The Start of The Month Competitions Madness!

Posted on: August 1st, 2008 by Jason 2 Comments

The first of the month isn’t exactly our favourite day! Over night our list of open competitions is dramatically reduced as loads of sites close their prize draws, and then go and open up a new one. Our job is to check them for new prizes, update the details and try and get the site back up to date as speedily as we can.

This time consuming task involves trawling through our database, selecting sites we know will have updated and then might have updated. Often we find that a site has stopped competitions or hasn’t updated. What users often don’t realise is that for every new competition appearing today, we’ve probably checked a few other other sites who haven’t updated.

Getting the start of the month list cleared up as soon as possible is high priority. It usually takes a few days, a number of rechecks, help from users (thank you) and a little bit of automation to get you the latest prize information for the new month.

On average we have around 80-100 sites (not competitions) closing a day. At the end of the month that figure can be as high as 600 sites (if not more). It’s all hands to pump, and often a long working day, to make sure we make a big impact in getting sites reactivated on Loquax.

Of course on top of that we’re updating offers and news on other sections of Loquax and other sites we manage. Plus there’s admin and user issues to look into as well as the “business” bits and bobs we need to do to make sure there’s a free website available for you to use.

The only good thing about the start of the month competitions is that we have around 30 odd days to sit back and relax before the madness starts all over again!

  • adam812

    Your hard work is really appreciated!

  • Emmasophie

    You do a great job, definitely appreciated.