The Loquax Duck Art Winner Is…

Posted on: August 12th, 2010 by Jason 21 Comments

Thank you to everyone who entered our recent Loquax Duck Art competition. The comments left were lovely! The number of entries was ok considering it’s a blog competition (not many people like entering via this way for some reason) and the type of prize on offer. Anyway the winner of our lovely Loquax duck montage is Rara. They were picked at random from all the entries.

Duck Art

The good news for Rara is that it’s quite likely that this canvas will remain a one off. We’ll be doing another special Loquax competition soon, but we’ll be looking for something else to personalise with our ducks to see if that attracts more interest. Perhaps compers just aren’t into duck art LOL!

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  • pooterfreak

    Congratulations rara, I’m very jealous. ;-))

  • marymod

    Well done Rara, hope you enjoy it and it brings you luck.

  • karende

    Well done rara – I’m jealous too – it looks fab

  • suemenzies

    Well done on winning such a great prize Rara, I’m disappointed though that it will be a one-off as I was hoping for another chance to try to win one.

  • We might reconsider another time Sue, it depends on the demand. But we’ll try something different first, but if people aren’t keen on entering our own giveaways then sadly we won’t do them.

  • mogarry

    Great win rara,well done on winning this fantastic prize

  • suzywoo

    Well done Rara, you share your username with our rabbit lol!

  • herlameness

    Well done Rara Enjoy 🙂 xx

  • sharon29

    well done rara x

  • SBrunette

    Well Done Rara. I really hope we see another competition for one of these.

  • Consultantwan

    Congratulations Rara! Can’t believe I chose to be on a comping haitus when this one came up! Just my type of comp and definatley my type of prize, That’ll teach me to take a break lol.

  • libra100

    Well done Rara, congratulations.


    well done Rara, another jealous one , lol, only joking, well done.

  • Angel Wings

    Congratulations Rara, enjoy.

    Angel Wings xx

  • denmort

    Well done Rara – i hope it brings you luck,

    Denise x

  • chrisnfliss

    Congratulations Rara 🙂

  • samarie

    Congratulations Rara

  • woofey

    Congratulations Rara

  • jeanniejev

    Well done Rara, I’ve recieved a fluffy chick today though from ‘The Happy Egg Co.’

  • suroben

    well done Rara

  • susanemily

    Well done Rara