Loquax Prize Draws

As well as listing free UK competitions we also like to run a few of our own prize draws. All are free to enter and you’re more than welcome to enter daily for extra entries. By supporting these prize draws you are helping to keep Loquax running. Shares of the competitions are very welcome and help spread the word about the site. Good Luck and don’t forget to come back each week for a new giveaway.

Congratulations to Heidi S!

We’re giving you the chance to win two bottles of 🍻beer and a packet of 🥔crisps for the perfect 👨‍👦‍👦boys night in! OK, it’s a posh version which also includes other fancy snacks like fudge, crackers and salsa. And we’d like to point out that the prize draw is open to all genders and not just for boys!

Congratulations to Kathryn N!

We have a fabulous wooden box with your name on the lid to give away! And it’s filled with six different varieties of liquorice sweets – ⚙️wheels, 🌪️twists, Pontefract 🧁cakes and more – all sorts of them in fact!

Congratulations to William A!

This string of 🌈brightly coloured ‘neonesque’ 💡light bulbs will light up your ☀️summer evenings outside,  and we have a set to give away. Hanging them in your 🪴garden is easy as they are 🌤️solar powered and don’t need 🔌plugging in!

Congratulations to Tammie!

We’re giving away a chocolicious 🧺hamper with a fabulous selection of goodies for all the 🍫chocolate 💝lovers! There’s chocolate in the biscuits, chocolate in the fudge, chocolate in the chocolate!

Congratulations to Donna!

We’re giving you the chance to win a bottle of ⚡️electric 🟦blue 🍸gin which is flavoured with 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scottish 🍓raspberries and reacts to change colours through 💕pinks and 💙blues when you add it to a mixer!

Congratulations to George R!

We’re giving you the chance to win a 💡light up LED borderless 🕰️clock where the digits look like they are ☁floating in mid air!

Congratulations to Margaret C!

We have a lovely bag full of gluten and wheat free goodies to give away! The goodies are both sweet and savoury and include 🍪chocolate biscuits and 🧀cheddar crackers. And what’s more the 🛍️bag itself is a nice reusable red jute one!

Congratulations to Catherine M!

We’re giving you the chance to win a bundle of 🍫Cadbury Easter 🪺Eggs! This essential collection includes all the choice brands like 😵‍💫Twirl, 🤫Wispa and of course 🍳Creme Eggs!

Congratulations to Robert W!

We’re giving you the chance to win 🧀cheese! Or at least the means to make your own cheese with this kit that includes all the dry ingredients you need to make Mediterranean cheeses like 🇮🇹ricotta, 🇨🇾halloumi and 🇬🇷feta!