See The Latest Competitions As You Use The Forum!

Posted on: May 12th, 2008 by Jason 6 Comments

We know many of you enjoy using the forums and that sometimes this can be detrimental to your comping time. We also know that some of you don’t even venture off to use our competition listings therefore missing out on what Loquax has to offer. So, we’ve come up with a solution to hopefully get you doing some comping whilst you’re sat musing over the latest threads and posts.

When we’re updating you’ll see the latest competitions appear, as they happen, in the nice yellow box at the top of the forums.

Latest Competitions

Keep an eye on it, as it will change regularly throughout the day, but hopefully it will give you an indication of the latest competitions and encourage you to use our listings too. You’ll not get all the competitions via this route so don’t forget to check the New Today daily.

When we’re not updating competitions, after about an hour a different advert, currently promoting our discount codes, will appear. This is a useful indicator to those of you who are enjoying the forums that the competitions you haven’t entered aren’t building up!

  • tizliz

    the only problem with this is that if you click on the competition it does not update your tracker. Same problem if you click on a comp in the newsletter. Don’t know if you can go via the tracker?

  • DarthPenguin

    Great idea 🙂

    My thoughts : the one I tried yesterday clicked straight through to the website concerned – surely if you’re trying to tempt people onto the main site (that don’t already use it) then I’d have thought it would be better to take them to the listing on the main site rather than direct to the comp?

  • The feature is new and therefore there are additional things we intend to do with it… including changing the links so that users who are using the tracker go to the tracker page etc.

    However, the purpose isn’t to “tempt people onto the main site” – but to give users greater access to the updates we do and generate more traffic for the competitions from Loquax.

  • kirsty

    If you’re set up to use the tracker (see or at the bottom of you should now get a tracker link when you click.

  • libra100

    It should be very useful, will watch for updates.

    Thank you

  • shazzyx

    Havent been paying much attention to the comps cos was so hooked on the forums. Just noticed this addition the other day and automatically did the comp. Got me looking at the comp lists too and have been entering again after a long abstinence, so well done, certainly grabbed my attention.