Loquax The Teenage Years (And More Mugs To Be Won)

Posted on: February 8th, 2011 by Jason 260 Comments

Time flies by when you’re having fun, and most certainly 13 years have flown by since Loquax first went online. It’s actually quite scary to think that we’ve been involved with online competitions for such a long time now. Who’d have thought that a strange little site with an X and Q slapped in it’s name would still be here, under the same management? Myself and Kirsty most certainly didn’t think so!

But we’re still here and we’re celebrating becoming a teenager. The good news is we’re not going to get all stroppy and sulky (some would say we do that already) and we’re not going to be staying out late or playing hotel bedrooms. It’s just going to be more of the same from us.

To celebrate then we’re going to giveaway some prizes. We have 7 of the much coveted Loquax Mugs on offer in this giveaway. Apologies for the same prizes being given away by the way – but we have plenty of them and Kirsty wants her office space back (except it’s going to take a few months to give every one of them away lol).

We’re also going to throw in a couple of extra prizes possibly involving M&M’s Chocolates and possibly involving a bit of personalisation too.

To enter the competition we just want you to post a comment on the blog.

Tell us your favourite comping memory!

If it involves Loquax then even better. Perhaps it was your first win? Or a fun time at a comping meeting? Or a prize holiday you went on? No need for novels, just short and sweet will be fine.

We’ll pick the winners at random from all entries. The closing date is the 22nd February 2011. Usual Loquax terms apply, UK residents only and only one entry per person.

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  • And the winners are harps83, ully, kroga, mackemprincess, Abbi8, mandy4baz and Hels76

    We’re also giving extra prizes to NanaVal, gracejanet and kazcomp – so many great stories and comments, but we picked them for a bonus prize.

  • cpjw

    My favourite was winning a thousand pounds to spend at Timberland (competition posted on here). An awesome time choosing what we wanted from the website and then the joy of a mountain of boxes being delivered!

  • LUCKY321

    my favourite prize was a vip trip to Port Lymphe Animal Park where i got to feed the elephants bananas, went into the baby lions cage and got treated to a lovely lunch too. great day out and brilliant memories.

  • falconer

    I suppose one’s favourite memory is the biggest win. For me, that was £13,000 to spend on the house. We eventually found we could have spent it on anything, but we’d thought so much about how we could have a new bathroom and kitchen fitted, that that’s what we did. The only real fly in the ointment was collecting it, on Valentine’s Day, 2008. We had to travel from our local station to Leamington Spa by train (two changes), for which the company paid, but it was so unbelievably cold that, when we finally got our assets, they were already frozen. And the cheque bounced! Well, not exactly, but there was an irregularity with the signatures, and it took a further two months before we could actually pay it in. For £13,000, I suppose it was worth it, but there was a lot of fretting and worrying involved!

  • caz444

    My best has to be in 2007, in the July I got a call from The Sun to say I had won £10,000! The cheque arrived 4 weeks later, after going through my head all the shopping sprees I was going on…literally walking back from the bank having paid the cheque in I received a call saying I had won £7,000 to spend at my new local shopping center!! was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • falconer

    Just a thought, but are you really going to pick the winner at random, or is there any element of skill involved?

  • clarkmob

    4 years ago I won a trip to Brazil with the daily mirror. 2 days in Rio and 2 days in Buzios. It was fantastic I took my fella along and we saw and did some amazing things. The highlight of the trip was hang gliding from the Urban Jungle mountains and landing on the amazing beach. We were Gliding for about 15mins above Rio the view was unbelievable.

  • trueblonde

    My favourite moment was joining Loquax, and entering loads of different comps, but my most has to be winning my Vauxhall Meriva before Christmas last year, and it was all thanks to Loquax, so thanks and Happy Birthday

  • @falconer – Winners will be chosen at random, but they will have had to answer the question fairly and squarely.

  • DCLane

    Mine has to be the 2nd ITV winning call. After winning £10000 in April 2008 I was sat in my office with some students. I’d warned them that The Independent were calling to do an interview (they never did) when the phone rang. It was ITV with a £12,500 win. I clearly sounded shocked to the students – and had to give all my personal details out. They were warned not to share them! Fortunately, since they were good students and never did. One of them now works for a major competition promoter.

  • aeden

    My first comping win goes way back to 1987. It was a postcard competition out of the Sunday Mirror. It was a weekend in London with first class rail travel, all meals drinks and room service paid for at the hotel, top class tickets to the theatre, a London sightseeing trip and £200 spending money. The prize was worth over £1000 which is a huge sum now but even more then. The only downsude is that we were burgled shortly afterwards and they stole our camera so I never got to see the pictures from the win. But it spurred me on to continue comping and I’m still at it 24 years later!!

  • paulinecnd

    We were sitting outside on a communal table having our first night’s dinner in Turkey. A fellow traveller said he always waited till the last minute to book the holiday so that he paid the least. He asked us what we had paid. Now I wouldn’t normally answer a question like that but he was so smug that I told him “nothing, I won it”. He wouldn’t speak to us again!

  • Storrduf

    My 13 yrs old granddaughter was badly needing a netbook when I won one worth over £300 in a Loquax competition. Loquax is the BEST comping site by far.

  • Kopgirl

    My most memorable win still brings a tear to my eye-tickets to see Steve Earle in concert at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall. I had been trying for years to see him live, am a huge fan-but I was either working away for those dates or tickets were sold out. I could hardly believe it when I got the call from Manchester Food and Drink Festival telling me I’d won. The night itself was memorable – I was heavily pregnant with only a few weeks off my due date and I started getting distinct twinges so had to leave 🙁 I saw on a blog that Steve Earle had mentioned someone walking out at one of his concerts in England and felt terrible! I emailed via his fansite to explain and got a lovely reply-still feel terrible about it though. Thank you to the wonderful Loquat who posted the comp, you really made my dream come true that day.

  • cabincrew73

    My favorite memory was winning VIp Beyonce tickets at the O2 plus a five star weekend for 4 people. We have luxury hotel, meal at the Dorchester, luxury Thames cruise, box at the concert and loads more inc chocolates from Cadburys. I had also won 4 tickets for a west end show and we used that whilst we were there and a £1000 to spend in two shops in London so I used that whilst I was there too! It all fell at the right time!
    Happy Birthday Loquax!

  • ully

    i know ive said this before, but my favourite comping moment was the Dixons Phrase That Pays / win £100. Nothing else comes even remotely close on so many levels, and here’s why;

    -as a marketing strategy i thought it was pretty outstanding; it was unique,targetted, cleverly implemented,and importantly, a whole heap of fun to take part in …i mean when you think, they must have had half the country answering their phones with “Dixons Low Priced Electricals”, you have to wonder how any one else could achieve similar in such a fun way… 🙂

    -And this was where Loquax came into its own I thought, because here we had a place where we could share what was happening when friends, family, colleagues, utilities etc etc (in fact just about anybody but Dixons) called and I can still recall laughing my head off at some of the stories people were relating when others, bar Dixon rang. That created so much shared laughter amongst us…thought it was really really great and truly in the spirit of Loquax / comping..

    and that for me epitomises what Loquax and comping is all about; sharing, having fun and hey, if we win along the way, that’s a bonus 🙂

    I hope Dixons run it again…:)

    happy birthday Loquax-thanks and here’s to many many more. (applause)

  • part-time comper

    I entered via Loquax, to win return business class flights to New York for two. I instantly forgot about it until I got the winning call. I was soo excited that I went and knocked on the doors of my neighbours to tell them and just had to phone my friends and family to share the news.

  • kathrynann

    My favourite memory has to be winning my car from Express newspapers – a forum comp listed by JackieJ in 2007. Still find it unbelievable to think that I won a car from sending a simple email – no skill involved!!

    Loquax has certainly changed my life – I have come to expect the unexpected!!

  • hodsey77

    I remember at school when I was 5 years old (I’m 33 now), we had to paint an Easter picture. I’m not sure what the competition was, but I came second in it and my prize was a £5 gift voucher for Woolworths and I got to present the Mayoress of Stockton with a bouquet of flowers! I still have the painting (Aged 5 years and 4 months, I think it says) and if I do say so myself, it is awesome – two little chickies breaking out of eggs just in time for Easter 😀

  • jazza1

    My first win was my most memorable. I’d been entering competitions for a few months and got absolutely nothing. I remember family and friends started teasing me and I felt so down.

    Then one day I received a cadbury’s creme egg and a £50 cheque in the post. Two wins in one day! They certainy weren’t big wins but I felt amazing and my friends and family stopped laughing at me and started asking me advice about entering competitions!

  • enzina

    I have won amazing prizes over the eight years of Loquax comping. I believe, my favourite memory is the year of dog food prize from Bakers. I entered the code just before 6am. I got so excited, i just love instant comps.

  • laurajayne

    My favourite memory was the shopping spree with personnal shopper at John Lewis in London. My sister and I went, and we had £1000 to spend on ‘fashion’. However the personal shopper was from the style magazine in the newspaper. She kept picking up size 10s when its blatantly obvious I was never going to fit in them. Eventually we managed to talk her in to leaving us to it as she wasnt helping or interested, and we went back round and got the stuff we liked!
    We then sweet talked the Manager of John Lewis to allow us to expand to the perfume and cosmetics.
    It was an absolute fantastic day and I would love to do it all again now Im losing my weight – you never know I may fit into those size 10s one day!!

  • QED

    I have been delighted with the lovely TV I won from the Sun. It has given me years of trouble-free viewing. I would not have known about the comp but for Loquax. (Thanks again, Jason and Kirsty.) But more than that, although I had won, I would not have known about my win after all if it had not appeared on the winning lists in the Loquax forums, pasted there by one of the many loquats who kindly post the winners’ lists. This was because the letter from the Sun informing me of my win had got lost in the post! So I remain grateful both to Loquax and to Loquax’s members.

