Subscription Service or Free Competition Listings?

Posted on: June 4th, 2011 by Jason 25 Comments

Following on from MyComps Reviews Loquax – What They Do & Don’t Tell You! we thought we’d return the favour to Oxfordshire Press by reviewing their paid for service, MyComps. The only difference is we’ll be open and honest in our review.

As mentioned, MyComps is a paid for competition listing site. It does what Loquax and many other sites do, but it costs money to use. You can get a 28 day free trial, although they do want your bank details. After that it “will cost less than £2 per week, that’s less than 30p a day”. Over a year it’s just a shade over £100, although you can pay by direct debit every month.

£100!! For that you must be getting something very special in comparison to the free sites that are around? Of course they’ll be no bingo promotions or anything else advertised to you via affiliate links. You wouldn’t expect to see things that could “land you with an inbox full of spam and no prizes” for £100 would you?

What you get for your money is access to “170 new postal and web competitions every week”. Even if Loquax didn’t exist in the competitions sector, and perhaps one day it won’t, you can find more than 170 competitions a day listed in other places and that information is free.

For £100 you do get a bit of organisation in that the prizes are split into a handful of categories, but again nothing that you wouldn’t find on a free site. Loquax, for example has over 50 prize categories!

So what about the competitions that get listed on MyComps? Well, a quick scan through their recently closed lists and we see online competitions for well know sites such as Britfilms, GoodtoKnow, Classic FM, Asda, Female First, Yours, Pick Me Up, Daisy Green and Autoexpress.

Now, this Autoexpress competition was to win £1500 of Tesco gift cards and it was sponsored by Scottish Power. This is an example of a sponsored prize draw along the lines that you’ll see on MyOffers etc. It’s something we look out for and it’s something we try not to include. We’re just saying!

Anyway, for your £100 MyComps subscription fee you get access to a bunch of competitions that regularly appear on Loquax and other free sites.

So what else is there?

Well you do get answers – and that’s one thing we don’t offer, mainly because 9/10 the answers are easy and the rest of the time the promoter wants you to make the effort. There are free places that give out answers though or you can just ask on the forums, where some answers are shared.

For your MyComps subscription charge you do get a handful of postcard competitions. However, it’s worth noting that for £45 you could pick up an annual subscription to Compers Grapevine. It’s also worth mentioning that there’s also postcard competitions listed for free on Loquax (thanks to users for users) and again on other sites.

So for £100 a year, or 30p a day, you get less online competitions than Loquax. You do get answers and you get a bunch of postcard competitions. Of course you don’t get adverts for bingo like you do on those nasty free sites! Well, actually you do because MyComps promote their own Simply Bingo site to compers.

Let’s not forget that they also have promoted automated competition entry service, Prize Draw Centre. We guess that “every company has to make money to survive” even if you do pay a subscription fee.

Tale of The Tape

CostFree plus 2 posts to get extras on the forum28 day free trial and £100 a year
AnswersSome on forum posts. None on main listingsYes
ContentOn average, 100-200 new online comps daily170 online and postcard competitions a week
BingoAdvertised, but opt out availableYes
Automated Entry StanceTotally against them!Happy to advertise Prize Draw Centre
Uses Affiliate MarketingYesPossibly for PDC?

The “Uses Affiliate Marketing” line is important. We use affiliate marketing in a number of ways around Loquax (and our other sites). It has no bearing on the quality of the competition or the landing destination for the comper. An affiliate link usually just means if you go shopping after visiting say we might earn a commission.

A lot of sites, including Money Saving Expert (who * their links), Nectar and Quidco, use affiliate marketing to generate their revenue.

Anyway, by doing what we do it means you don’t pay £100 a year subscriptions.

Is it value for money? Well, that’s up to you to decide!!

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  • meggyjo

    Good posting. It’s about time someone put the record straight.
    It’s a no brainer really, Loquax wins out everytime. Having used Loquax for many years and had many wins from I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • portal

    Good for you jason,you and kirsty have worked dammed hard on Loquax getting it the number 1 site,you do not charge for the service,the site is friendly and well thought out.It is friendly helpful and all the help and advice going,the competitions are free to enter,no wonder certain other sites get Jealous!and you dont have to spread lies either what you see is what you get on Loquax,free comps and help.WHAT more can you ask for WELL done Loquax and may you keep going for always.

  • portal

    Oh and one other thing,you do not sell our details.You only have our usernames,and you do not slant other sites off that charge for comps,over the odds.

  • Ennill1

    I think they have bitten off more than they can chew by trying to discredit Loquax. There you go, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house comes to mind….

  • webkin

    Pah to them! Loquax is fab. I know all about Affiliate sites and how they work and how Loquax works having been here since nearly the start and doing web stuff myself. I have never had a problem with this. Like someone else above said you don’t sell our information, we choose to put the information in ourselves. I wouldn’t have won over 500 prizes without Loquax, it’s fab. I would never pay to enter competitions, I can’t afford to but I do hope that sometimes when I click a link and I do buy something off a site that maybe sometimes some goes towards Loquax as your service is brill and I owe you a lot 🙂 There are loads of free competition listing sites about, I can’t see how a site like MyComps is going to be popular! I think they are just jealous to be honest that Loquax got in the market before them! 🙂

  • LaLupa

    Very well put, Jason. I owe Loquax a lot … all my prizes, really! … so I don’t know what My Comps et al think they have to ofer by promoting a ‘paid’ service as opposed to a ‘free’ one. It just doesn’t make sense. And as for anyone paying for their services … well, what can I say? Loquax competitions are provided by members for members – no fee required – and we all appreciate the input and support we give one another. As far as I can see, My Comps and sites like them base themselves on people paying them to provide a service. If only their members had looked around on the internet they would have found that there is absolutely no need to pay anyone to enjoy comping. It’s free and fun, and Loquax is the best site to enjoy it on. Again, thank you Jason and Kirsty for providing us with the best site around. We all appreciate the hard work you put in to make it that way. You have no competition, really!

