Rate & Review Competition Sites On Loquax

Posted on: August 29th, 2008 by Jason 2 Comments

Some competition sites like MyOffers attract a lot of opinion and questions, but have you ever wondered what people think of competitions on Now Magazine, Refresh, FHM, GMTV or other sites? Perhaps you’ve wanted to leave a small note for other users telling them what you think of a particular site and your experiences with them!

Of course our forum can be used to leave comments and enter into discussion about sites, but all too often this gets lost as new topics arise. Therefore we created the “Rate & Review” option on Loquax – and at that point we kind of forgot about it and left it to it’s own devices.

Until now!

We’ve relaunched the Rate & Review system with a much clearer layout. You can quickly see the views of other compers, and with our “top rankings” you can see the Top 500 sites based on the number of reviews they have.

We invite all Loquax users to use this system!

You can rate & review or read the reviews of any competition site we have listed by clicking on the image. This will take you to the rating section where you can give a site marks out of 5, tell us if you’ve won a prize there and leave a few lines of comments.

The more compers who use this facility the better it becomes – so if you have a couple of minutes spare every now and then why not leave a comment about your favourite or least favourite sites.

  • Emmasophie

    Thanks I think it’s a great idea. People will get the most out of it if they leave comments when they have had a good or bad experience with a webite.

  • johnchristine

    The only way to improve is to have constructive criticism and this should help improve sites.