    Thanks again, everyone.

  • maci234

    have not really had anything much to report about yet comparing to some prizes other people have received ,the odd book and cd no biggies yet hopefully soon

  • lemknip

    My favourite moment was last week, I got a telephone call telling me I’d won Westfield vouchers (ask me in a couple of weeks and SPENDING them may be my new favourite) I was absolutely stunned: shaking, with butterflies in my stomach and when I got off the call could hardly remember what I’d been told!

    I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I got one of those big ITV calls!

  • lizziebr

    My favourite comping moment was of course finding Loquax, but also the great prizes we have won for days out which we would never have done otherwise. We have been to Paultons Park twice and got tickets again for this year, my son and hubbie have been to see Fulham in the FA Cup, Wasps Vs Harlequins at Twickenham and the BTCC at Silverstone and during 2011 we are visiting most of the Merlin attractions including the London Eye as I won 4 annual tickets. We also sit down every night to watch the TV I won via The Sun. You don’t know what you’re going to win month to month but it’s a great hobby. Roll on the next 13 years!

  • flowerbelle

    My favourite comping moment was winning my height in pizzas, which translated to a pizza a week for a year! We used to think up different toppings each week, and made a party out of it.

  • karende

    One of my favourites is my first holiday win! I received a letter from News International saying that I had won a prize in their 21 Grams competition and my prize would be with me within 28 days. I had thrown the Sun TV magazine away so didn’t know what the prize was – I commented to my husband that I would know what the prize was when I saw my name in the magazine, whilst thinking it was bound to be a DVD. Two weeks down the line, I remember vividly standing in the checkout queue at Tesco, opening the magazine and seeing my name against the Holiday to Memphis prize – I was so excited that I phoned my husband there and then! Comping is a great hobby and Loquax is a great site, so happy birthday long may you continue!

  • JILL

    favourite comping memory! apart from winning quite a few nice prizes myself, what always sticks in my memory is listening to Virgin radio when moomimmel won her car .. “I think I’m gonna cry” ended up being a jinngle for the comp.

  • pokerfacelilmonster

    i remember my first competiton i won when i was 11 years old – it was a sequin art (decorating kit) i was so excited and bought loads of them for years later!
    every prize is great though!
    Happy 13th birthday

  • Bev71

    My first ever internet win is my favourite memory. It was a case of marmalade and it was the first every competition I had entered online – it set off an addiction!

  • Starbuck

    My favourite memory is winning an iPod, about 7 or 8 years ago. My DD was desperate for one, but we had a rule that expensive things had to be saved for, or she had to wait for her birthday or Christmas. When I look back that was cruel, because her birthday is only a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was lovely to be able to give her the iPod, I’ll always remember the look on her face.

  • Hels76

    My favourite win is when I won tickets to go see England play at Wembley. Now being the nicest daughter and wife that I am I gave the tickets to my Dad and Husband. Dad being a big football fan had never been to Wembley and was absolutely over the moon to be able to go. So although I won the prize it gave me so much pleasure to see my Dad so happy. I’ve won cash for us and prizes for the house etc but without doubt seeing the pleasure from my dad has been the best prize yet.

  • welsh34

    My faourite comping memory isn’t my biggest win but my funniest. I won a family ticket to see Spiderman 2, including drinks and popcorn. A film my son who I think was 10 at the time really wanted to see. Being a one child family I told him he could bring a friend but none of his friends could make it so we went just the 3 of us. Didn’t want to waste a child ticket so let someone in the cinema have it. Got the popcorn not relalising how much of it there would be. The tubs were massive. OH doesn’t like popcorn and we couldn’t give it away so me and my son were left with 4 massive tubs. We must have been munching on it for a week.

  • lutonhatter

    Happy Birthday Loquax

    Fav. competition memories, can’t pick one out, but every time a deliverly person turns up with a large box addressed to me and I have no idea what to expect within.

  • rai

    My first win, and yes it was through loquax. Until then I still sort of thought comping was a con especially with big national companies – I mean who would ever know if they ever actually picked any real winners or gave any prizes. And then I had my first win, a halloween dvd from the daily mirror (a nice big company). I couldn’t believe and was so chuffed that all day I had to keep picking it up and smile like a dinlo.
    And that was it – hooked and been here ever since.

  • tweaky

    Coming back from holiday and getting a flat tyre on the way home, was made less painful by a £200 chq waiting on the doormat

  • bertykat

    There have been lots but I guess the best was one of my first wins, 2 tickets to see West Ham v Sunderland and I stayed at home. Bradley was only 7 and it was the first time he’d been to London on the train, he met lots of cool fans, went in the press box and saw Sven Goran Eriksson. Before home they went into London and saw some sights. Bradley came back exhausted full of tales of the day. He’s nearly 16 now and still has fond memories. Brilliant!

  • sandra63

    Has to be winning a romantic Marriott break – I took my husband down to their hotel near Southampton and we had a marvellous time with all food and some spa treatments thrown in. Pure indulgence. Thank you Loquax couldn’t have done it without you!

  • mattsmum2005

    My fave comping memory was just last November when I won £200 and treated myself to a netbook so I can do more comps 🙂

  • splatky

    my best comping memory was a holiday I won via loquax from Metro. We were celebrating on the beach in Florida that hurricane Ike had passed us by & were sunning ourselves!

  • ladette

    my favourite win via loquax was my luxury trip to south africa, from grazia magazine. finding loquax 10 years ago was the best thing i’ve done online. i’m just sorry i missed your 1st 2 years.
    happy birthady and keep up the great work

  • googoodoll

    Being pretty new to comping I haven’t had any really memorable things happen yet. Although I suppose yesterday when I thought I’d won a Galaxy Tab counts. So exciting, but it was not to be. 🙁

  • daisybeebee

    My best comping memory was having the courage to post on the forum. I’d never done that anywhere before ( being shy aawww:) ) and was very nervous. Little did I know it would lead to some wonderful comper friendships which mean the world to me. So thank you Loquax , your site is not just about winning x

  • hollyx

    My favourite comping memory is the one that gave me the most pleasure. I won a Fanta Wii game room – remember them??? I’d seen the comp posted on Loquax & entered religiously every day. I got the phone call when I was in hospital having some pretty painful treatment & it made me feel 100% better.

  • maywin

    My fondest memory is taking my father to Barcelona in a competition I won in 1998.Sadly he passed away 5 months ago . But I will always have this memory of the time we shared .

  • lorenza

    My first ever competiton win was an album by the Bee Gees, I didn’t even like them but my mum did so she was happy. But I’ll never forget that win because it spurred me on and I have won many better prizes since.

  • sharronannb

    My favourite memory is a very recent one – winning tivkets to go to the ballet in Aberdeen, from a post in the local forum on Loquax. I took my daughter, and the two of us had a ball, just sepnding time together. She says its the best “holiday” shge has ever had!

  • marymod

    What lovely comments from everyone. Think my favourite memory is winning a wii from The Telegraph – it was a phone in comp that was posted by Area and it arrived just before Xmas – a lovely prize that all the family loved and not something that we could have justified buying. Also loved the £2k that I won from Stuff to spend on gadgets – having to spend all that money was such fun and we just had to think about what we’d like, not what we need for once. Thank you loquax and loquats.

  • mandy4baz

    My first win after only 2 weeks on Loquax, never won anything before and I won my dream prize… Wait for it – BARRY MANILOW tickets. Most of you will shudder at the thought but Loquax you did make my dream come true.. xx

  • julie-j

    My favourite comping memory is from a few years ago, my son’s Nintendo DS had broken, he has Aspergers and it was a huge deal to him, and I was trying really hard to win a new one. Then one morning I got my first ever WTC it was from the Fanta comp saying I’d won a DS Lite, I was so happy I was running up and down the room for ages afterwards like a mad woman, and my son was over the moon.
    Thanks for a great site because if I hadn’t discovered Loquax I would never have won many of the prizes I’ve since received. Happy Birthday!

  • rosie42

    My favourite memory is receiving the wem from Loquax telling me I was the winner of the giant duck in your advent competition
    Happy Birthday Loquax!

  • Neil2

    My favourite memory keeps on running,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Finding this group of like minded people, Thank you Loquax for bringing us altogether

  • clairep0179

    After only a month or so of using Loquax I was lucky enough to win a short break at the lovely Gleneagles Hotel! It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and now I will have the chance.

  • pablo

    My favourite comping memory is my first online wem – for an Opodo lilo back in June 2002 – it meant that the hours of registering for sites (through Loquax) pre-broadband weren’t in vain. Unfortunately the lilo came to a sad end when I bashed it into the side of a pool but that is another story

  • janewendy

    I’ve had so many lovely comping moments since I joined loquax it’s hard to pick just one. But my favourite memory has to be when I won a dishwasher, I’d wanted one for so long.

  • babesandbrats

    My favourite comping memory was a VIP trip to Celtic Park. It was just before Christmas so everyone was in a festive mood. My husband and I enjoyed a fantastic meal, all we could drink……., excellent seats for the match and a backstage tour and chance to go onto the pitch! Fabulous day 🙂

  • alliejenkins

    my moment was last summer when i got the message from jaffa cakes that i had won a wii…was so excited, i hit my boyfriend to wake him up, then the next morning i won a ds from a packet of choccy digestives, and hit him again…that was the end of me being allowed to get in some early morning comping under the duvet.
    thanks loquax, for all you do, and happy birthday!!

