Social Bookmarks Added to Loquax!

Posted on: September 25th, 2007 by Jason 1 Comment

Some of you have already noticed the odd array of images that have materialised on pages across Loquax. These are icons for social bookmark sites including Facebook, Google, MSN and Yahoo. Simply by clicking on the relevant image you can add a particular page of Loquax to your social bookmark favourites and/or share them with your friends.

The images look like this:

Add to Delicious  Add to Digg  Add to Facebook  Share at Google  Add to Reddit  Add to Technorati  Add to Windows Live  Add to Yahoo

And represent Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Google, Reddit, Technorati, MSN and Yahoo respectively.

So why are they there? Social networks like Facebook and MySpace have increased dramatically increased in popularity – there’s even a Loquax Facebook Group! These services allow users to share favourite links and by adding the icons we’re just facilitating that process.

For example you may belong to a group of friends who enjoy festivals – with one click you can share the Loquax link with them and tell them about the chance to win tickets! Or you might spot a competition that you want to share with family and friends? Or just bookmark via your own social network page for later use.

If you’ve never heard of these sites or aren’t interested in this feature then don’t worry about the icons. They’re simply there so that Loquax embraces the way the internet is changing and at the same time hopefully encourage those users who are in to their networking to help spread the word about the site via social networks. Of course nothing beats the social network that is the Loquax forum, but if you are on Facebook don’t forget to join the Facebook Group!

  • j-bar03

    I can highly recommend Stumble Upon as a tool for finding cool new websites. Loquax was first stumbled back in 2003 and has been receiving ‘thumbs up’ ever since.

    Warning: Stumbling can be addictive!

    See here –