Why We’re Fading Out Competitions On Loquax

Posted on: November 30th, 2011 by Jason 72 Comments

One of the things we like to do on Loquax is evolve the site. We’ve listened to user feedback and after a bit of discussion between myself and Kirsty we concluded that it was time to start fading out competitions on Loquax. We’ve been updating the site for almost 14 years now and felt that it was time to make some changes….

Currently when you track competitions on the site you (or at least most of you) click the grey duck icon and turn him yellow. It’s a nice little reference to indicate you’ve been to a site and entered the competition. However, for some it’s perhaps not totally clear what you’ve entered and what you haven’t!

So here’s what happens now….


Above is our competition listing – note nothing has changed. You click the duck as usual to indicate you’ve entered! Now usually all that happens is the duck changes colour… but this is what happens now:


And there you go… the duck turns yellow and the text fades away. Leaving the competitions you haven’t entered in focus and much easier to spot. To bring it back to life, click the duck again and it’ll become grey and the information becomes bold again.

This is change is currently on the Latest Competitions listings – note you may need to refresh your browsers in cases our CSS files have cached. We’ll be updating other parts of the site in due course.

We think this will make using Loquax even easier! You can look through the lists of competitions and quickly spot those that you have left to do versus those you’ve already done.

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  • cottamweb

    Nice touch with the fading, thanks.

    It would also be nice to be able to option to ignore (remove from view) all previously entered comps.

    Another thing is comps that have passed their close date disappear which is correct but if you win something and are not sure how or why it’s difficult to find the original comp. I just won a ‘Nuts’ competition and didn’t know until the delivery man turned up with a TV. I managed to find it on Google archive because I knew the originator.

    However last year I won a ticket + goodies to Goodwood festival of speed and I have no idea which of the many different competition entries I made actually won as it was delivered by an agency and they didn’t know.

  • keriku

    Phew! I thought you were going to start stopping showing comps. Instead you are doing a Visage and going all “Fade To Grey!” Hooray!

  • @cottamweb – we do archive all competitions. If you look at the search box there’s a drop down option called “Comps Archive”

    Link also on LHS of the site called Search & Archive will take you to “http://www.loquax.co.uk/prizes/”

    We did consider removing the comps completely, but that brings it’s own problems. The fade out should be a good compromise.

  • Dragonfly63

    What a nasty moment – thought you were turning the site into something other than comping – nearly ruined my life!
    Glad that it is only an improvement I don’t know what I would do without you now. Many thanks for all your hard work.

  • Starbuck

    Jason – please don’t frighten me like that again. I had a really bad moment there.

  • greig23

    i had a panic attack and thought you wasnt putting any comps on anymore! glad your just updating the site! keep up the fab site guys πŸ™‚

  • army

    Me too, for a horrid moment I thought you were ceasing as a comping site altogether!! Helpful move tho, the fading of the comp link/info etc.

  • ladette

    at first i thought it must be the 1st april πŸ™‚
    don’t do that again

  • therealsupergirl

    Oh you nearly had me worried there! Great idea once I realised what you meant.

  • emma155

    I got worried then, I thought you were starting to get rid of the competitions forever!! Thank you to Jason, Kirsty and all the moderators who work hard to give us a great competition site! πŸ™‚

  • t1gger

    Fantastic idea. My heart nearly stopped though. Not to self read everything before jumping to conclusions. Keep up good work.

  • dsampson01

    and i panicked for a mo

  • Mac1

    Wow, What a fright – could not get to the blog quick enough!! Certainly attention grabbing. Not done many comps lately but could not imagine Loquax without comps!!

  • Mac1

    Ps Very good idea. Thanks very much Jason, Kirsty and mods for all your hard work. It is very much appreciated.

  • swampbeastie

    Thought this was either a total windup or that there must be huge money in porn sites………

    Phew! Thank goodness that’s cleared up………

  • santacat

    That scared me for a minute!!

  • athenajm

    Oh you tease Jason, I bet this blog has had more readers than normal as all us loquats panicked thinking you weren’t going to list any comps anymore!!
    Great idea though. Thanks for all the changes you guys do for us to make our lives easier!

  • flumpypup

    I too jumped to the wrong conclusion but I do like the look of the fading out. Thanks again Loquax!

  • We apologise for frightening anyone – lol!!!

    At least it means the blog gets read and hopefully you can all see what changes we’ve made. As ever we have more ideas for the site – although next time we announce them we’ll promise to use a less dramatic headline (maybe).


    Hell Fire!!!

    You had me worried as well. Had to read your posting twice and then the blog and only then did I start breathing again.


  • enzina

    what a shock to me as well…thanks Loquax( for not fading out completely) lol

  • mandy4baz

    OMG! certainly got my attention then and no doubt lots of others… lol
    I always use the duck to track but I really like the changes, very clever and very clear.
    Really enjoy reading the blog, don’t interact often enough though.

  • amandasteel2000

    scared me too, my life flashed before my eyes and I realised I need to get a better life!! lol

  • reneetoby

    I think my heart actually stopped for a second there !

  • karen22

    Oh dear, same as the others, scary moment then!

  • plumtart

    I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading, having been using your fantastic site for 11 years now it’s like an old friend! Reading on what a brill idea! Many thanks for a fab site!