  • susanms

    My favourite comping memory is most definately flying to New York on CONCORD.
    I won the prize in a supermarket slogan competition. Not many of those about now adays. This was pre-loquax around 17 years ago.

  • cheggers2000

    Although big wins are nice, sometimes wins that would be difficult to buy are the best.
    My favourite was a trip to see Twelfth Night at the RSC (my first ever Shakespeare).
    As well as seeing the play, we got to talk to one of the actors and the theatre critic from the Guardian, and have a bite to eat with them.
    We didn’t half feel intelligent like – know what I mean guv !

  • jjbeagrie

    My favorite was when I was eating dinner as my wife prepared to go out to bingo with my mum & I was listening to our local Radio station Northsound 1 as they had laptops up for grabs.
    She kept saying I was wasting my time & had no chance of winning, just as she left to go to the car I got a call back & supplied the winning answers to bag the Sony Vaio I’m tapping this on at the moment.
    Her face when she came home emptied handed to her of my luck was a picture.

  • athenajm

    I think my favourite prize was a holiday to Tenerife and La Gomera that I won 2 years ago. I’d been made redundant and there was no way I could even consider a holiday, my best friend was in a similar position as her hours had been cut. We ended up having a great time in 2 stunning hotels which was exactly what we needed at the time.
    Loquax has helped me win so many prizes over the years, this site is awesome and long may it continue!!

  • fluffywhite

    The Best comping memory i have was when i had the phone call from ITV (in October 2010) saying i’d won £15,000. I was sat as normal entering my daily comps on loquax when my mobile rang. When i eventually answered and was told how much i’d won – i started to cry! It was amazing and will never forget it.

  • santacat

    Well time has flown – loquax is 13 and I’ve been logging in for almost 8 of them….
    My favourite win a weekend in Amsterdam with football tickets included for the Amsterdam Cup. The weekend it had to be taken was my husband’s birthday and as he was out of work at the time it couldn’t have come at a better moment…But I love all my wins big or small – there is always the hope that the post contains something other than a bill!

  • Demonica

    Winning (and spending) £500 John Lewis vouchers from Tickbox – we went up to Edinburgh for my birthday and shopped till we dropped, it was a really fab weekend, made all the more special because I got loads of free stuff and treated my family. I love comping! 🙂

  • gracejanet

    my favourite comping prize was christmas eve about 4 years ago, i’d got out of a violent marriage been rehoused in a horrible area and was struggling to survive on benefits christmas looked bleak. then in the week before christmas i won a laptop, perfect for daughter and a xbox perfect for youngest son but hadn’t managed to win anything or by much for my then 16 year old who had had a break down that year and for who things were really tough. then at 5.30pm christmas eve the doorbell rang and a UPS driver was there with a top of the range digital camera, perfect as my son was to study photography the following year. the results of comping really made our christmas special that year!

  • gallweym

    For me, I think the best thing about Loquax/comping is the forum. You can get involved as much or as little as you want, and the threads are so varied. I love posting about wins, obviously, but I enjoy reading about them too, especially about holiday wins, red carpet, VIP money can’t buy stuff. I also enjoy entering and running U2Us. I love what Loquats will do for one another, within hours of posting about not hearing from a promoter about a win a fellow Loquat contacted them via Facebook and Twitter……two emails from me, nowt……couple of nicely worded comments from fluffy, my holiday win was confirmed and booked!

    Happy Birthday Loquax!!! Thank you for offering these opportunities to us all xx

  • Footpather

    I could say winning £5000 worth of prizes from Real Radio is my favourite memory and that was absolutely fantastic but I think that even better than that are the friends I have made through comping. I am in a comping club that meets up every six weeks and we have such a laugh. We’ve also spent days away at comping events and even weekends away. The funniest was going to Cadbury World after Big Brum and four of us squeezing into a cocoa pod for a a ride around the fairy like land.

  • Ennill1

    As you said, doesn’t time fly! I remember asking Jason (in the early days when we had a chat room) what his ‘proper’ job was! I thought the site was something he did in his spare time…. I’m glad we don’t have the chat room any more, I spent too much time reading forums as it is, but we did have some good ‘parties’ in there! Anyone else remember them?

    The early days were good for winning – I hadn’t discovered Loquax more than about 3 weeks when the postie called with a registered letter (my first thought was “Oh, I must be in trouble to get a registered letter) but it was £500 worth of vouchers (I can’t remember the store – Wallis I think).

    I didn’t tell OH about it until we went shopping and after I had been in the changing rooms for ages and came out with a pile of clothes he asked “Anything you liked?” “Yep, ALL of these”. I thought he was going to have a heart attack and he asked “How much money do you want?” in a v quiet voice, as he’d gone a bit pale, I confessed then.

  • karen22

    Mine was winning tickets to the Eclipse Premiere last summer, walking the red carpet with my daughter and her seeing all her friends queing outside and calling her name while we walked in to the cinema, she said it was the best day of her life and comping provided it!

  • julsey

    I’ve been lucky with my wins over the years, but I think that winning tickets to see The Who on their reunion tour was a highlight. It was also something good I could do for my brother who is a big fan.

    I have to say that sharing my wins has been a real plus to my hobby, my family have had a lot of joy too.

  • luckyellie

    My fav memory was a Saturday morning last July when I received a letter from Channel Five about my Fifth Gear car win. The letter didn’t actually say I’d won, just that they had been trying to contact me and included a photocopy of my postcard entry. I was straight onto Loquax to ask for any views! I was so excited but trying not to be as I didn’t have it confirmed until the Monday morning but remember so clearly all the lovely comments and advice given my fellow loquaxers! x

  • lebeeuk

    My favourite memory was when I won the first leg of the Shell Round The World Challenge back in 2006, I’d entered the competition from the Loquax site in the January & thought to myself – I’ve got to remember to go back to enter the other legs when they opened – needless to say I forgot! Because of the nature of the competition it was several months before the winners were announced, by which time I’d duly forgotten all about it! At first I thought I’d won one of the runner up prizes but it turned out I was the closest on the first leg & has won over £2,500 in Shell vouchers. The really scarey thing though was that they arrived in a standard letter size envelope which was slightly ripped containing my prize in unidentifiable £10 vouchers….so lucky there were all still there! It was great – I didn’t have to pay for fuel for nearly two years….woohoo

  • Janetf

    My favourite memory is when the local radio station called me up one morning & saidI had wan a chinese meal for 6 people. To claim my prize I had to be interviewed on the radio. I didn’t know what to say & was so nervous.

  • Silvercrest

    My most memorable win was when I first started comping, I won a selection of web design books for my OH, he asked me to enter and got very excited when I told him I won. We had recently just moved, so when claiming the prize I accidentally entered in the wrong address. By the time I realised my mistake it was too late, feeling bad about it I bought him the books and told him the prizes arrived. Shortly after I told him the truth and now we just laugh about it.

  • RonManager

    My favourite memory is my first memory of comping… winning a cuddly Orinoco from a colouring competition in the Wombles annual 1976. If I hadn’t won that I probably wouldn’t be a comper today.

  • niknaknoo1982

    My favourite comping memory has to be my first win in Nov’ 10, and what got me hooked on comping! It was a facebook comp and someone had asked ‘who won’ and the page owner mentioned me,stating that i was lucky…then later that day, announced someone else as winner, i was shocked, started a bit of a fuss with help of friends, but did get the prize in the end 100 pounds vouchers as well as the other winner.

  • katgit

    My favourite moment was my 1st win – a year’s subscription to ‘Ancestry.Com’…..the day after I’d just PAID for a year’s subscription!!

  • bcm

    winning a meal out just at the same time as our wedding anniversary, we had a lovely time.

  • suroben

    My favourite memory is of a ‘phone call to say I’d won a kitchen from ITV. When I said thank you but I’ve already been told about it she said I had won it again the following day. If lightning strikes twice again I really hope it’s the big one from This Morning then the Daybreak or Loose Women comps. That would really be life changing. Meantime I’d love a Loquax mug please. : )

  • ianian

    The Heinz 100 car giveaway comp, so many winners, I did not win myself but at least you new you had a great chance to win the most prized prize for a comper a car. 🙂

  • jacquelinec

    My favourite win was a trip to Los Angeles, all expenses paid . I got to meet David Beckham, see LA galaxy play , and went to Hollywood.

  • kroga

    My memory is not about a win, but about a chat with a friend who entered comps…we had the usual conversation about being in it to win it and I suddenly realised why I was one of those people who never win anything….because I never entered anything. I found Loquax and haven’t looked back since. Have had a few successes, pre-Loquax and post-Loquax. It’s a great hobby and a great community. Happy 13th Birthday Loquax – here’s to the next 13!

  • Patterry

    I don’t think my fondest memeory was winning the car, but the letter I got from Sainsbury’s to say I had won a weekend in Paris, and said itinery overleaf. Well overleaf were the magic words, Fly first class by Concorde!!

  • OnesAndTwos

    My most memorable win was a Sylvanian families house and two families to live in it, I won it via a colouring competition when I was 8. More recently I loved the week in Rome which was fabulous.


    Having a phone call saying that i have won £1000 and can spend it on what i like.It went towards a new fence in my front garden and some on our summer holiday.

  • megcharlish

    A wonderful memory of my win of a break to Boston USA, I took my daughter and everything was marvellous, right down to the smallest detail. Even went to the ‘Cheers Bar’ (Where everyone know’s your name)

  • tractor girl

    My favourite comping memory was about 10 years before i joined Loquax. I saw a promotion on Club chocolate bars to win a Vitara. I was convinced i’d win! bought tons of Orange Club bars…and guess what? – i didn’t win! 😆 Which also reminds me….Nutrigrain Bars! :yuck: – i didn’t win with those either! 😆

  • shelly1967

    My favourite comping memory is the first time i ever won after joining Loquax it was 10 face masks in a very unusual plastic box and to this day I dont know where I won them from. Have since used the face masks but still got the box, it makes me smile every time I see it.

