Twitter Comping

Twitter or as it’s now called was another social media platform that changed how online competitions ran. Likes, shares and tweets soon became phrases in the comper’s lexicon. Many promoters now prefer Instagram for their giveaways and Elon’s tinkering has made X more of a mess for prize draw hunters. That said there’s still plenty of prizes to try and enter via Twitter Competitions and we do occasionally pop up a blog if there’s anything of note.

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Whisky Santa

What Is #WhiskySanta All About?

Way back in the dim and distant past Haggis Hunt was usually the first indication that festive competitions and advent prizes were on their way. The competition involved staring at haggis-cams in the hope of

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Secret Yorkshire

Secret Yorkshire Competitions

Yesterday (15th June 2023) we received a message from a Loquax user who felt that they’d been potentially “scammed” because of a prize draw that they’d visited via a posting on the site. The prize

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Now TV

Win £35,000 To Watch TV For A Year

Sorry guys we’ll not be updating Loquax for a year as we’re going to be winning NowTV’s latest competition. They’re offering someone the chance to take a year off work and get paid £35,000 streaming

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Win Cash When England Score

Win A New Car With Every England Goal

The World Cup kicks off in Russia tomorrow (14th June) and that means a whole month of football fun and thrills. Hooray! Thankfully there’s not much hype around England’s chances of winning this time round.

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