonely!

    Would also love to make entering comps on Facebook easier, I’m getting nowhere, but hopefully that means less are entering the rest on Loquax.

  • diammondgirlz2010

    Happy 2011 everyone…. Hoping i have a better 2010 and more chances of winning found this site in late 2010 and not won anything yet πŸ™ but will not stop trying … GOOD LUCK to ev1 x

  • JW

    Firstly, Good luck to everyone in the coming year. A big thank you to Loquax for all the information provided. Hopefully, 2011 will be a good one. Would love to win my first Loquax mug. Here’s hoping.

  • stugorcoop650

    Happy new (ish) Year,
    Well another year, can’t quite beleive that we’re into year eleven of the new millenium? Time to start paying for xmas 2010 and think about how to pay for xmas 2011?? A lottery win or the passing of along lost relative who was minted but since most of my relatives are basically like me and nearly everyone else SKINT!!
    Still we can dream eh? I hate all these programmes on the box that tell you just what you can buy if you are in the wonderful position to be able to afford any items for sale over Β£25!! (or that just me and most of the people i know??) without having to beg, borrow, or steal to get them!!
    Being a parent (hence not having a sausage to my name, or even having the money for a sausage, mmmmmmmmmm sausage) i’m having to think about were the money for just the basics are coming from without any of the treats, like food, clothing or food!!! And now that our eldest is going to uni (fingers crossed) the imaginery belt has to be even tighter than the gastric band tightness it is at the moment.
    This is why Loquax is a possibly probable help in the ever losing battle with everyday prices? Having such diverse competitions means that i can enter competitions that are rarely seen opn othe comp. sites? Comps for help towards mortgage payments, food bills,and even comps to pay towards tution fees are all comps that i look out for but obviously any chance of winning anything which could be just sold if not needed by anyone are all helps!!
    Everyone hopes for the major, car, holidays but really even if prizes aren’t won, many comps have a sweetner with them, be it various percent off purchases, money off pizzas, kebabs all cornerstones to any studernts nutritional needs?
    Even some feedback on comps and all the help from Loquax that give you an insite to what the comps are and what is needed without going through 20 different links to get at comps that have the hidden, ‘ small purchase needed to go ahead’

  • atlantabird

    I think 2011 will see more Facebook / Twitter comps. I also see it getting harder to win prizes as I think there will be lots of new compers this year.

  • keriku

    Never fear Jason, redundancy does not loom for you and your little ducks.Loquax provides choice ie I CHOOSE to look it up, it doesn’t harras me for votes or offer me silly wee prizes. IF FB had a prize listing it might be different-I personally have no time to hunt down prizes. I love Loquax and hope it is here to stay!
    Facebook or other social media will stay, but Loquax rules the waves!

  • hughese

    I agree blogs and twitter seem to be getting bigger and bigger and that’s fine with me. Not so keen on facebook comps, but may get a comps only fb account to make me feel better about it.

  • gingerchick633

    Happy 2011 to all.
    I believe that this year will bring in more compers, as last year did.
    There will be more blog and twitter comps, which I don’t really enter, but I believe the usual comps will be a plenty.
    Good luck all for a comping new year!

  • juanginge

    There are so many comments before me I nearly decided not to enter,but then that is what separates us as compers. We have got to got to be in it To WIN it.Thank you Loquax and good luck to all in 2011.

  • linheiner

    Firstly, many thanks to Loquax in advance for all the help I know it will be in 2011 and the very best of luck to everyone!
    My prediction is that there will be more and more Facebook and Twitter comps. My hopes are that Facebook will put an end to the voting comps because they are not a true reflection of the best entry but just an exercise in canvassing!

  • askme

    I have been doing Twitter comps for nearly a year and have noticed a change recently as more companies feel the need for a Twitter presence. I enjoy the immediacy of Twitter and the interaction with other people, but some companies ignore the social side & send an automated feed to both Twitter & FB.
    I think we’ll see more companies settling into a regular pattern with their competitions, which is where Loquax can really help with its dedicated Twitter & FB section.
    FB ‘like’ competitions are not actually allowed any more, so I think these will gradually fall away. FB is a rich source of competitions requiring effort, although the voting element spoils many of these. My greatest bugbear is not being told at the outset that a winner is going to be chosen randomly.
    Most of my wins over the last 6 months have been from Twitter & FB, but I think the peak has passed.

  • Macognet

    Like a battle in the air
    I don’t know how I’ll fair
    I will dogfight with Loquax
    And deserve the Blue Max


    I think there will loads of new compers, like in 2010, however some of them will give up quickly..there will be an increasing amount of competitions on facebook and twitter, just wished there were not about voting and recommending friends.
    Loquax will continue to be the number 1 site for compers.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments… some interesting views!

    The winner of the Loquax Mug and pen was gaynorj

    Look out for more chances to win on the blog in the coming weeks.

  • Gloworm20

    Hi Loquax members! With regards to the massive increase in the number of competitions running on Facebook now, I am wondering approximately how many winners there are by entering via Facebook as opposed to via filling in the details on their website! I personally find these Facebook competitions far more confusing and I don’t think I have actually won anything yet by entering on Facebook!

  • ch56

    I’ve tried to enter competitions on facebook, but find I am running around getting nowhere so I don’ t bother with them anymore. Also thet block it up with (what I call). Useless information which I don’t bother to read.