  • adrisco

    I won £1,500 in a crossword competition – my son is getting married abroad in August, and this will help hugely!

  • sue1214

    My favourite comping memory was December 2009. I received an email saying I had won a 42″ tv with surround sound home cinema, from UKTV. I thought it was a scam until it arrived at my door. What an awesome prize! I won this prize through a link on here too : )

  • richnpauline

    many years ago, i won a quarter size snooker table in a postcard competition, i still have the table and my 23 year old son still uses it.

  • piemur

    hi i’ve been with you for a while butnot won until recently when i won an advent comp for amazon vouchers enjoyed spending them very much thanks i have retweeted too

  • littleanne

    M favourite memory was winning £2,500 worth of goodies on the Fossil Give Joy comp we got 2 prizes a month (one for me and one for OH) for a year!!! Lot’s of lovely things which we shared with friends and family.But the best thing for me is the people we have had great times at comping day’s and also had some very good advice and help from all so a big thank you for this great hobby and friendship

  • sian_raven

    My best comping memory was when I won a holiday to Jamaica exactly a week after I got married, so we got to have a wonderful honeymoon that would never have been able to have otherwise.

  • Scampbeast

    So hard to choose. It could be when I had an unexpected delivery of a plasma TV in 2004, worth £5000 at the time. I had changed my email address so I didn’t get the notification of the prize. It was so hard keeping my mind on work that day.
    Generally I think of all the times my husband has phoned me to say I have a delivery and ask if he can open it to see what I have won, he likes to see if it is something he likes so he can claim it first. I am just waiting for my son to be old enough to think the same way.

  • Loupri

    My favourite comping memory is taking my kids on a short break win to Oasis (now Center Parcs). We all had a really fantastic time and wouldn’t have been able to afford to go otherwise, they all still have good memories of it 🙂

  • kevinwj

    My best memory is ongoing. It’s of all the smiles stored as snapshots in my memory of the looks on my kids faces when I win anything for them.

  • layla1979

    My favourite prize was winning a weekend trip to Euro Disney, It was our first family holiday and my little Ruby’s first Holiday

  • nannyt

    It has to be the day I received a letter from Radio Times saying I had won £1000.

  • robinw

    my favourite competition memory is of winning a very large Easter Egg, with thorntons chocolates, in a basket. I couldn’t justify spending money on anything like that for myself but I really enjoyed eating it. The basket was recycled with fruit in as a thank you gift for staff at a hospital that treated my mother.

    I have won bigger prizes but that was the first.

  • Jaz246t

    my best comping moment is when I won my nokia phone, through one of the competitions posts. I was so on edge to they rung to confirm my address.

  • libra100

    My favourite memory is winning a fabulous prize from Comet, entered through Loquax, which I almost threw away!

    I received a large envelope along with a brochure through the post. Almost on the point of stuffing in the recycling bin along with all the other rubbsh, I just spotted the word ‘Congratulations’. The prize was for a £1000 cooker including hob, to be chosen from the Comet brochure enclosed.

    A brilliant surprise which I almost threw in the bin. Moral – always check your mail, you never know what it contains!

  • area

    My favourite comping memory is winning a flight in a Tiger Moth for my husband. He also flew the plane for a while. When he landed he was like a kid at Christmas – he just looked so chuffed! Comping does give us great experiences.

  • kellyjo19

    hi… Ive only been comping for 3 weeks so far but ive won 3 items… 1 no7 mascara, some gordons cereal and a thriller book set…loved reading all these comments on the big wins…lots of money won and cars etc … wounder if im ever gonna be that lucky? x

  • juwarot

    I was fortunate enough to take my father back to Egypt, where he had served in WW2, but this time on a day trip via Concorde. He was featured in the local paper, and never stopped talking about his trip for the rest of his life.

  • jearund

    I have so many! But I think my favourite was getting a phone call on my birthday one year to say we’d won a holiday to Tenerife with the Sunday Express (which was wonderful) – and another year on my husband’s birthday we got a phone call to say I’d won a 40″ TV (which we were really delighted with as we’d been saving up for a new TV at the time). Birthdays seem to be our lucky charm!

  • cmcblain

    My favourite prize is a ipod touch which I gave to my husband

  • vicky66

    A Karaoke machine, just at the beginning of the kids 6 week summer holiday, didn’t know weather to laugh or cry !

  • DiClarkio

    My favourite comping memory is my first win, winning £250 on Channel 5’s Brainteaser by entering online, this first win inspired me to try my hand at other competitions and has led to a wide range of different prizes and things that I would otherwise never have done including meeting Rod Stewart.

  • helenwarrener

    i would say my best comping memory was when i had my 2nd tv win and i decided to give it to my mum and dad who are pensioners my mum was so thrilled she gave me a massive hug and then proceeded to hug my hubby and anyone who knows my mum will know she doesn’t do cuddles as such so i knew i had made her day that is a memory i will treasure forever and it’s thanks to loquax and all the posters

  • flumpypup

    My favourite was when I took a winning phonecall at work for a trip to Hong Kong. Everyone knew I entered comps and they could guess by what I was saying that I had one something big. The whole office went quiet as they all eagerly listened in, trying to figure it out. When I put the phone down, I calmly said “I think I’m going to Hong Kong” and the office erupted in congrats. I was allowed to leave early too, I don”t think they thought I would do much work after that 🙂

  • greig23

    my best memory is skiing in california at lake tahoe with my mum in 2003, it was a fab holiday and i loved every minute of it. Its the place i woule have never have though of going to! i dream of going back. Only comping brings you this kind of memories!

  • spandy2011

    well tbh ive never won any competition so it would be nice to win a mug then i could put it was my fave comping moment lol 🙂

  • Emmasophie

    I remember when I first found Loquax and thought it looked complicated so didn’t really use it properly – certainly didn’t even attempt the tracker! I entered a couple of competitions and within months I had a WEM telling me I could choose £50 of stuff from amazon and to provide them with a wish list. The comp was to subscibe to the newsletter of a credit company and not the sort of place I would have found under my own steam. The company suggested I thank Loquax and notify them of my win – it was only at that point I began to explore Loquax and found the forum and eventally with all the helpand guidance I found a friendly community and a site that I now visit on an lomost daily basis and one I wouldn’t be without. Thank you Loquax and Happy 13th Birthday!

  • MountainAsh

    My favourite memory was opening my first prize win of Peter Rabbit goodies, the box was enormous. My stepdaughter was pregnant with our first Grandchild, Joanne didn’t stop squealing at everything for ages. She then spent the next few hours phoning everyone she knew to tell them about the prize. Peter Rabbit has been well chewed and strangled over the last few months.lol! My entry was via Loquax of course, thank you soooooo much!!!!

  • locky_uk_2000

    My best comping memory was when I entered a competition for a birthing pool, which I would have put outside and used as a fun swimming pool. I didn’t win.

  • gallweym

    Just realised not actually answered the original question….fave comping memory…….bored one friday night, googled my name as you do, bored trawling through all the normal search results, yawn yawn……only to see I’d won a trip to New York. After a few moments of caution I finally emitted a blood curdling scream and shouted my husband…..the speed at which he shot out the room I think he thought I’d seriously hurt myself and needed to call an ambulance!

  • selotape

    Favourite comping memory – from so many?? Actually, it was finding Loquax after googling and trying search engines and buying into magazines that promised that earth! Loquax gave me every thing I wanted … and then so much more – who can ignore the camaraderie, the help, the support, the sharing of elation and dissapointments?? Thanks Jason and Kirsty, quacking crack!!

  • lightfran

    I have lots of fantastic comping memories; thanks to Loquax 🙂 … my first comping win sticks in my mind the best. After three months of comping religiously, every night I finally won something … a beany hat and a belt embalzoned with ‘Blazing Saddles’ (the band). It was only a small win, but the fact that all my efforts and ‘keeping the faith’ that I would win something had finally paid off out a huge grin on my face which stayed their for days!

  • Polarbear

    My best win has to be the Alan Titchmarsh £10,000, plasma tv and cinema dvd player. daughter thought i was having a heart attack as i went so pale while on the phone. lol.
    My very first win was as a child, i won a “digital” clock radio alarm (by digital they meant the numbers weont round on a spindle lol) and then circus tickets, both from our local evening newspaper, sadly now defunct.
    I enjoyed winning prizes for my children as they grew up, the joy on their faces as an unexpected parcel turned up for them was a wonder to behold.
    Now i enter for our step grandchildren who are over the moon when anything suddenly arrives for them, they have never received prizes from competitions before, so i feel i am giving them an extra dimension in their life with a little extra prize now and again.
    Over the years we have won many many prizes all via loquax, some of the other better ones have been the trips to amsterdam (dfds comps) as it gives our daughter, now living in holland, the chance to travel up from south holland for a meet up, precious moments indeed.
    I have been around on loquax, in one guise or another, for almost all of loquaxes 13 years and remember it from the very early days, with a great fondness and love for my favourite website, and despite my apparent “cheeky jibes” at jason- mostly on the “can you help” thread, i have great respect and admiration for him (and none of it is intended maliciously, i hope its all taken in the fun spirit with which it is intended) and kirsty and of course the mods for their dedication to keeping loquax going all this time. I’d be quite lost if ever we were to lose it, when isp’s or servers go down, no internet access, means no loquax and its a nightmare of the worst kind. 🙁
    Long Live Loquax!!!

