Are You a Loquax Advent Winner?

Posted on: January 5th, 2011 by Jason 16 Comments

Our advent competition has ended! Well, it ended (as you’d expect) on 24th December but for some reason some of you are still entering every day. We’ve no idea why but you’re not going to win anything from our advent competition by entering in January! Anyway the good news is that we’ve picked the second lot of winners and now have a full quota of 24 daily winners.

Loquax Mug Earlier Today

The lucky winners of Loquax Mugs are listed on the forums:

Days 1 to 6
Days 7 to 12
Days 13 to 18
Days 19 to 24

There were also some extra prizes of £25 Amazon Vouchers awarded as an extra Christmas present from Loquax to you.

If your username is listed in the posts above then you should have a message from Kirsty in your private messages. You must reply with your name and address as soon as possible otherwise you might not get your prize. There’s no point emailing us in 2012 saying you won 2010’s advent competition as by then someone else will be using your Loquax Mug!

The advent competition attracted a lot of interest, but as expected that interest waned towards Christmas Day. The most entries were received on the 2nd December, marginally beating the start of the month, whilst the least entries occurred on the 17th and 18th December. In fact, the last week of the advent competition had 33% less entries than at the start! A mix of snow, parties, shopping and advent fatigue no doubt contributing to that stat.

A big thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to those who did win… just please remember to check to see if you’re a winner.

If you didn’t win then don’t despair as we have a bundle of Loquax mugs that will be given away during 2011. There are some Loquax Pens to go with them too. We’ll be offering these much desired Loquax goodies via the forums and blog. We may even do a few twitter giveaways if we can find a way to do them that we like.

To kick you off though, respond to our 2011 and the year ahead blog for a better chance of winning a Loquax Mug than on any day of our advent competition!

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  • piptown

    i won an apple ipod nano from shepherd neame as an advent comp

  • labazs

    rats! entered your comps for more xmas; than i care to remember and never won a bean! ah well always next xmas!

  • kcmankell

    Win from Teufel and received with excellent delivery time

  • elainelane

    Another year with no luck on the advents, that’s 5 in a row now and getting to be a bit of a habit. I had advent wins my first two years doing them and thought how easy they were….. how wrong I was…… guess that serves me right for being complacent.

  • emma155

    I won a mug. 🙂

    Thank you very much loquax, I’m really pleased with this win, the mug looks great. 🙂


  • samarie

    Congratulations to all winners xxx

  • libra100

    Congratulations to everyone who won.

    I won one Advent prize, a pair of headphones from Teufel, delivered very quickly.

  • laurajayne

    I won a mug. Thank you Loquax – I will treasure it! x

  • pigwhistler

    won a reg123 t-shirt and mug (not arrived yet). Well done to all winners.

  • beltro

    Happy new Year to all

  • allisoca

    I can’t get access to look. Can someone look for me. Thanx

  • If you make a couple of posts on the forum you can get access (sorry this was a genuine oversight on our part). Anyway, it just requires a small amount of effort on your part.

    But, you can find out if you’ve won without posting by checking your private messages. No message from Kirsty means you’ve not won.

  • newlife

    Hello, with my respect and appreciation to all.

  • Lilac35

    I guess I didn’t win can’t find my name,although I didn’t find a list of names,so must have looked it up wrong.

  • flosschops69

    did i win i cant acces the area 🙁 x

  • Gloworm20

    I think I might have won one advent prize, but am not really sure because I entered other competitions as well!