Arghhhhh-dvent Competition Madness

Posted on: December 1st, 2011 by Jason 16 Comments

By now, hopefully, most of you will be aware that the advent competitions have started. This year has been astonishing for the sheer volume of promotions that are running across websites, Facebook, blogs and Twitter. We’ve looked at so many advent competitions we’re now seeing numbers on anything and everything that has a door or window.

Loquax Advent Calendar

First of all though there’s one advent competition you should be entering and that’s our very own Loquax Advent Competition. If you’re logged in to the site entry is simply one click and you’re in our daily draw to win a lovely blue Loquax Mug. This year we’ve been joined by Groupon who have sponsored the weekly prizes. We have 4 £100 vouchers to giveaway. If that wasn’t enough then at the end of the competition one lucky person will get themselves a Kindle courtesy of Loquax.

Given that our competition should be your first stop and then your second should be our lovely lists of advents – what to do about the volume? Our advice is don’t try them all – seriously! There are some nice prizes on offer (Barclays, Classic FM, My Daily, Next, Ted Baker for example) and so you may want to focus on them! Facebook fans have plenty to choose from too – and you have your own list– but choose your favourites and go from there.

If you’re on Twitter you might notice there aren’t too many competitions listed – we’ve done the ones we know about but as they tend to be 9am to 5pm it’s tough to catch them all – at least today!

Some compers have remarked that the volume is a little offputting… we’d agree. So head to the usual competition listings (as yes we have been doing them too) and get on with your day to day comping hobby whilst others manically try and do the advents. You will find advents included in the listings so if one catches your eye or has a prize you’re after then you don’t have to miss it.

Mind you, if you feel like we do at the moment, you probably won’t want to see another advent competition for at least another 12 months!

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  • susiemc

    thanks for all your hard work xx

  • mar-k1

    Many thanks for all your efforts – certainly looks like lot more decent advent comps than hve been for last few years.

  • mandy4baz

    Thanks so much, amazing list of advents this year.
    Wishing everyone lots of luck.

  • dawn henson

    Thanks for all the time you have put in. I,m going quite cross eyed so you must be. Best of luck to everyone xx

  • scrapaddict

    Thanks for sorting them into manageable order so many, so little time, but you have made our lives easier.

    Enjoy the Baileys!!!!!!!

  • aliali

    Thanks for all your hard work which is much appreciated.
    Bet &can’t wait until the 25th when you can put on your Santa hat, eat a stuffed turkey, and have a few wee tipples.
    Merry Christmas Jason and Kirsty.xxxxx

  • chrisdebag1

    I went through all of them last night I think i will pick and choose for todays

  • suroben

    I started early but after 3 hours hadn’t got anywhere. I’ve never seen so many advents, they used to take me 2 hours at most to go through but this year it’s all too much. I am grateful for your efforts in listing them all, and hopefully will have my own chosen few to enter sorted in a couple of days, but I don’t think it would be possible to enter them all if I comped all day long. The Twitter and Facebook comps are as unfair as ever since they seem to think a day ends at 3, 4 or 5pm. I noticed a few people complaining that they couldn’t enter them because they worked. I’m going to try to find those I’ve won from before and those with better prizes so I can keep my sanity and actually manage to fit in things like cooking, cleaning and Christmas shopping.

  • littleanne

    Thank you for listing all the comps I’m just entering a few a day maybe do more at weekends.Hoping to win one this year especially the loquax mug Hope you manage to have a very Merry Christmas Jason and Kirsty and thatnk you once again

  • libra100

    Thanks for posting all the Advent comps, an amazing feat of endurance!

    I’ve never seen so many, the volume is overwhelming this year.

    Facebook comps can take a little longer to enter, especially at times when the comp isn’t immediately visible. Definitely some worthwhile prizes though.

    Going to take your advice and limit myself to spending an hour and no more, choosing which to enter.

    Good luck everyone.

  • Angie-k

    Thank you Loquax for organising the Advents so well. I am definitely one of the manic ones. Think I’ll have to start getting up at 4 am or something ! Good luck everyone.

  • Patterry

    Thanks for all the hard work. I think I’m going to have to be a bit selective or will be on here 24 hours

  • kazza01

    Thanks guys for all the hard work and it’s only day 2!!!!
    Only another 22 to go hehe 😉

  • mojo_jojo838

    Thank you so much guys, I’m feeling frazzled WITH your amazing help putting them together and in order, imagine if they weren’t >.<
    Merry Christmas!

  • daisyduck

    Thank you so much for organising the advents for us. The clicky ducks are a real bonus.. I’ve been doing them for the last 3 hours and can nearly see the end of the page 🙂 Some fab prizes this year too, I’d thought it would be a bit sparse with the current economic situation, but it’s the complete opposite !
    Good luck everyone xx

  • lebeeuk

    Thanks for the listings Jason & Kirsty but what a nightmare, definitely going to have to find the one’s I really want to do as I’m not going to have the time with so many comps! Ducks are great cos it means I can do some before work & know what I’ve done being as I’m sure to have forgotten by the time I get back in….

    What would we do without you guys ♥