  • dynamicdragon75

    Some of my greatest comping moments have to be the lovely people I’ve ‘met’ through Loquax. Yes, the wins definitely make you feel on top of the world (and probably my favourite one would have to be when I won vouchers from tickbox which meant we all had a really nice Christmas when I didn’t really have much money, or an overnight stay which meant I got to spend some quality time with my daughter), but it’s the people that ALWAYS make me feel like a winner, every time I log on.

    Thank you so much Jason, Kirsty and EVERYONE who makes Loquax the place to be – Happy Birthday!

  • samarie

    my favorite memory is my first win, ok so it was only a soft toy but it hooked my interest and I am still entering comps!

  • dayslikethese

    Crickey! Difficult to say just one best memory, lots of wins have been special for a variety of reasons. The first ever win I had was from Good to Know site will of course always be special. But winning the Ipod Nano a week before Christmas, when we were going through so much stress, OH in hospital, me finishing the relationship with my mum. The win was a little chink of light in what was a completely gloomy time.

  • rogerwalter

    My best comping memory was winning my first big prize: a laptop and mobile phone combo. This was waaaay back in the mid-1990s – so the laptop proudly ran Windows 95; and the mobile was one of the first around.The best thing was you could plug the phone into the laptop (via a special modem card) and surf the (infant!) internet from anywhere. In those days this was magic made real!

  • Nostradamus

    My favourite comping memory, i was going to put my money cant buy win of john reynolds taking me round silverstone on a hair raising ride, which was thanks to loquax posting. but realised thats more a prize memory than comping.

    so my favourite comping memory was after i had been using the site a few months i finally discovered the forums, and at the time elvy was going through some troubles and as i read through the thread with all the support and offers of help i was really touched by the lovely people on the forum, and knew this was the place for me. so becoming part of the best comping community is the best memory for me.

    (sorry for waffling)

  • ccaple

    It would have to be one of 3 things which it’s hard to choose between, but I think it must the trip to the world cup, France 98 which I went on with my son when he won the prize of being ball boy at a world cup match. We stayed at Disneyland Paris, and every single thing was paid for. They gave us spending money, but there was nothing to spend it on!

  • freakfire

    I won an FCUK £250 gift card not long ago, just in time to pick something for my work Xmas do. Good times! : )

  • DianeA

    My best comping memory is a competition I entered many years ago. It was a tiebreaker comp and I won first prize, a car. It was my very first time at writing a tiebreaker and I couldn’t believe I had actually won. One of the senior members of the car company actually rang me up and asked me to repeat the slogan on the phone to him. He said it was brilliant, though I was embarrassed at the time. I have never stopped comping since. It’s the best hobby in the world.

  • Lesley40

    I have lots of comping memories, but one I remember is when I won a Xmas Hamper and it arrived on Xmas Eve. It was such brilliant timing and the looks on my family’s faces when I opened it was amazing. I still have the wicker hamper in the loft, although its contents have long been eaten.
    Thank you Loquax and Happy Birthday.

  • cath000

    my favourite comping moment has got to be my 1st win, the excitement and realisation that i could actually win comps was brilliant, and it was only a bottle of fake tan but I was soooooo pleased.
    congrats loquax and keep up the good work

  • Lucy120606

    Got to be my 1st/2nd win, only comp I did was the crossword in TV Choice every week, then one day I won!! Issue 27 £500! I call to confirm so they could send the chq and a week later I got a letter, thinking it contained the cheque but “You have won £500 in crossword competition Issue 29! I couldn’t believe it surely a mistake but I called them and it was right I had won another £500! £1000 in 2 weeks you can imagine my excitment and to be honest I have addicted ever since!

  • mackemprincess

    My favourite comping moment was deffinitely when I received a call from the Sun telling me I had won a all expensives trip to New York which was in a competition promoting the new film Hitch at the time! Oh my word I couldn’t believe it, was over the moon and had the best trip ever! Now just gotta do it again! Oh yes competition was found through Loquax! :o)

  • Rara

    My favourite comping memory is winning the Loquax Duckart canvas that sits on a shelf above my pc.

  • tabithacat

    My favorite would be when Penguin books emailed me with ‘congratulations you have won a trip to Iceland!’

  • k359329

    I’ve only been seriously comping recently but I’ve always been into entering competitions – no big wins so far but my best comping memory was constantly winning the prizes from a kids magazine – I forget it’s name, but I must have been the only kid who entered them – best prize was a Back to the future boxset!

  • NanaVal

    I’ve had a few good wins over the years, but the very best of all was the phone call from ITV with the news that I’d won a trip to the Spanish F1 Grand Prix! 🙂 This really nice lady was going on and on about Barcelona and F1 and hotels and I honestly thought she was trying to sell me tickets – me and my suspicious mind! It took a few minutes for me to realise what she was telling me, then I thought it was somebody having a joke, and the last thing on my mind was that I could have actually won a trip!!! My hubby was lost for words for once! It had been his life-long dream to go on such a trip and it took a while for him to understand why I was charging around our little office like an idiot screeching and jumping up and down! It was a really fantastic trip and we had a brilliant weekend in Barcelona, grandstand seats on the start/finish line for the qualifiers and the race, lovely hotel in the middle of Barcelona and were so very well looked after all weekend. It was amazing! And free! All thanks to Loquax!!! Would never have done it without you, and would never have had so many opportunities! Thanks so much Loquax, and happy 13th and may there be many more! 🙂

  • icingoccasions

    Congrats to Loquax on 13 years of fun for all who have joined you. I may have not won a single thing on this site, but I have made some good friends already in such a short time and many more i have no doubt. Have another 13 years of the same, best of luck in all you do. Now, i got to go, cos I am trying to win a most urgently needed Holiday. from icingoccasions

  • dianebelcher

    Lots of wonderful prizes over the years, but my favourite is a money can’t buy trip to the Coronation St. set in Manchester. I was treated like royalty, sat in Rover’s Return and bought home some Newton& Ridley’s beer and a pint pot which I still drink out of.

  • baconbap

    When I won £4000 of sainsburys vouchers – got the letter and thought I’d won a recipe book to start with.

  • susiemc

    I won with phones4U daily advent competition, the safe opened as normal & I expected pants or a brick and got an X Box! Made a great prezzie for my daughter who up ’till then was only going to get a few CD’s.

  • tizliz

    I won a car from a competition posted here on Loquax, it was then that I realised it really was a serious site and that people really did post competitions that you could win big on. The only shame is that it is becoming a distant memory and prizes are getting few and far between.

  • Sexy5555

    Mine was winning a laptop as a prize from selwood housing for paying rent regularly for years! Had my photo taken and put in their mag!

  • 3grandchildren

    My favourite comping memory is the first three months of 2004. I won a stay at a hotel in Llandeilo and lunch with the lovely Katherine Jenkins, people still talk to me about it. I also won £2000 in the Pembrokeshire Lottery, a trip to Milan, and a stay at a Marriott Hotel. That was a golden period and although still successful I will always remember those couple of months

  • casanunda100

    Way, way back when I was about 10 I entered a Heinz competition to identify sporting items from unusual angles. I WON! My first ever win was a fishing rod and reel. I have been comping ever since but that first one always remains the best memory. The bug had bitten me. <3

  • dmon

    i’ve enjoyed many small wins over the years with loquax, nothing spectacular like a car or a holiday has come my way yet but i still live in hope!…a flurry of wins in one week springs to mind: £15 i-tunes vouchers, then a £10 one, a pure evoke dab radio and then to top it off, an i-pod touch and portable speaker with a docking station which came in handy for the vouchers!…happy birthday loquax! many thanks to jason, kirsty and anyone else involved in the running of the site, and lots of luck to all fellow loquaxians!

  • norpet

    I’d been entering competitions for a couple of months. I’d been finding them on my own. One site I was on listed different competition forums. The first I tried was Loquax – and I’ve been here ever since. I never ever did look at the other sites! (and I’m not gonna bother now). ;o)

  • hellcat30

    My favourite comp memory was winning £500. I wasn’t expecting it and we were so skint at the time, that when i opened the envelope i started crying. I rang my husband at work and he couldn’t make a word of sense out of me I was in such a state. Funnily enough I have won a couple of bigger prizes since, but have never reacted in the same way.

  • chickster

    My favourite coming memory was winning a trip to New York whilst I was a student and being able to go on the trip for my 21st Birthday, which was a great way to celebrate it.

  • silverbird

    Favourite comping memory has to be getting a letter to say I’d won £500 from a magazine forum competition posted on Loquax. I actually cried. It made such a difference at a very difficult time.

  • lspiff

    I won a gorgeous pair of shepskin boots after only three weeks on Loquax. The snow was thick on the ground and my feet were always nippy after walking the dogs – the boots put paid to that! It was my first win and really cheered me up!
    Thank You Loquax – keep up the good work

  • lorrs1958

    My favourite is also one of my funniest I was at work when my husband phoned to tell me that some of my prizes from Mars had come. Doesn’t seem funny I know but my phone was still on speaker having just finished a conference call, we’re in an open plan office and the convesation went like this;-
    “Balls”. “What?”. “They’re in a sack. You’ve got balls lots of them”. “PARDON!”, “Your Balls are in a sack and there’s lots. They’re from Mars”.
    By which time I was beetroot and the rest of the office was in stitches as were my two sons who were at home with my husband at the time. I hung-up.

