Loquax Prize Draws

As well as listing free UK competitions we also like to run a few of our own prize draws. All are free to enter and you’re more than welcome to enter daily for extra entries. By supporting these prize draws you are helping to keep Loquax running. Shares of the competitions are very welcome and help spread the word about the site. Good Luck and don’t forget to come back each week for a new giveaway.

Congratulations to Alison H!

We have a collection of three tea caddies to give away! They feature Chelsea Breakfast, Piccadilly and Covent Garden tea blends. There’s also a nifty Teatime infuser and ☕️teatime wouldn’t be complete without a packet of 🍪All Butter Chocolate Chip Shortbread which looks a bit posh to dunk but we think it’ll work anyway.

Congratulations to Nata T!

We have an unusual 🛸 UFO shaped hanging planter to give away! You could perhaps fill it with little green 👽 men but it’s perfect for filling with little green 🌵 plants.

Congratulations to William A!

This pink grapefruit flavoured gin is made with the glittery tears of fabulous 🦩flamingos… we must point out that no 🦩flamingos were harmed in the making of the gin. Actually we’re not entirely certain that 🦩flamingos were involved at all, but pink grapefruits and gin definitely were! We have a bottle to give away to one lucky winner!

Congratulations to Anne D!

This gorgeous Heart Multi Photo Frame has four apertures to display some of your favourite 📷photos and little 💛hearts and 🎀bows to show that you 💝love them! We have one to give away to a lucky winner!

Congratulations to Robert W!

We are giving you the chance to win a selection of old fashioned sweets 🍬 that come in an old fashioned sweet shop shaped box! There are foam bananas 🍌 love hearts ❤️ lollies 🍭 fried eggs🍳 and many more packed inside.

Congratulations to Hannah N!

Not only is this gorgeous tumbler subtly shimmery and shiny but it’ll be engraved with your name so no one can borrow it, or your drink! We have one to give away to a lucky winner.

Congratulations to Aaron M!

We’re giving you the chance to win a fab addition to any ☀️summer barbecue: a kit to add amazing smoky flavours to your barbecue 🍖meat. The kit includes 🥃whisky barrel and 🍐pear wood chips, a stainless steel smoker box and a peri peri hot 🌶spice rub! Mmmm!

Congratulations to Jayne W!

We have a gold foil gift bag to give away that’s packed to the brim with luxury chocolate treats! Inside you’ll find chocolate 🍰cake, chocolate 🍿popcorn, hot chocolate 🥄spoons as well as 🍫bars of chocolate and more deluxe snacks. Yum!

Congratulations to Yvonne J!

We have a fab pamper box full of treats just for you to give away! What’s in the box might be different to what is shown here but each box contains a range of beauty treats, from 💇‍♀️hair care and 👄make up to 💆‍♂️skincare and 🧰beauty tools.