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Posted on: April 10th, 2008 by Jason 1 Comment

It has always been our intention to make Loquax more than just about competitions, and over the last few weeks we have been tidying up other areas of the site. One area we’ve been working on is the Offers which also includes an area for Discount Codes.

Our codes section has been put together to make sure that we only show valid codes. We know there are other voucher code sites out there, but often these will get you clicking to find expired codes or even no code at all. We think that’s wrong for both user and the shop’s involved! With our system you can only find in date and codes that Loquax are permitted to promote to you.

Find Discount Codes on Loquax

By using this part of Loquax you do support the site, it won’t cost you anything and also save yourself some money as well!

As well as overhauling the discounts section, where you’ll find expiring codes and a full list of shops with valid codes, we’ve launched a new offers newsletter. This will be independent to the main Loquax newsletter we currently send out every week. It will only be sent a couple of times a month, so don’t worry about being bombarded with emails from us!

There’s no pressure to join the offers newsletter, but we do have £50 to giveaway in a prize draw, if you fancy the chance of winning a few pounds.

  • Polarbear

    Sounds a great idea.. as stated there are other vouchers and codes web sites but often they are out of date or don’t exist etc, so i usually use google to search for them so to have them here on loquax will be very time saving and handy especially as they will be guaranteed to be still valid, and if it helps loquax at the same time i’m all for it. 🙂