How To Rate and Review The Competitions Listed on Loquax

Posted on: March 19th, 2010 by Jason 4 Comments

One of the most popular questions on the forums is “does anyone know anyone who’s won at…”! Insert any site you like including MyOffers,, Female First, Loquax even. Whilst some people are happy to share their wins via The Winners Post, others aren’t meaning knowledge about sites remains in the dark. So how do we, as a community, share the fact that a site is good, that it’s had winners, or perhaps it’s even one to be avoided? That’s where are rating and review system comes in. Here you can leave a mark out of 5, indicate if you’ve won and leave a small review.

For it to be effective though it needs one final ingredient – and that’s you. Without your input the rate/review section isn’t effective. Rating is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time either. Look for the ducks in the top right if you’re using Tracker v1 or v2…

Rating via Tracker v1

… look for the “x Comments (x/5)” link if you use the quick and easy listings format…

Rating Quick Comps

By clicking on the links you’ll be taken to a page which hopefully shows other user comments and reviews. Have a look through and then just click on the “Add your own rating for this site!” link at the top or bottom of the page.

Add Your Own Rating

Here you’ll find a mini questionnaire!

1. Give the site a rating out of five.
2. Select Yes/No if you’ve won at the site in question.
3. Leave a brief comment (not compulsory, but nice all the same).

One quick point, if you’re having a problem with a link, can’t find a competition, or we’ve made a mistake please use the report a problem link. This way we can help you and get things sorted.

Once you’ve filled in the form you just need to click submit. If you need to change your comment/rating at any time just go back to the page and update. We only allow one review per user with the idea that if things improve or deteriorate then you can update accordingly.

Use the search box to find a site you might like to rate/review if you’re having trouble locating it. Every page/section should all link up as shown above.

1. Why Should I Do This?
You don’t have to, but it’d be nice if even some of you did a few rates/reviews each week. It helps build up a picture of what sites are good and which are bad. That’s useful for other compers, great for the Loquax community and it’s an easy contribution to make to help the site.

2. Why Not Offer a Prize?
We have thought about offering a prize for those people who make a review in a month, but we felt that this wouldn’t work. We want people to contribute and be part of the community because they enjoy the site. It’d be a shame if we had to bribe users to participate in everything and would take away from the community spirit.

3. Do I Have To Do Every Site?
Of course not, a few sites by a lot of users on a regular basis should bring the section up to speed. The more people involved the better rather than the same people doing everything.

4. Why Don’t You Remind Us More Often?
We will!! Our newsletter will soon include recently rated sites so your comments could help improve a site/competition or it could just be a nice pat on the back for someone.

Hopefully this will inspire a few of you to take a look and get involved with our rating and review system. We can build the site, update competitions, offer new tools and features, but we need you to put the icing on top.

  • Big Poppa

    How can we get a site added?! i.e. Talk Talk isn’t on there?!

  • Lollzz

    I religiously add my wins to the review section as I think it’s really useful! :o)

  • Patterry

    I do try to remember to add comments when I win something. Also it’s always useful to read if others are having problems entering comps on certain sites. It’s a shame this does not get used more.