Comping Tips

When it comes to offering hints and tips about comping we usually go for the obvious one – “enter competitions and prize draws” – as after all if you’re not in then you can’t win. After that it’s simply a case of you deciding how many or how few you wish to enter and what type of competitions you may prefer. Some folk like the do them all approach whilst others are more selective and target creative entries. Below are some blogs containing plenty of pearls of comping wisdom. For more you might wish to review our comping guide.

2020 Goals

Comping Bloggers In 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! How are your New Year Resolutions going? Each and every year we resolve we’re going to try and breathe life into the Loquax Blog. But then life and other priorities get in

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Di Coke

A Review Of SuperLucky Secrets

I first started taking an interest in competitions in 1997. Back then the only books I remember being available on “how to win competitions” were all about tiebreakers. Fast forward to 2015 and a quick

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How To Spot Fake Competitions On Facebook

Facebook has played a massive role in changing how competitions work online. However, one thing they’ve not been good at it stopping fake competitions manifesting themselves across the network. Most regular compers will probably already

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It's A Scam

Are Online Competitions Rigged?

Last week an article appeared on Reddit titled “The Daily Telegraph rig their competitions to be won by friends/contributors”. In the article the author, telegraphpolygraph, outlined how they believe that prizes from a recent Men

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A Comping Offer Too Good To Miss?

It’s probably wrong for a competition site that couldn’t continue to make the ‘free model’ work as we’d have liked to commentate on subscription services. However, one of the aims of Loquax back in the

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