Facebook Comping

Way back in 2007 we wrote our first blog on Facebook and comping. Despite the terrible writing we concluded that “we fully expect Facebook to be a source of interesting competitions in 2008”. Fast forward to today and Facebook is a huge resource for comping and compers. It’s fair to say that it really did change things – although not always for the better. Once you’re done here do check out the latest Facebook Competitions.

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UKGC Raffles

UKGC Clamp Down On Facebook Raffles

The UK Gambling Commission’s (The UKGC) role is to “regulate most types of gambling in Great Britain, including The National Lottery in the UK”. Many regard gambling as sportsbook, poker, slots and bingo. However their

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Now TV

Win £35,000 To Watch TV For A Year

Sorry guys we’ll not be updating Loquax for a year as we’re going to be winning NowTV’s latest competition. They’re offering someone the chance to take a year off work and get paid £35,000 streaming

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How To Spot Fake Competitions On Facebook

Facebook has played a massive role in changing how competitions work online. However, one thing they’ve not been good at it stopping fake competitions manifesting themselves across the network. Most regular compers will probably already

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