  • mercury3

    After seeing the film Chicago I entered every competition I could find on Loquax to try to win the CD soundtrack as I loved the music so much. A few months later the postman delivered a parcel which contained not only the CD soundtrack but the DVD as well. I was over the moon. Then I read the accompanying letter which told me that I had also won 5 nights to the city of jazz – Chicago with £250 spending money. We had a fantastic holiday visiting the John Hancock Observatory, Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium, The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (trading in orange juice and pork bellies just like Trading Places – really fascinating) and taking a fabulous Chicago River boat cruise.

  • JOANNA33

    My favourite win has been my break at Bluestone Holiday Park. I won it the day after my father in law passed away suddenly and we went just after the funeral. We took my mother in law and we had a lovely relaxing time in Tenby, a place where they had always wanted to go but never got round to – remember live for the moment as life is too short, enjoy every win big or small x x

  • luckytc

    My favourite comping memory isn’t just a win, but the actual discovery of Loquax! A friend introduced me and I was so pleased to find all the comps I’d ever need listed for free (after previously subscribing to a magazine and spending a fortune on stamps entering postcard competitions) and a whole host of friendly like-minded people on the forums. x

  • tylwcus

    My best comping memory was quite a few years ago with Weight Watchers magazine, a slogan comp. When I received the winning lwe I danced around the house shreeking with joy… my family thought I was mad. ‘Have you won a car?’ ‘A holiday?’ came cries from my family. Nope. I won my very first dishwasher! And boy was this a life-changing win 🙂

  • TrishL

    My favourite comping moment was getting home from holiday to a phone call from a lady from Morrisons, telling me she’d been trying to get hold of me for the past ten days, to tell me I’d won the Morrison’s ‘pay your mortgage’ competition…! Couldn’t believe it….won 15k…..had entered it on Loquax….Brilliant… 🙂

  • Delilah64

    My favourite comping moment was getting to wear the Hunter Festival Wellies that I had won last summer, when the snow arrived just before Christmas. They are absolutely fabulous with buckles, straps and studs, so I felt great stomping through the snow and having snowball fights so stylishly. They’re not the biggest win that I have had, but certainly the one that I have had the most fun with 🙂


    Not sure which one to choose, have even appreciated little prizes, getting a baby prize 3 days after finding out I was pregnant lol…Winning a brand new TV while on a break in Rye.

  • medsdemon

    My favourite was when I won £1000 amazon vouchers when we were amazingly skint. We were able to choose a treat each then buy camping things so we could go on holiday that year. we still have all the camping stuff and will be using it again on many weekends this summer!!

  • krnries

    Several years ago now we won a Princesses weekend at Euro Disney, 40 families had won from . It was an amazing weekend, something that you couldn’t buy, even if you wanted to. We will never forget that win. The funny thing is, although I must have won it through Loquax, I never worked out where I won it from.

  • dancer2712

    my favourite was a competition to nominate your little princes/princess and say why they deserved to win a trip to New York. Well I nominated my two little princes one for needing a bone marrow transplant and the other for being his donor. We were very lucky to win it and spent 5 days in New York visiting all their sights. Wow what a fab time we had, and my youngest took some fab photos – won the comp through Loquax too

  • Jennie Thompson

    my best win, was my first win, i only won a barbie, but it made my day and was very happy and impressed. 🙂 Happy Birthday

  • jowatkins

    My best win to date was winning the first 3 modules of a language course of my choice from Rosetta Stone. I had wanted one of these for ages but they were too expensive for me.

    When it arrived I found that one of the CDs was missing and the headphones were broken. I emailed the company and received a phone call straight away apologising for the mixup (she had picked the box from the wrong pile) and to say that they were giving me all 5 modules of my chosen course to make amends! They even arranged for the damaged set to be collected from my home at no charge to me.

    Full marks to Rosetta Stone for the way this was handled.

    The course is also excellent as well, you seem to learn even though it doesn’t feel like `learning’. All I need now is to win a trip to Spain to try speaking, and hopefully understanding, Spanish!

  • hollfras

    My favorite win was not the biggest of prize’s but one that i will have the most memories of – i won 4 tickets to watch grease at an open air cinema at a national trust park. I went with my husband and my nan and grandad. It was one of the last days out i got to spend with my grandad before he past away so it will be one that i will always treasure and look back on with fond memories. 🙂

  • barboofa

    My favourite comping memory was the look on my husbands face when I told him I had won a set of golf clubs worth over £1000. I don’t play golf he does and no way would we ever have been able to afford to spend that amount on golf clubs. That was about five years ago and he still loves them. Plus he never complains if I spend ages comping on Loquax.

  • emsiecov

    It has to be one Father’s Day 12 years ago (when Loquax was still in nappies!). I had a call from the MD at Zoom (an online shopping store, incorporating Evans, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins) to say that I had won a Mercedes A Class in their treasure hunt competition (you had to find 3 car keys hidden across their website). I was absolutely gobsmacked and couldn’t believe my luck. From that day on, comping (and Loquax) had me hooked. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! x

  • relisys222

    My favourite comping memory was when I won a meal in a really posh restaurant. Me and my OH really enjoyed the food and wine – but just couldn’t believe the prices and really got the giggles ..the bottle of wine we drank ( at over £100 …didn’t help!) It was a lovely night and we got to go somewhere that we would never have afford to go. At that dinner I knew then that comping could take me anywhere … and I was hooked.

    Happy Birthday Loquax …I`m so glad I found you! XX

  • donkey21

    My favourite comping memory was winning a baby hamper when I was heavily pregnant. It had to be collected from the PR company miles away and was three floors up in a building with no lift! When I arrived almost dead the guy arranging it said “Oh so you are pregnant then” as a relatively new comper then I had no idea people would enter who were not for whatever reason. He was very kind though and carried it all down to my car. I still laugh at my innocence and the look on his face.

  • miss claire

    My favourite win was winning £3000. I’ve never won so much money before. However I do enjoy winning anything no matter how small. I love it when postman brings something and you don’t know what it is. It’s very exciting.

  • ryanmia02

    My best comping memory was when i won £5000 from an itv comp that i entered via Loquax..it literally saved out christmas that year and made it one to remember..thank you to Loquax im so glad i found you xx

  • murraysj

    My best is winning a bbq and table and chairs to go with it

  • karolyn123

    My favourite prize was 5 days in Los Angeles ,staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel ! I spent a lot of time celebrity -spotting ! My son and I had a fantastic time ,they laid on limousine tranfers to and from the hotel ,a VIP tour of Universal Studios ,a tour of the stars homes,and days out at Disney ,Sea world etc.We just didn’t have time to see everything.We went in the Kodak Theatre and saw an Oscar! (Couldn’t touch it though !)We also spent a day at Venice Beach and Santa Monica ,I even got loads of spending money ,all meals were free,and we got free taxis to and from Manchester Airport.I also got a Louis Vuitton handbag ,worth 500 pounds.It really was a fantastic time ,a great prize ,and an experience which we won’t forget.

  • frenchbabe1

    My best memory was actually my 1st proper win 6 years ago, A night at the opera on the isle of wight by private hovercraft. We dressed very smartly for the event….my husband hired a suit, we ate lobster and drank champagne all night….It was amazing. I have been comping ever since,,,,,,

  • Isis1981uk

    Happy birthday Loquax! I’ve been a member since 1999 so almost from the start & never been tempted to stray! My best comping memory is when I was queuing in the bank & got the call from the Times Online travel supplement telling me I’d won a weeks 5* holiday in St Lucia – just in time to be used as our honeymoon which we’d never have afforded otherwise as it was worth £7000! I was in tears in the bank!

  • emilykf

    My favourite comping memory was the luxury spa break I won in 2007, it had to be used by April 2008 but I hadn’t got round to booking it for a while due to personal stuff etc., I got together with my other half in Feb 08 and finally got around to taking it in the April with him. We’re still together 3 years later and he wants to know why I haven’t won another holiday comp for us yet! ;o)

  • Michie

    Whilst on holiday I said to my husband that I wish I had a better camera ……. came home to find WEM saying I had won a Nikon Coolpix 100. Was soooo chuffed ….. all thanks to Loquax of course!! x

  • sammilou

    When I was about 10 (30 odd years ago) I entered a competition with a supermarket and you had to write an essay about your dream holiday up to a certain value. I wrote about pony trekking in the Lake District! First prize was your holiday. There were some runner up prizes of signed copies of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I still have the book and the letter!

  • mar-k1

    My favourite comping memory is from about 25 years ago!! From a local newspaper I won the entire Fox’s biscuits range – it seemed never ending as I unpacked packet after packet of biscuits from a huge cardboard box – and then had the fun of sharing them out with family and neighbours. I’ve loved winning hampers or goody bags ever since for that pleasure of not knowing exactly what you’ll find inside.

  • slkgar

    Back in 2000 I won a Subaru Impreza 2.0 turbo simply by filling in a postcard I picked up in a restaurant and sending it off.

  • Kazcomp

    I’ve had many fabulous wins over the years, but my favourite memory involving Loquax was in Jan 2005 when Loquax used to have a chat room. A few of us used it regularly & we were used to people popping in and out – some would stay & chat, some would disappear quickly when they realised we could see them.
    That fateful night, a chap came into the chat room (he’s since told me he’d never used one before & thought he could have a look at what was going on without being ‘seen’) & he started chatting with us. We ‘clicked’ almost instantly. One thing led to another & we met in person in March; in June that year he moved in with us & in 2008 we got married on the anniversary of him moving in.
    He’s as enthusiastic a comper as I am & we’ve had some great wins together. Sure it cuts down on the ‘one entry per household’ comps, but it’s great fun comping together.

