Loquax Links Up Competition Promoters with Twitter and Facebook

Posted on: February 2nd, 2010 by Jason 3 Comments

This week we’ve launched some new links for users on the competition listings. Where possible (and updated) we’re now including links to promoters twitter and facebook pages, making it easier for users to become fans or follow the sites that run competitions online. All you have to do is look for the little icons (shown below) and click on them to head to the relevant social networking site.

Facebook and Twitter Links on Loquax

With so many competitions now appearing on Twitter and Facebook these links give users extra resources to locate prize draws. Whilst we try and do as much as we can via our own Loquax Twitter it’s impossible for us to find all giveaways that appear in that system, as much as we’d like too.

It’s important to note that not everyone runs Twitter or Facebook competitions, but many retailers run promotions or offers via their social networking pages. For those of you who enjoy these sites the links give you an opportunity to find and engage with those companies and sites you liked during your comping visits.

Loquax isn’t just about the “compers”, we see our role online as supporting promoters and site owners too.

We think that by adding Twitter and Facebook links we’re now offering them extra promotion and opportunities to pick up extra followers and fans. Not everyone likes signing up for newsletters and so by making it easier for our users to find you socially it’s an extra free benefit for promoters that are listed on Loquax.

We hope, as ever, that this feature is useful and of benefit to the Twitter and Facebook users amongst you.

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  • gypsy1

    thanks jason


    It’s a good way to log into the site, if you are having trouble logging in normally – as I did last night. Noticed more and more promoters are using these now. Easier to log in this way, too.