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Posted on: April 4th, 2012 by Jason 3 Comments

If you see a duck on a pond it often looks calm and serene, but underneath it’s poor little legs are going ten to the dozen. As Loquax is quite duck orientated that’s not a bad description of how the site runs too – calmly on the surface, but underneath there are frantic hours of updating and doing other competition and web related things day in and day out. It works to a point, but even the best things like a little help and so we though we’d explain how users can help and get involved.

1. Finding/Sharing Competitions

There are loads of competitions out there and sorry but we just can’t find them all. So if you spot a competition or site missing from Loquax why not let us and your fellow users know? Just go to the Tell Loquax link and fill in a few details and we’ll do the rest. We make sure it’s not duplicated, that the site is ok etc.

Twitter and Facebook are two good sources of competitions, but many are short notice ones. You’re welcome to share these but we do suggest that you post to the forums in the For Users By Users section. That same area can also be used for sharing offline, phone, text and TV comps too.

2. Reporting Errors

We do make the odd mistake, strange typo, or miss out useful information. Links also break and competitions close early too! Do let us know via the Tell Loquax link and we’ll get it sorted. Reporting errors is just as important as sharing comps so do tell us if you spot a problem.

3. Posting On The Forums

Facebook and Twitter may be the flavours of the month/year/decade/forever but forums can be a nice break away from the hustle and bustle. If you’ve had a win, enjoyed a TV programme, posted up your latest photos, got a recipe to share, or just need a bit of advice then the forums are (usually) a friendly place to pop in to. Everyone is welcome – so do try and get involved. There are local forums too so you can hook up with other compers in your area.

4. Sharing Loquax

Loquax has grown over the years mainly through user recommendations. So letting your mates know about us is a lovely way to get involved. Pop up a message on Twitter or Facebook, write a blog if you like, plug us madly in interviews or pop on a sandwich board and run round the high street proclaiming your undying devotion. We don’t mind!

What’s In It For Me?

If everyone does a little then that makes a stronger resource for all, but sorry there’s no financial rewards on offer. The reward is you get a great competition website to use. It also means the Loquax Team can free up time to develop the site and improve the various trackers, content and systems we already have in place.

We hope that this gives you an idea of how you can get involved with Loquax. It doesn’t need to take a lot of time to do any of the above – sharing a competition would take just a few minutes! If you have any questions then do feel free to drop us a line.

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  • libra100

    I don’t know how you manage to list and update so many competitions, it must be an absolutely overwhelming task!

    Most of us take Loquax for granted, not realising all the work involved.

    I’ve occasionally added competitions found, but most of my submissions are at Groquats, which is my local thread.

    Will definitely try and find more competitions to post in general areas.

    Thanks Jason for Loquax – an invaluable resource.

  • gozo cat

    Reminds me of my old school reports – could do better, must try harder!!!
    Only joking!!
    I’ve made more of an effort to contribute this year…..I don’t find that many new comps but I’ve shared a couple of decent holiday ones already, would love to see someone win. I remember feeling quite nervous posting my first comp, in case someone else had already sent in details…..but it is really easy to do, and Jason and the gang will correct any mistakes. I would encourage anyone to start a thread on the forum, we’re a very mixed bunch and pretty much any topic will stir some interest amongst fellow compers taking a break from comps for a few mins. And run a U2U…’s so easy, and really rewarding. Loquax is the best website on the net, and 2012 is time for us to pay it back!

  • commandervimes

    I’m always excited I’ve found a new one only to find that it has already been posted – typical always second!