A couple of years back it’s safe to say that one aspect of comping really riled us – automated competition entry services. We pretty much led the way in making compers and promoters aware of this spam that was essentially ruining a lot of competitions. Our blog Automated Competition Entry IPs & Emails: Updated Help […]

As well as offering advice to compers, we also like to use our blog to help promoters. This blog aims to give promoters, PRs, siteowners etc who are considering running advent comps some useful tips. Some of our comments may not be appreciated by compers – but hopefully most will understand where we’re coming from. […]

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of competitions, contests and prize draws – for the most part they’re fine and we’re happy to tell our users about them. However more and more we’re seeing annoying little traits cropping up in online promotions – school boy/school girl errors which turn what should be a good […]

You don’t write about voting competitions for ages and then you get a couple of blogs coming along within a couple of weeks! This evening we spotted another brand ditching their intended voting competition mechanic – although we think the decision is more technical than cheating. IAMS have been searching for a Cat Champion and […]

It’s been almost a year since we started blogging about automated competition entries and the effects that they have on online competitions. Over that time we’ve managed to reveal email accounts that organisers, agencies and promoters need to be on the look out for when it comes to making sure that their competitions are automated […]

Earlier in the month we asked if it was time to ban automated competition entry services. These services are run by companies that get paid to enter competitions on behalf of people too lazy to visit websites and enter prize draws themselves. The entrant pays a monthly subscription and that’s it. They never visit a […]

No sooner do we decide to bring all the twitter competition blogging from Competwitions over to Loquax then there’s an almighty explosion of tweet to win prize draws. We’re now busy retweeting daily and you can keep up with us either via Twitter or our twitter feed. Sadly we can’t spot every twitter competition and […]