  • lynnediva

    my favourite comping memory is not long after I joined Loquax getting my first ever win it was £35 M& S VOUCHER I was so happy to have won :0

  • chellebabyx

    i can only say my favourite memory is joining the site ( only very recently )
    i did not know there was such a site ! , also being new to comping it has made it very easy for me to enter comps that interest me 🙂 thank you !!!
    happy 13th birthday x

  • demesio

    I have so many wonderful memories thanks to loquax. My trip to Las Vegas takes some beating and i still can’t believe how lucky i was to win that.
    I remember almost crying when i managed to win a playstation for my sons.
    Taking my son and his friends to see Monster Jam gave us some lovely memories.
    Winning a much wanted flip camcorder for my husband.
    When i think about it the list goes on and on.
    They are all shared memories.
    I have been feeling a little sorry for myself lately not had a win for a few months. Thinking about memories just makes me realise how lucky i am.

  • seligkram

    My best memory takes me back to an Advent calendar competition in 2009. I got into a routine of doing about 20 of them every day, and there was one comp. where you simply had to click on a button to see if you were today’s winner.

    I have always been a bit sceptical of these types, so imagine my surprise when up popped a pop-up window saying that I’d won the daily prize – £500 worth of computer equipment! I honestly thought it was a joke but – sure enough – within the hour I received an email confirming the details.

    In the event, the promoters had actually sold all the stock they had intended to send me, so they kindly sent me a cheque for £500 !! I was delighted.


  • herlameness

    My Best and biggest memory of comping does involve Loquax Very much.
    If it wasnt for this fantastic site with the Q and X in it I would never have met my wonderful Husband, and I wouldnt have my Fabulous 6 Year old Daughter

    Long Live Loquax, I Owe you Big Time 🙂 xxx

  • Rikka

    I haven’t been doing this for very long so my favourite memory is from a few weeks ago when my first prize arrived.The excitement of unpacking that lovely big brown cardboard box, and inside it was a compost pail and a pair of scrubber gloves.

  • paulagallivan

    Some really lovely and inspiring stories here!!

    My best comping memory was coming home from hospital with my new baby girl and feeling like a train had gone through me. The phone rang and it was a call to say I had won a week in a luxury cottage with all our days out and an evening meal paid for. It was an amazing break we will never forget it as a family 🙂

  • xrebeccax

    My favorite memory hapened a couple of days ago. I was entering comps when I suddenly heard all of my dogs barking. Thinking it was someone walking down the street i went into the living room to find a courier van parked in my drive. I was soon then given a parcel that had a nintendo wii, controller and game inside. This is probably my biggest win yet and especially because its the first comp i’ve won that I have posted onto the site myself.

  • shazzaspannered

    I think my favourite moment was after I won a night out at Mecca Bingo for me and 5 friends. We had a chauffeur driven limousine to the hall and food and drink while we were there.

    I never told my friends that I’d won it but I just said I had a suprise for them and got them all to meet me at my house. We were all having our photo take when the limo pulled up and the girls spotted it through the window – the look on their faces was an absolute picture.

    We had an amazing night and it was so lovely to be able to share a win with 5 of my bestest friends :o)

  • nbrad

    I’ve been comping since the early 1990s, but my best win was this past December when I won a new frige freezer (complete with water and ice makers). It was something I really needed at the time and every time I go into the kitchen to get something out of it I am thrilled all over again.

  • bernadette1980

    my favourite memory was winning £500 john lewis on tickbox about 3 weeks after starting comping i actually phoned the number on the email before i replied to see if it was for real i couldnt believe something like that could happen to me lol an it came at the perfect time with my 4th baby on the way it got me lots of new baby things ive been addicted to comping ever since 🙂

  • lazyzoe

    My favourite comping memory is my daughter being a My Little Pony princess at a special ball at Disneyland Paris. It wasn’t just that we had a great time, and that the promoters were lovely and generous, but also that my daughter was so proud that her picture had won, and that she was responsible for the whole family having a lovely time.’s She’s not very confident and it really boosted her self-esteem. We have a photobook to remind us and look at it very often!

  • taylor100

    my favourite memory is joining Loquax, i used to do postcard and comps on products with no joy, but have started winning with you guys. My best prize was an African Safari

  • dizzyhels

    Mine has to be winning an Ashes cricket shirt signed by all the team back in 2009. I’d been off work ill for months and ended up watching the Ashes. Before that I thought I hated cricket. It’s now one of my favourite sports and the win reminds me of getting better!! It was just the perfect win for me!! Hels x

  • SugarCookie

    Mine was getting a phone call from ITV to say I’d won the X Factor competition. Been doing ITV competitons for ages and never thought I’d win one. Funny though the week before I won I said to my mum I can’t stand the X Factor wouldn’t it be funny if I won this one & I did lol x

  • spaceking

    That would be the phone call to say I had won a £12,000 kitchen from a competition entered via here.

  • jobster

    The day I got the email to say I`d won a ski holiday to Austria! It made all the hours and effort worthwhile and as it was my first biggie, it made it even better again! Will never forget it!!

  • cchaudhry

    My favorite comping memory is one something that only happened this week, opening an email and seeing I had one £350 of amazon vouchers! My biggest ever win and a memory that will stay with me!

  • CBo

    Has to be going on coaching day that had Geoff Hurst 1966 hero as guest. Was quite a warm day we did many different training techniques, and home cooked lunch was provided. Had a really nice photo taken with him and the coaching guy. My sister had kindly donated the prize to me!

  • jac22

    My favourites win was something I’d entered with my daughter, seeing her face when we got the letter was amazing. She had to draw a picture of a scarf for Shaun the Sheep (it was on the Weetabix packets). She came top in her age group, they obviously liked all the glitter that a 5 year old girl likes! When we got the box of Shaun goodies, my children thought it was Christmas all over again. She still has her framed picture of Shaun wearing her scarf in her bedroom.

    Thanks Loquax for making me obsessed with competitions, it’s free and fat free! I can’t believe I only found your forums last year, but have been with you for 10!

  • bill.gould

    Long ago in about 1986 BC (Before Computers) when everything was postcards and entry forms, I remember working for days on a slogan, and winning a VW Polo! It was one of those “It just came to me” moments that I’ll never forget!

  • lucky281159

    my favourite was my daughter winning £1000 to spend in halfords and the fun we had picking bikes and accesories for her and the children, it is quite difficult to spend that amount in one go, but we managed

  • caspertheghost

    My favourite memory was the day I decided to join Loquax. I had swine flu at the time and felt really rough, I’d been told about the site by workmates and thought I’d give it a go whilst I was getting better. That morning, the postman arrived with a letter to say I’d won £500 with Chat magazine (I used to do their puzzles anyway). I took it as a sign 🙂

  • missamoo

    I’ve only been comping a short while. I love the twitter comps. You know you’ve won straight away. My fave win has to be my first when I found out I’d won a goody bag from Abakahn fabrics. I never win anything! It spurred me on to enter more competitions and since then I’ve been on a lucky streak 🙂

  • crazyc

    My favourite memory is when I first won through saying something witty. Although any winning gives me a buzz that has to be the best feeling.

  • ch56

    I won a cottage in Ireland for a week, that was pretty good, but still waiting for the big cash prize.

  • Macognet

    My favourite memory was winning a holiday to Cyprus.

  • timmie

    A massive fridge full of beer in May last year. Shame it does not fit in the kitchen.

  • scrapaddict

    Lost in the mists of time and pre Loquax by many years my daughter won a holiday voucher which enabled us all to go to Disneyworld in Florida. A holiday we could never have afforded but which is still a good memory for my children and one I would like to repeat for my grandchildren.
    I have met several Loquats and corresponded with others. Thanks for putting us all in touch and here’s to the next 13 years

  • variety

    Not been comping for long and only won 2 prizes so far However the best is a martian playset from Early Learning Centre My little one has not stopped playing with it!

  • emily

    Probably my favourite comping memory recently is from last year. I had a phone call to tell me I’d won a holiday to Alabama, I burst out laughing. I made out I was just over excited as I couldn’t really explain the real reason, which was that just twenty minutes earlier i’d had another phone call to tell me I’d won a huge plasma TV.

  • leigh-ann

    my favorite comping moment was just last December whilst on holiday in London i had entered a comp in Hannspree in Westfields shopping centre when 2 days later i got a call to say i had won 3 nights in NewYork and tickets to a NBA match. It was the largest win i have ever had and the trip to New York was brilliant during the welcome drinks at the hotel we were also given photo travel guides for New York, tickets for the empire state building and told about the dinner we were invited to on the next night.
    When we went to the NBA match it was to find we had been allocated a club box with free drinks provided throughout the match. Best win of my life so far

  • HALA

    my favourite win was a DAB radio which I won through loquax ! I am very happy to have found this site !

  • maisietoo

    My best moment was my first ever prize which I won on my first competition I ever entered, which was a top of the range microwave oven. My mum had been comping for years and she was pleased for me but also a little envious!

  • sheriDarbysheri

    My best memories was one of my very early wins, £200 to be spent at Ember Inns, (pubs with restaurants – now sadly gone). The landlord gave us the £200 tab, and we happily enjoyed several meals, the week of our last meal I won a case of wine, from Ember Inns. We went, enjoyed our free meal & left with a case of wine. What a lovely treat

  • freyamae

    My favourite memory would have to be my first biggish win a pepsi phone it was also an instant thing which I always get excited about!

  • rachelt2003

    My favourite comping moment so far is a few years ago when I won a helecopter ride (and vip entry to a summer fete) from the local paper. It is the biggest win I have had. I have only taken up comping as a hobby a couple of weeks ago so hopefully my best is yet to come 🙂

  • chinichats

    My best comping moment was winning an ipad from speedo 2 days before Christmas,more husband was speechless on christmas morning!!! Thanks to loquax!!!

