Use The Filters To Find The Prizes!

Posted on: December 14th, 2007 by Jason 1 Comment

Hopefully most users have now spotted the changes to our New Today and Closing Soon pages. The landing pages offer three options on how you’d like to see competition content on Loquax, the original long lists, the new Tracker v2 or the easy Quick Comp Listings.

You are able to override the landing pages by setting preferences on your Loquax Profile. See the forums to find out how to do this!

However one thing we noticed, after making the changes to the site, is that some users are unaware of our filter options on the Quick Comp Listings! For example if you visit New Today you’ll see a box called Display Options!

The Display Options

By selecting an option from the dropdown box you can filter the listings to show specific prize groups like books, DVDs, holidays, gadgets etc. When you click ‘Go!’ the list will then just show relevant competitions from that category that are ‘New Today’. The same functionality is avaliable for the closing competitions too.

Another option you’ll see on the list is called ‘Slimline List’ – by choosing this option you’ll see the competitions in our most simplest format. No details – just links to the competition and a brief mention of the prize, much like our Advent competition and Daily entry lists.

These options are there to make your comping time on Loquax much easier. Now we’ve pointed you towards them, we hope you find them useful.

  • tiddles12

    You are better than an attentive husband, making my life easier….:-)