Loquax Donation To Crisis At Christmas

Posted on: December 9th, 2013 by Jason 4 Comments

As some of you may recall, last year we donated the “price” of our 2012 Advent Calendar competition to Crisis at Christmas. Instead of offering 24 prizes to compers we opted to donate the prize fund in the form of Christmas Meals for people who really need it. Although our advent competition has made a return for 2013, we’ve not forgotten the charity or our pledge to repeat the donation.

Therefore we’re pleased to announce that this year Loquax has donated the cost of 24 Meals (£524.16) to this worthy cause.

The below is an extract from an email received, after making the donation, that explains the charity’s work:

“During Crisis at Christmas, our guests receive so much more than a hot meal and good company, they get the best support, housing and job advice, services and entertainment we can find, plus they get to find out about Crisis year-round services, bringing hope for a better year ahead. When the nine centres close, most will be inspired to see the New Year in a positive way, sure that there are people like you and Crisis to help them transform their lives.”

If you want to find out more, or you would like to donate yourself, then head to Crisis At Christmas.

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  • bristolgirl

    Well done Loquax very generous of you, and a very worthy cause.

  • marymod

    Well done and thank you – think we all sometimes need a kick up the behind to remember those less fortunate. I organised a collection at work for the homeless in our town and was chuffed to collect over 5 large boxes full of stuff. Some people were incredibly generous and the staff at the shelter were so grateful as they have so many needing their help.

  • libra100

    Crisis is such a worthwhile cause.

    Well done Loquax, the money will do so much good.

  • IzzySc

    That was very generous of you – im sure its greatly appreciated by those in need. I’m going to give them a donation too, thanks for the link/video.