  • libra100

    It sounds like ‘no contest’ to me. Loquax wins for number of comps listed, categorisation, cost …………. What cost? There is none!

    Having enjoyed almost 10 years of comping with Loquax, and winning hundreds of prizes, why should I pay out good money to use MyComps’ inferior service?

    MyComps has tried to damage Loquax’s reputation to gain revenue, and that is unacceptable. They should be forced to retract their statements.

  • littleanne

    Like everyone else I love loquax not only have I had some fab prizes but also lot’s of help and advice from lovely people and I have met a few at comping days.Jason and Kirsty you are fantastic and we do appreciate all the hard work.Seems to me that mycomps are Jealous of you and our close knit community and are just trying to damage Loquax which they will never do.Hope Loquax continues for many years to come and thank you for everything.

  • aliali

    Why would anyone want the answers to a compeition they entered ?, lt is a competition after all, and in my opinion to give the answer to every comp, without the entrant puting any work into researching the answer is CHEATING. Maybe MyComps is going to start filling out all their subscribers entries, and licking the stamps on their envelopes next.!

    Comping is all about enjoyment, and a large portion of that is researching subjects that you’d never have got around to, by looking for an answer to a competition whether it’s on the internet or in a book.

    Why anyone with an inkling of common sense would want to pay £100 a year, for a
    170 comps a week, when you can get approximately 180 new comps daily on Loquax for FREE, and which is far superior, is beyond me.

    MyComps if you’re reading this, bad mouthing and telling blatant lies has a habit of rebounding back on you!.

    I look forward to hearing that justice has been done.

  • shellwin

    Well done Jason and Kirsty for setting the record straight.
    It makes you wonder as well how many of the entry’s get into the draws, when automated entry is used, so many promotors are against it. – so they are misleading their customers as well ?

  • chrisdebag1

    i only use Loquax and have done very well and had a great time since 2005

  • reneetoby

    I only use Loquax. It is quite simply the best. I win my fair share and love every minute of this hobby.Keep up the good work !

  • hazelangell

    I’ve only been on Loquax since March and have to say that I absolutely LOVE this site. I did try a different site (a free one) before I found Loquax but it didn’t compare.

    I’ve won some fantastic prizes but most of all I love the people here – everyone is so friendly and helpful, I love how users post competitions to help each other etc I can’t ever see me leaving this site – you’re well and truely stuck with me now! I’ve even got my sister to join up and my dads been out to buy a dongle so will possibly joining soon too (he’s a newbie to the internet so could be a while!). If Loqaux wasn’t so amazing I’d hardly be getting friends and family to join.

    As for this MyComps – pah – why pay more when you can pay less (or nothing in fact)!? Even if MyComps was FREE I wouldn’t use it, Loquax is a great site thats made even greater by it’s members – the fact that many members have been here for many many years says everything anyone needs to know.

    Thank you so much for this website – I hope that I too will be able to enjoy this site in many years. 🙂

  • loutm

    I only use loquax. Boo hiss to My Comps. I’d much rather find my own answers too. Anyone with half a brain and a bit of google-savvy can usually find anything that is difficult.

    Perhaps they are losing members to the fabulous service Jason and Kirsty provide?

    They have been innundating my junk folder – and they are staying in the junk folder!

  • suroben

    Very good comparison that shoots their ill informed article down. I’m perfectly happy to use the Loquax free service rather than pay over £100 annually for less competitions. If I am really stuck for an answer someone will help me though I prefer to use a brain cell or two where possible and, of course, Loquax offers far more than just a few comps in the forums.

  • sandra63

    I was a member of MyComps until I found Loquax …….. and I never went back!

  • jac22

    I’m just glad that if you search on Loquax on Goggle then their link is only on page 3. I can only imagine they are trying to get people onto their site, or people talking about them. It has got people talking about them, what they don’t realise is that it may also get people onto Loquax to see what the free services are. If people log onto Loquax, I for one don’t think they would go back. Now, let’s think if it’s a positive bit of marketing on their part…

  • NiallO

    over many years i’ve always thought the the Oxfordshire press was a gimmick, just how could they have that much extra stuff that loquax & MSE etc don’t. nice to be proved right

  • dianebelcher

    Let’s hope My Comps take notice of the replies and put the record straight with an apology to Loquax!

  • 47neil

    I think I,ve been on every comp site on the web and the only one that is any good is Loquax. I,ve been using Loquax for many years now and apart from the large number of comps the people are also friendly and helpful so keep up the good work

  • jessws

    go loquacx

  • Spagface

    Loquax wins every time. I know it sounds corny and I’ve only been signed up for a few weeks but it feels like being part of a big family. Keep up the good work!

  • Polarbear

    I take it that as expected no apology for printing a load of codswallop and lies has been received. What a very very shabby outfit they are. They should be renamed Poxfordshire Press for all the drivel they write, they must be desperate for money and subscriptions if they have to resort to attacking FREE websites to keep their various £100+ a year companies going.

  • MibsXXX

    Bliddy cheek of them!
    Jason…would you like me to write a wee article on my blog comparing the two sites?
    I can word it carefully, and I don’t much care if they don’t like what I will have to say about them! 🙂

  • janettearnold

    where is the original article please?