Our 1st Video Newsletter & How You Can Win £1000

Posted on: November 7th, 2007 by Jason 43 Comments

How would you like to win £1000 from Loquax? Of course you would! But how can you get your hands on this prize? Well watch our first ever competitions video newsletter and all be revealed! What’s that? A video newsletter! How does that work? Well watch and see – basically it’s a video (complete with Jason’s voice over) featuring a couple of competitions and features on Loquax. Our aim is to see if by using video we can perhaps get over to users some of the more interesting things in the comping and Loquax world better than perhaps our newsletter can!

As it’s an experiment, we’ve stuck with some familiar websites and other than our forthcoming £1000 competition there’s perhaps not too many revelations that a well informed Loquax user wouldn’t know about. Anyway.. take a look:

Sites Featured In The Video
Win an Apple Ipod Touch
Win a Remote Controlled Helicopter (I Want One of Those)
Win 1 of 1 Million Prizes (Baileys Million)
Torque of the North (Cancer Research Sponsorship)
Jackpotjoy (Win £1000, PS3)
Loquax Daily Scratchcard (Free Jackpotjoy Prize Points)
Loquax Forums
The Winners Post
The £1000 Loquax Competition – Coming Soon!
Xmastime (Christmas Gift Ideas & Discount Codes)

Thank You To..
Bubbles17 for sending in a prize winning photo
Apollo Brummies for music!

We’d like to do more video newsletters in the future (e.g. monthly, bimonthly) as we think we can definitely improve a few things, and also have more user involvement too (photos, video etc). This is a unique step for a competition site and we hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave (constructive and kind) comments and/or suggestions!

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  • moomimmel

    read those PM’s yet? quite interesting

  • justme1

    Great idea! Thoroughly enjoyed watching it!

  • SweetiPie

    It was informative and intersting,well done.

  • JackieJ

    Very good.! Something in a similar format may be useful for new users to teach them to use the tracker.

    One thing I learned about was the free draws at Jackpot Joy. I’ve always avoid JJ in case I got in to spending money

  • libra100

    Thanks for the video newsletter Jason. Very interesting information, looking forward to the new Loquax competition

  • ully

    Very good I thought. I have a friend who is 68 and I was thinking this would be very useful to her because she wants to join, but finds it a bit confusing to use the site as she is a beginner. Distance doesnt permit me to show her very clearly. This would help her a lot and a great way to get people such as her and others involved.

  • Thanks for the comments 🙂

    Using video to explain the tracker and other features on Loquax is definitely something we would like to do.


  • ElvyFury

    I really liked the video, it even got my daughter to shut up for 5 minutes.

    Its a good idea, and I’d watch another one.

    *thumbs up*


  • foady

    I like it , it’s very good idea and i’d watch another one. That’s what i like about loquax ,more than others it’s always evolving and always informative.
    Big thumbs up from me

  • leesac

    Loved it ! Very good idea and nice voice over Jason!!

  • hellywelly

    Straightforward and simple-a nice approach to an old favourite…very useful for newbies I would guess.

  • car01e

    gets the thumbs up from me. made a change as sometimes you tend to just skim over the newletter and miss stuff.

    well done, i would definately watch another.


  • julie-j

    Great idea – something a bit different.

  • Jammycow

    Thumbs up from me too.
    looking forward to the next one.

    Amanda xx

  • obelist

    Looks good to me. What were those photos that kept popping up on the bottom of the film?

  • The photos are just YouTube stuff 🙂

  • Janetf

    Enjoyed it very much. It is a good idea.

  • dpfoib

    Enjoyed it – a little bit different!

    Will look forward to seeing the next one.

  • HARRY100

    sorry takes too long information is easily obtainable on site

  • maggie1234

    Nice voice over, Jason, Look forward to more competitions and video newsletters

  • rachh2001

    Really enjoyed that! The forum is all I use on Loquax (don’t shout at me!) so it would be great to have your guidance looking around!

  • silverbird

    I’ve got to say I really enjoyed it. It was great to get some guidance on parts of Loquax I haven’t ventured into. I liked listening to your voice too, Jason – very calm and soothing! 🙂

  • DarthPenguin

    Great idea – shame it took so long to download and that’s on 10meg broadband so heaven knows how people without such a fast connection actually managed to watch it – left it downloading – came back and it was back at the start again and it wasn’t “downloaded” at all – tried direct on YouTube but no luck….. 3rd time it crashed my browser so I’ve given up.

