Find Comps By Date Added With Tracker v2

Posted on: May 20th, 2008 by Jason

A new option has been added to the Loquax Tracker v2! You can now see tracked and untracked sites by date added – a direct mirror of the ‘New Today’ competition listings from version 1. This should make user v2 a lot easier for those of you who like to enter competitions as they’re added on a day to day basis rather than the ‘Recently Added’ option.

For those of you who are sticking to tracker version 1 or who haven’t tried v2 why not take a look?

Our tracker v2 means you only ever use one page on Loquax. You call up competitions via a console, and this allows you to find competitions you’ve not entered via new today, closing soon, type of competition, type of prize, sitename etc. In fact all the options available for Quick Comp and tracker version 1 users!

Tracker v2 Earlier Today

Tracker v2 also has some extra features:

1. You’ll only see tracked sites that have been updated
2. There’s no repetition on new/closing/prize etc – once you’ve marked a site as entered, you’ll not see it again until it updates!
3. Remove sites! There’s an option to never see updates for a certain site again!

On top of that you have a private comments box to keep any notes you need.


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