Loquax Blog Competitions

We’re not adverse to running our own blog competitions and you’ll find them all here. We’ve given away a few prizes over the years on the blog including the much desired and sought after Loquax Mug. If you’d like to sponsor a Loquax Blog competition then do feel to contact us.

Over the last few months we’ve been running a few prize draws to help build up the social presence of some of our other sites – including our new chicken themed Clucky Bingo. It’s been interesting for us to be on a different side of the comping fence – and hopefully we can offer more […]

For every newspaper article showing a Queen of Competitions there are plenty more compers who struggle day to day for any kind of win.

Earlier this year we gave our duck and logo a makeover. To remind us of the various options we considered we asked Simon Chadwick at Ceratopia to put together a montage of all the ducks. The result is a unique piece of Loquax duck art and two special prints occupy wall space in both Swansea […]

The advent competitions for 2007 are but a distant memory and with increasing fuel prices, credit crunches, Portsmouth winning the FA Cup, wind and rain – there’s really not that much to be cheerful about! So we’ve decided to put some sunshine into Loquax and have, erm, an advent competition in June! Well, ok, technically […]