  • KrisDelAgua

    I’ve won a few prizes thanks to Loquax,, but my fav so far has to be my luxury Spa Break in Russia. Awesome :0)

  • dayslikethese

    Go to be my first win, the very reason why I started comping was to give my son a few more things for Christmas and my first win was a Morgan Mine and trains, plus a dvd too. Just perfect for my son. Loquax has been very useful and got me out of a few tight on the cash flow birthday prezzies. All wins excepted greatly and very appreciated too. I’m very glad I found this place.

  • webkin

    My favourite was winning a personalised large Me To You bear for my niece…to see her face when she walked in the door and saw it was amazing. She loves that bear and it’s personalised with her name and date of birth. On the letter it said over 26,000 people entered and only 100 winners so I was very lucky.

    Thank you so much Loquax for all my 530 wins….most of them thanks to this site! I am proud to have been a member since 2001….I was person number 1172 to join. Keep up the good work Loquax team xxx

  • barcoder

    I followed the advent competitions and couldn’t believe my eyes when I won a set of surround sound speakers from Teufel. I have won many smaller prizes , so thank you Loquax and here’s to many more years comping

  • jayanna

    It’s got to be my first win of a vacuum cleaner, many years ago when virtually all comps needed slogans.

  • kelandab

    I have only been comping for a year, but my fav moment was my little girls toy review being picked to win a parcel full of toys!!! 🙂 🙂

  • hks

    My trip to the Epsom Derby where the Queen laughed at the tiny rubber duck I had hidden on my hat.

  • RobbyBoy

    Must be around 10 years ago now, it was not long after i first started using Loquax. And I won a american rice cooker. still use it today, at least 4 or 5 times a month. even divised my own recipes in it.

  • C Duncan

    My best win was an XBox 360 and Guitar Hero. It came with the drum kit as well. Any win is a good win for me.

  • fluffyblueberry

    I only joined loquax just over two weeks or so ago and have been spending ALL my free time on here entering competitions.So, I haven’t really got a fave comping “memory” because – I have yet to win anything yet, but I’m hopeful that I will soon! It’s great reading all these posts because it really gives me inspiration. Thank you x

  • MrsNipps

    My biggest win, £1000 to spend at woolworths, went on a blow out shopping spree and sent the till system down when we went to pay on our gift card.

  • MelJan

    My favourite had to be opening a LWE from The Mail and discovering I’d won their wishlist. My hubby and I were ecstatic at discovering that a new computer was part of the prize. We badly needed a computer at that point as our old one was in every other week for repair.

  • spiderwebattic

    Happy Birthday Loquax !
    Undoubtedly is my 1st win is my best memory, Although I’ve won prizes of much greater value since. My first win was the march of the penguins dvd 🙂 I ran up and down the street and in and out of the house shouting ” I won!” I dont think anything can compare to the feeling of that very 1st win and knowing that comping works

  • ACC

    Got to be winning tea in the park tickets , just when i thought i wasn’t going!

  • 6889joannew

    my favourite comping memory was when i first started comping and found this site where all the comps were in one place and all the members posted the comps and had a chat etc the site was called loquax i have won one competition through this site so far and thats a dvd but i know more things are gonna come my way i have recently joined a group on facebook doing comps and over the last few weeks have been winning quite alot my best competion wins so far has to be a pair of paul mitchelle hair straightners and a £150 jewellery voucher which a chose a lovely oyster shell bracelet i just love comping and thanks to loquax its made it alot easier so thankyou

  • daisybooh

    entered a comp for holiday in fiji only 1 tex message and I won it was for 4 people 17 days all to gether but the best was that the promotions people let me give to my son and his partner and my daughter and other half they will and still talk about holiday hubby had had heart attack at time so to every one who is never sure about giving prizes away to check before have to turn down

  • SugarPlum

    My favourite memory was receiving an LWE from the now defunct Real Magazine for a Mini Cooper on the same day my husband got a job after being unemployed for 4 months. Even better, they offered us a £14,000 cash alternative so I got a new car and bathroom instead!

  • Liberty2

    My favourite memory is my first prize when I was 10 years old – a giant pink Womble. Once I’d won a prize I became hooked on competitions. I loved that Womble.

  • gemmamjl

    My favourite was just before Christmas when I received an email through Facebook saying I had won an XBOX and Kinect just by liking their page! I couldn’t believe it, in all honesty I didn’t even know they were running a comp on there, I just liked their page already. Christmas was about to be very tight last year and that just made our day when we received that email…the look on our 4 children’s face was priceless and the best bit was that it restored my 7 yr olds faith in Santa. He knew we could never have afforded that so when he opened it with the note from Santa he screamed ‘now I KNOW that Santa IS real, you wouldn’t have had enough money to get us this!’. It was fantastic 🙂

  • harps83

    not been comping very long… but mine is when i won a vip trip to london to watch madness in a private gig. best part was not only the free bar, but getting to chat to suggs afterwards!

  • woolly1

    Quite new to serious comping and am therefore still waiting for my favourite memory, I am enjoying the loquax site and forums though, maybe winning a prize here will become my favourite memory to date, but I am looking forward to many more memories along the way.

  • amb263

    My first competition win was back in 1975 when I was 13. I was mad keen on the Carpenters and there was a competition to win a goody bag full of Carpenter related stuff. It was run by the magazine Jackie and I won a runners up prize of a pair of tights!!!

  • pjhodson

    I rarely win anything big, and haven’t won a big prize for years now, so even little wins give me pleasure. So winning a Carling glass in the Asda/Carling comp in January was heartening. What would a Loquax mug do….I’d be in heaven!

  • rufusruudy

    My first online win, which was a McCains, didn’t believe it until my name appeared on McCain’s website!

  • Abbi8

    Playing darts with Phil Taylor, had such a laugh with him and he is a great sportsman, plus my OH built Phil’s house.

  • leejclarke

    My best win was just after I broke my ACL and all I could do was sit with my leg up. I won a weekend in Paris to watch England play France in the Rugby World Cup (England won). I got to explore Paris on crutches.

  • spibes

    My favourite memory was back in 2006 when my partner shouted me downstairs as a very large package had arrived, we were both excited to see what the win was. A suitcase full of a years supply of Fisherman Friends. This still makes me giggle.

  • sheenagayle

    No big prizes to mention yet – but still trying.
    Did manage, years ago and much to family’s amusement, to win a silver-plated snooker chalk holder when I was trying for snooker-sponsored prize of a luxury hotel holiday.
    Must be time for my chance at a biggie by now!

  • Big Poppa

    Mine has to be the cufflinks I won, £400 worth of cufflinks….never knew cufflinks could be so expensive. Although they turned out to be fantastic gift for my dad who never looked so good in a suit. Thanks Loquax!

  • St Vincent

    Mine was when the Sun Newspaper phoned to tell me i had won a 32 inch digital tv and dvd recorder 🙂

  • hughese

    My favourite win was a holiday to Thailand – I won it a few months after the birth of our son. We thought we wouldn’t be having that sort of holiday – luxury hotel, long haul, etc. for a while, but it turned out that we could thanks to a win.

  • ladette

    my favourite prize was my luxury holiday to south africa thanks to loquax

  • cat

    My best comping memory was when I was trying to win my sister a holiday after having a rough time with hospital appointments, operations etc. I ended up winning her a holiday to Sardinia worth £3000 and she had a fabulous time. This year she is coming to New York with me thanks to another great holiday win

  • kulikaur

    When I first started comping I a year ago I won a years free subscription to Sky. It could not have come at a better time as I was due to go on maternity leave. Funny how things work out.

  • loki

    I have two favourites, probably number one is the pair of business class flights to anywhere on the qatar network. I just had the kind of day at work that made me fantasize to be far far away…and then I opened that envelope.
    The other one was when I came back from holiday in Morocco, we had skipped Marrakesh because of time limitations and I said next time…I really want to spend some time there! When we got home there was a lwe for a week in Marrakesh.

  • cocochips

    I have not been comping for long…My fave memory is my first win via Loquax, an xbox and game that arrived a couple of weeks. Amazing. I never thought it was possible to win big prizes. Now i’m addicted!

  • bopper

    winning a Daily Telegraph competition 3 yr ago from comp posted on Loquax listings for a years worth of wine, largely because all the bottles cost more than i would normally pay, and also a few were really expensive ones(well, £30)and still have a few left kept for special occasions……….

  • joane1

    Mine has to be my first main win – a £500 mountain bike. It was just great to get that e-mail saying I had won it

  • keriku

    I always enjoy the unusual experiences which comping offers. In 2009, my hubby and I won VIP tix to Edinburgh Tattoo including a superb meal and champagne reception. We then got to walk acroos the parade ground to our seats past the waiting hordes. Folk obviously thought we were famous, so my hubby waved to them. They were waving and peering as though they were trying to decide who we were! Priceless!

  • hary

    Have got a few of those. But this one is shared by my son as well. There was a photo comp on Toxic mag which required us buying a set of Ferrari cars from Shell stations. The prize was a vip day at silverstone during qualifying round. We managed to find all but 1 at the usual station we go to (which is at the other end of the city). Luckily we decided to check at the station which was 10 minutes away from our house and they had it. Needless to say my son won the prize and his dad took him. It got my son interested in (watching) F1 and he still hopes to win another F1 trip.

  • And the winners are harps83, ully, kroga, mackemprincess, Abbi8, mandy4baz and Hels76

    We’re also giving extra prizes to NanaVal, gracejanet and kazcomp – so many great stories and comments, but we picked them for a bonus prize.