Are You Missing Out On Competitions?

Posted on: August 16th, 2007 by Jason 8 Comments

One of the main problems for people using Loquax is our competition tracker. This has now been upgraded to Tracker v2 providing users with a one page control panel and simple access to competitions they’ve entered/not entered. More on that another day – but what happens if you don’t want to use our tracker? Is that the end of you using Loquax? The answer is no because our Quick Comps Listing section is just the ticket for you.

Not only are the competitions listed in a simple format, there’s access to new, closing soon, and prize directory listings – and you don’t have to worry about competition trackers, complicated listings, or anything! Just follow the links and enter the competitions – it really is that simple.

Example – New Today Competitions

Use these lists to find out what’s new today (competitions added the previous day to be accurate). Use the “Display Options” to filter the list by prize type. For example, you might only want to enter DVD competitions – by using the drop down box and selecting “DVD & Movies” you’ll then be shown new today DVD competitions. Note, that we don’t stuff our listings with MyOffers or Win4Now type competitions and they’re not stuck at the top either.

Quick Comps - New Today

Hopefully this format isn’t complicated or difficult to use – and you’ll find it for Closing Today competitions plus competitions closing soon, as well as those recently added to the site. If you like entering competitions as they come in then keep an eye on Latest Competitions. Again these are in the simple list format. Finally, to make your life even easier there’s a whole Prize Directory utilising this format, plus you can find competitions by type (e.g. caption, tiebreaker, bingo etc) and by frequency (e.g. weekly, daily, monthly).

All in all this means that if you find our tracker system a little bit awkward then you don’t have to miss out on competitions listed on Loquax. Just bookmark the Quick Comps Listing section and you’ll have access to all competitions we list.

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  • vicki468

    nice one

  • SandraDJ

    I’ve been using the tracker, but I think the main reason I miss out on competitions is the slow speed. Sometimes I click on links in the tracker, and the page starts loading but then hangs. On sites like Female First and Handbag I can usually only enter about one competition, then the site crashes and I can’t get back in. I make a note on my tracker and go back the next day. It is irritating, though.

  • Hi

    When you say the site crashes are you referring to Loquax or to the other sites like Female First or Handbag? It’s a bit confusing what you’re referring too?


  • kathyhomeworker

    Hi I know I miss quite a few as I do not always have the time to enter them
    and I am also handicapped by slow computer.

    How many do other compers enter a week and how successful are they?

  • libra100

    I usually use the Quick Comps listings, entering comps closing within about a couple of days or so. I fugure all the comps listed at Loquax will gradually end up in that list and I then enter those where I fancy the prize.

    I’ve never bothered with the tracker as sometimes I find competitions elsewhere, eg uk.rec.competitions, Loquax forums, or other places. As I understand it, I wouldn’t be able to enter these in the tracker and wouldn’t be certain whether the comps have been entered or not.

  • paks5444

    i enter regular on loquax,in all the years on here, i have never won a thing?
    so for me it dosn’t matter what version tracker i use tbh.

  • DDB280801

    Can you help… I use the old tracker and have 200 sites stored. If I use the new tracker will these all transfer there or will I have to start again adding sites.
    Is the old tracker staying? Or will it eventually be remove?
    From someone who hates change!!! (but is more than willing to give it a go!)

  • kirsty

    You can switch backwards and forwards between both versions of the tracker without losing anything. They use the same database.

    The old tracker is no longer being maintained but we’ve no intention of removing access to it.