Shiny Loquax Badges

Posted on: January 14th, 2009 by kirsty 56 Comments

We are pleased to announce that these shiny new badges have arrived at Loquax!  We will have these up for sale in a couple of weeks time.  We’re still working out the final price and all the little details but the plan is that the price will include a charity donation.  So you can show off your devotion to the duck and donate to the deserving at the same time.

These good quality shiny enamel badges are less than 3cm wide (that’s just over an inch in old money) which is the perfect size to keep attached to you all the time.  Did I already mention they were shiny?

Coming soon.  Watch this space.

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  1. t1gger says:

    They are lovely. I will buy one.

  2. rchlbentley says:

    Ohhh yes me too!!

  3. sasba says:

    cant wait to get one. they are really nice

  4. s6sue says:

    Lovely, I’ll be after one too.

  5. relisys222 says:

    They look great.

  6. quincyg says:

    triffic…like the look of that

  7. sharon l hingley says:

    Soo cute, and a great idea to contribute to charity too.

  8. labazs says:

    hope you have ordered loads i shall be putting in an order, good idea to have it linked to a charity donation. thank you

  9. starlily106 says:

    really nice, will definately want one!

  10. karende says:

    They look really good – definitely be ordering one

  11. clarets14 says:

    i will be ordering they look brilliant

  12. ellie vegas says:

    I think tyey’re great too! look forward to wearing it with pride!

  13. Emmasophie says:

    Is it shiny?!!lol!

    Love it – would definitely have one!

    Love the charity donation idea too.

  14. jan1972 says:

    Have to have one of those!!!

    No chance of winning one??????

  15. alison66 says:

    Brilliant nuff said 🙂

  16. DarthPenguin says:

    Woohoo! At last we can show our love for Loquax 🙂

  17. Polarbear says:

    Excellent ( i was going to do a wind up and pretend they looked terrible but thought after all the hassle youve already had over the badges that i’d give you a rain check on that one lol) I’ll defo have a couple (in case i lose one) if allowed? great idea with the charity donation too.

    Now what i really want to know is, i’m sat here posting on the blog on 15th jan at 20.52 and the posts above are all times as being in the future (and no doubt this one will be too) so is it the X files i should contact or did someone STILL forget to alter the clock from October? :whistle:

  18. lew15da says:

    Yes please can I buy one, I think they are great and the charity donation is a great idea. Can we buy more than one. thinking of birthday and Christmas pressies lol 🙂

  19. bikerchick says:

    Yep – I’ll deffo buy some (Bikerchick – even though it says Greyskittles in the box above…..)

  20. akamalaccas says:

    Great news .Look forward to buying some.

  21. Jotyanne says:

    Very, very nice, but it’s not a keyring is it **twisted smile**

  22. kirsty says:

    Very, very nice, but it’s not a keyring is it **twisted smile**

    If you buy enough badges then there will be keyrings…. (not least because I want one!)

  23. littleanne says:

    OOO!!! put me down for a couple they look good just like us loquaxs


  24. Footpather says:

    I’d have preferred a shiny one but I will be happy with this!

  25. suroben says:

    I’d love a couple too. Can’t resist shiny things.

  26. estelle1972 says:

    I’ll definately be getting one, they look fantastically shiny and fabulous!!!!!!!!

  27. Jo Haigh says:

    Very shiny & lovely! The question is have you got enough? Will there be limits set on number of badges per Loquat, or will there just be a mad stampede to get in before they’re gone?:-)

  28. djbrammer says:

    Brilliant, can’t wait to get one .

  29. catz says:

    They are really nice, one for me.

  30. charlotte24 says:

    OOOh id like one too!!

  31. Hels76 says:

    Lovely Ta, very much xxx

  32. jax57 says:

    Yaaaaayyyyyyy. Count me in too.

  33. devon007 says:

    Hurrrrrrahhhhhhhhh! Hurry up and let’s know the price 🙂 I’ll be wearing mine out and about so hopefully someone else will come up and say hello duckie 🙂

  34. Consultantwan says:

    ooohhh very nice, I’ll definatley be adding one of those to my lapel! Nice to hear the price will include a charity donation too 🙂

  35. mandy101 says:

    Oooohhh i say….very nice, I want to buy one 🙂

  36. lh240554 says:

    Ooh can’t wait to wear one. Nice idea to donate to charity too!

  37. kernow maid says:

    Brilliant, i want one as well!

  38. loulou1805 says:

    Those look brilliant!!

  39. JudeVFR400 says:

    Save having to learn the loquax secret wink and handshake to be able to recognise other ducks.

  40. DCLane says:

    Woohoo – thanks for ordering

  41. lorenza says:

    Great badge, got to have one of those on my lapel, maybe i’ll find some other loquats living in my town. BTW i love the style, much nicer than a tacky button style badge.

  42. bluehook says:

    The badge looks great, I’ll be up for buying one. Have you decided which Charity you’ll be donating to? Would you think about perhaps donating to charities that Loquats are involved in? I work for a small charity in West Wales, providing leisure schemes for disabled children and young people – a really good cause, I think – and we’re always looking for donations of any sort. Perhaps you could ask anyone who has a charity in mind to put forward their cause and you could select one to donate to for a year, then change it the next year. Or open it up to a vote.

  43. ully says:

    I think they are lovely and such a great idea. Definately I will get one.

  44. zoooo says:

    Great – perhaps we should then start a thread about Loquat Spotting! – you know, I saw one of us in ………who was it? (perhaps)

  45. Lucky Rainbow says:

    Thank you, really love the badge and can’t wait to get one.

  46. redrose says:

    Love the badge, great idea.

    Love the idea of “I saw you “

  47. welsh34 says:

    Great badge. I will definately buy one.

  48. helenwarrener says:

    these look great and the charity bit is a good idea count me in

  49. LynnGay says:

    i really like it , i definately will buy one

  50. sunflowersarah says:

    they look great

  51. shazzaspannered says:


    I would like to put in a request for two so that if one gets lost I have a replacement.

    I hope there are going to be plenty available as I have a feeling these will be very popular xx

  52. laurajayne says:


  53. lilac-hippo says:

    Looks great! 🙂

  54. deefer1 says:

    Stoatin’ wee badgies – ahm absotively gonae buy wan! tell me somethin – diz “loquax ” staun for wee low ducks ??? cos if it duzny then its a richt queer wee name fur a web site – luv it oany way!!!

  55. suemenzies says:

    They look great, can’t wait to get one and will wear it with pride!

  56. commandervimes says:

    Yes but are they shiny? lol