The Loquax 5 A Day – Make Comping Your New Hobby for 2010?

Posted on: January 1st, 2010 by Jason 7 Comments

Every year we like to encourage new people to take up comping as a brand new hobby and for 2010 we’ve come up with a “5 a Day Challenge”. For regular Loquax users a few competitions a day may not seem enough, but the idea behind our Loquax Tea Break is to introduce new compers and new Loquax users to a handful of competitions each day.

Make Comping Your New Hobby for 2010?

Every day at 10.30am, just five competitions will be chosen totally at random from all the competitions closing tomorrow. There’s no bias to the type of prize, our affiliate partners or to bingo sites. We think this element of the unknown makes the feature more interesting.

To keep you up to date and remind you to come and do the five competitions we’re going to be posting on Twitter. Look out for our Twitter message each day to tell you when things have been updated. Grab a cuppa and come and have a look at the five chosen competitions.

Give them a try if you fancy winning what’s on offer!

We anticipate that regular Loquax users will probably not have much use for this new feature, but of course you’re more than welcome to take a look at the 5 a day. The quacker tracker ducks are in place so you’ll quickly know if you’ve entered or not (provided you’re using this competition tracker).

With so many competitions listed on Loquax it’s quite easy to perhaps miss something different or just stick with the sites you know. Perhaps you’ll see something new? Also we know that it’s easy to lose motivation with comping, so hopefully this new feature will help some of you put a toe back in the water?

We hope you like it – if you can retweet our messages on Twitter that’ll be great. If you have a friend who’s unsure about competitions or Loquax, why not send them the 5 a day link as a way to get them started?


Loquax Tea Break – The 5 a Day Competitons Challenger

  • strollings

    loving my new hobbie and hope to do some good with anything i win to raise cash for a local kids football team

  • gigi9

    Sounds like a great idea especially for people that are short of time and as its random its a great fun idea. Look forward to joining in, thanks guys, variety is the spice of life! Happy New Year, hope 2010 is brilliant for everyone.

  • sophia8

    What a good idea! I don’t always have time to go through the full comps list, so thanks!

  • disneylover88

    This is a great idea! I’ll check it out, although I enter a lot more than 5 comps a day now lol.
    I only started comping with Loquax in November and have won 5 prizes already, I’m totally hooked on my new hobby.
    Happy new year and gd luck with this 5 a day idea 🙂

  • clarateddy

    fantastic idea if you have a spare 5 mins. thanks for running this great site. i have been comping exactly a year and have won some great prizes. i also enjoy reading what others have won – feels like a big happy family. thank you jason for all your hard work

  • libra100

    A great idea!

    I follow Loquax on Twitter and will look out when the 5 a day are updated.

  • donapepa

    Fabulous idea, especially when time is short, which it normally is.Thank you very much