  • janeg88

    I can only echo the other comments lol! Honestly you’d think with all them advents around the corner, you’d be kept nicely occupied instead of trying to scare the troops!

  • AliBe

    Jings, you scared me there for a bit…..


    I was the same as the others, quite a frightening experience. So glad it was just attention seeking, I don’t know what I would do without my Loquax comping.

  • sarahh56

    Same as, but having read the whole post, great idea and thank you !

  • stephen55

    great idea for the fade out,its making loquax even easier to use thank you πŸ™‚

  • daisyduck

    Great idea.. thank you, much easier to spot unentered comps πŸ™‚

  • glitterpuss

    Cor, that was frightening.!!! Glad I read the rest of the post.

    Great idea for fading. I like it already
    Thanks Jason & Kirsty

  • aliali

    OMG you scared the living daylights out of me, as I thought you meant you were slowly closing down Loquax.

  • fatbudgie

    Gosh, that was scary………….until I read the full story.
    Phew ! what a relief.

    Thanks Jason

  • lindas9876

    you really panic’d me there – I thought my comping days were coming to an end if you had stopped posting on the site, thank god that isn’t what you meant…

  • wendyclayton

    I too got panicky at the thought of no more comps on Loquax, but then I know that Jason likes to grab our attention and make us read what is posted and luckily it is another way to help us keep track. Thanks Jason and Kirsty for continuing to provide this great service.

  • hellywelly

    I was stunned reading that post..calmed down now though..just!phew, that’s ok then, nice idea and appreciate your always striving to evolve.

  • commandervimes

    Read the post and nearly burst into tears, now am elated. Thanks I think

  • area

    Blimey – that heading was an awful shock! You sure know how to get our attention!!!!! I may have to have chamomile tea (or something stronger to calm down!).

    Thank you both for the fading – we all think Loquax can’t get any better and you and Kirsty prove us wrong time and again!

  • Sophwar

    That was a mean trick . . . but effective in making us all read the blog!
    Thank you again for all your hard work πŸ™‚ Love the fading out! x

  • mazzyk

    I’ve only just come back to comping after a little break & the first thread I read is titled ‘Why we’re fading out competitions’!!!!!!!! I nearly lost a kidney in the trauma!

    On closer inspection I realise that it’s the other type of ‘fading’. Phew…

    As you were…. πŸ™‚

  • quumf

    LOL! That was a mean trick! Long live loquax!!

  • mojo_jojo838

    Lol, I thought I was going mad yesterday clicking comps and them disappearing. A lot simpler now though, so thanks! x

  • Tanyar

    Phew I thought it was coming to an end. This is a great idea – really clear thank you!

  • legray22

    Jason, you should write short stories; suspense with a twist in the tale!! Lol!

  • bwprint

    Thanks Jason for all your hard work.
    I read it through a couple of times,cause like others I thought the fading meant something else.
    All clear now,thanks.

  • lucidlupin

    …thought to myself it’s 1st December not April… – phew! πŸ™‚

  • HALA

    thats a great idea

  • ch56

    phew, I thought the same, and mentally checked it wasn’t ist April. The Fading looks like a good idea, thanks for all your hard work

  • Tenzing

    Good idea … but I must learn to read things correctly and not assume what I thought it meant. :(((. Really, really worried for a while. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all your hard work.

  • jlloyd

    I thought it was a joke too! Glad it’s not – good idea though, I’m always reading the text before I spot the duck is yellow. The new way should save some valuable comping time!

  • polynesian

    Great idea!Thanks for for keeping Loquax such an exciting and interesting site!

  • boomerang

    I too like the fading idea. You had me worried for a bit there.

  • marygillian

    Crikey, was I worried for a moment there!! Good Idea though

  • chie

    Great idea! but please dont change the format, as other sites have! if it aint broke and all that!

  • @Chie – no plans here to change the format! That said, it’s important we evolve as a site so the odd tweak here and update there keeps things moving forward nicely.

  • bestbefore

    great site, better than the daily papers

  • greig23

    hey great idea about the fading out, tried using it on the advent comps, not working. when i return to the comps the ones i tried to fade were back. what am i doing wromg jason?

  • If you’re using IE there’s an issue with the fade-out which we know about… the cross should still indicate though.

    If you have problems post to the forums on this thread


  • kim0111

    Great idea so much easier πŸ˜€

  • Lempers

    I’m really liking the fade out and the ducks on the advents, make it so much easier to see what you have entered especially at this time of year

  • fifties child

    anything that makes it easier is good by me, thanks

  • Meeman

    Does make things easier, was initially a bit worried, but thanks

  • grease

    what a fab iedea. Means I should be able to work through comps quicker without scrolling through those already entered. Great work thanxs

  • poppycat1

    The idea of a fadeout is good. Better,I think than hiding it altogether.

  • val2238

    Brilliant idea ….. it is certainly helping with so many advent comps πŸ™‚

  • kay wang

    Thanks for all your hard work Its a great idea

  • kim1957uk

    Thank you both so much for doing this. It makes entering the Advents and the quick comps so much easier to do

  • kim1957uk

    Just out of curiosity, though, why doesn’t it work with quick comps (slimline version)?

  • “why doesn’t it work with quick comps (slimline version)?”

    Because we hadn’t coded it to do so – but it does now πŸ™‚

  • NanaVal

    What a good idea – will certainly help when I can’t find my glasses!