Loquax Badges Now On Sale!

Posted on: February 12th, 2009 by kirsty 34 Comments

Shiny Loquax badges are now on sale…. go over here to buy one now!

The badges are £3 each (plus 87p for postage and packing no matter how many badges you buy). Just over a pound of the price of each badge is being donated to Red Nose Day 09.

In fact if we sell 200 badges then we will double that out of our own pockets and donate a total of £400 to Comic Relief.  Also if you buy these then we’ll go and order some keyrings for you next time!  Why are you still reading?  Go and buy one already!

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  • Consultantwan

    I did I did!!

    did it before you even announced it! :p

    now get those keyrings on sale already! 😉

  • littleanne

    ordered so hurry up please!!! Can’t wait for the Keyrings at last my Keys will look posh


  • mandy101

    I can,t order one 🙁 …… i haven’t got a paypal account :-((((

  • mandy101

    Just ordered one 🙂 and opened a paypal account lol

  • kirsty

    You should be able to order using a credit or debit card without opening a paypal account.

    When you get to the PayPal page – on the left hand side there is a bit that says “Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue” – Click on continue and you can pay without opening an account. (I don’t think you can pay using a bank account though.)

  • janewendy

    Thanks Kirsty.

    For those without paypal, I don’t have a paypal account and it’s all gone through fine.

  • lizziebr

    I would love to buy one, but you don’t have my county Isle of Wight (and no it’s not in Hampshire!!!) Once you have it, I will buy!

  • silverbird

    Hey lizzie!

    Just select ‘not applicable’ for county and underneath there is a box for you to fill in your county if it’s not listed.

    Thanks very much, Loquax – have ordered one for me and hubby and can’t wait to wear them with pride! I particularly can’t wait for keyrings!

    Thanks for the wonderful donation towards Red Nose Day as well!

  • DarthPenguin

    Woohoo! I’ve ordered two, gotta have a spare in case one gets lost 🙂

  • lizziebr

    Thanks Silverbird, done!

  • susanms

    I’ve ordered 2. Thanks they look great.

  • westiesmum

    I’ve just ordered mine I can’t wait

    I can’t wait for the key rings

    Any chance of doind MouseMats as well please ?

  • kirsty

    “Just select ‘not applicable’ for county and underneath there is a box for you to fill in your county if it’s not listed.”

    What she said 🙂 The list of counties came with the shop software so don’t blame me. You can add your own county. It’s missing all of Northern Ireland for a start! Glad to hear the PayPal payment works fine without an account.

  • kirsty

    We’ve now sold over 100! Well on our way to selling 200 and doubling the donation to Comic Relief.

  • kernow maid

    Ordered mine, will wear it with pride!! and go loquats spotting!!

  • andreag

    it keeps saying my address is incomplete or missing but its not, help.
    I need one

  • kirsty

    Are you 100% certain you’ve filled something in in the box underneath where it says “Address *”?

  • andreag

    whoo hoo !! got one, thanks kirsty. (was not putting my whole address in one line)

  • lh240554

    Have ordered mine, can’t wait to spot another Loquat.

  • Hels76

    Just order mine – Thanks can’t wait for it to arrive

  • annie0103

    Hi I just went to order mine and the paypal logo at the bottom isn’t working, it’s got a little red cross in it. I have tried to go past it, but I can’t. A message says something about entering my address, even though I had.

  • annie0103

    Tried it again, and this is what it says exactly….

    ‘There were some errors with the details you entered…

    Address – missing or incorrect.’ Even though my full address was there. The bottom part where you add a different address… I even tried filling in that with my address too, but it still wont have any of it. Is there a technical glitch? Or am I the technical glitch? lol

  • catz

    Have just ordered mine and shall wear it especially when on holiday in Devon
    May be lucky to meet fellow Loquax’s
    Can’t wait for it to arrive

  • littleanne

    Got mine this morning ( I got 2 just in case ) they are soooo cute thanks to Jason and Kirsty going Loquax spotting lol

  • tinnykt

    I’m sure you will reach your target of 200 and will be able to donate and support Comic Relief. My badge is hopefully winging its way to me and hopefully Key rings will soon be available too as I am sure they will be popular. Thanks.

  • janewendy

    Mine arrived this morning, thanks for the speedy delivery.

  • adam812

    Got my badge today – thanks


    I love it but I do think it smaller than I suspected £3.75?? a lot of money for what I got? I know about charity dontions etc… I’m not sure??


    I would of hoped it would have been something that loquats could spot each other in a crowd…no way with that…


    a small effort even with postage costs

  • coffecup

    Just found blog ordered mine 12th feb and arrived 14th very good service i shall wear it and thinkof you all

  • kirsty

    WINNINGAWAY, all the feedback we received was that people would prefer a small badge to a large one.

  • valpownall

    Thank you Jason and Kirsty! Just received my lovely shiny badge in this morning’s post and am sat here now wearing it with pride! I actually think it’s a perfect size and being an eagle-eyed comper I’m sure I’ll be on the look out for any Loquax badge wearers when I’m out and about. Excellent quality too! I’ll definitely buy a key ring if you do those in the future.

  • DCLane

    Any more left? I’ve checked but can’t see how to order one!