    You Tube is getting terrible lately for download speeds, how big is the file?

  • kirstralia

    Thanks for the video newsletter Jason. I thought it was great and will be a very useful tool for newbies and loquax regulars. Keep up the good work.

  • leigh-ann

    i really enjoyed watching the video newsletter and wish to thank jason for all his yime spent producing it.
    Thanks Jason

  • you should be able to watch ok as is – been no problem viewing

  • bikerjoe

    Really enjoyed it Jason. After spending hours researching answers, checking T&Cs its really nice to be able to just sit back and watch, as i too only skim over a lot of the newsletter, i assume because i spend a lot of time on the forums, the newsletter wont have much new to tell me, just goes to show i was wrong!

  • taryn70

    Thanks Jason
    This video newsletter is a great idea. I agree with the other posters it would be very good for new users and technophobes, it is an ideal way for them to learn the basics, and to guide them around your site.
    Well done, lets see this as a regular feature.

  • lilac-hippo

    Excellent! Made it very interesting. Well done.

  • janb02

    Good idea, makes you aware of different things.

  • sandra63

    I enjoyed watching that – didn’t know you could enter jackpotjoy comps without forking out first so will definitely go and have a look there now. Looking forward to the Loquax comp. Thanks for yet another great idea.

  • sherieann

    Very good idea, well done. I think it is very helpful, I wish I had this type of news-letter when I first started comping with Loquax.

  • teddybear2

    I enjoyed it too – very informative!

  • carol gardner

    Well done, looks good, I’m sure it will be encouraging loads more people to join us.

  • bluey

    Brill idea, works well

  • Polarbear

    Very good, i hadn’t even realised it existed till i read the newsletter but yes i quite enjoyed it- what a great idea- and you “sound different” to what i imagined lol- ok i’m not sure what i thought you would sound like, lol- but that was done very well and you could get a job as a tv presenter /voice over/newsreader with such a smooth clear voice.

    To be honest i never spotted the link to the vide news letter because its tied up on the front page in the “link” to a holiday to St. Lucia and as i don’t really enter holiday comps, i just ‘skim read’ the Holiday & St. Lucia part so i think it might be more noticable if the news letter link was seperated from the St. Lucia (or any future) other links if you see what i mean? (and i only spotted it now as i was double checking to see if it was shown on the loquax front page before i made a suggestion that it was and then i saw it already is. IYSWIM)

  • united12345

    new and inovative enjoyed it

  • splatky

    Great… I love to see a video for the tracker too, that would be really handy 😀 Thanks!

  • ifif68

    It would be nice to know – before clicking – how much time (and megabytes) we are about to devote…

    Very informative, though.

  • “It would be nice to know – before clicking – how much time (and megabytes) we are about to devote”

    Are you not just able to click “play” and watch the video streamed straight in or are you having to download the whole thing?

  • djbrammer

    Jason, I just clicked on the play arrow and watched it fine without downloading it. I think it is a great idea and really enjoyed it. As others have mentioned one on how to use the tracker system would be great.

  • labazs

    brillaint i hope you carry on with this

  • PCnurse

    I second what polarbear said about your voice Jason. You sound like a pro and a lot younger than I expected you to sound lol.

    Great idea especially for lazy people like myself who don’t like reading too much. It is a great way to sit back and listen to the latest goings on and be in the know this way is excellent for pointing out the latest and greatest that’s going on in the Loquax world of comping.

    Would this be replacing the way newsletters are sent out? Do you intend in keeping the text format newsletter? or is this still to be decided?

    Maybe there could be some kind of member rule which only members who has over 100 posts (example only) can get this kind of newsletter. This would be ideal for keeping the other forums copying links e.t.c all top tips and new comps can stay exclusive to loquax. Maybe if not that then some kind of exclusive member newsletter for Loquax regulars only. Means more Loquax winners :-D. Just an idea!

    Great way using videos on all the Loquax ‘need to know’ info. This is just an example. There could be different ones like ‘Getting the best from Loquax’ with all the extra’s included like discounts, codes ‘Tracker info’ u2u comps. A basic one on making posts would be a popular one for newbies and an explanation of what the extra buttons are for.

    100% thumbs up for me.