Win A Car

Winning a car is often seen as the ‘holy grail’ for compers. However we do wonder whether this ‘biggie’ has lost some shine due to some competitions now offering houses and life changing cash prizes. In the early days of online comping cars were actually quite common prizes. One bingo brand actually gave away a Fiat 500 a day for 31 days! Today car prizes are a lot more elusive. Below you’ll find blogs involving car giveaways over the history of Loquax.

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McDonalds Monopoly 2020

McDonald’s Monopoly 2023 Is Back

McDonald’s are bringing back their popular Monopoly promotion for another run. In a recent tweet on X or Twitter or whatever daft name Elon Musk wants to give it, McDonald’s that Monopoly will return on

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Win Cash When England Score

Win A New Car With Every England Goal

The World Cup kicks off in Russia tomorrow (14th June) and that means a whole month of football fun and thrills. Hooray! Thankfully there’s not much hype around England’s chances of winning this time round.

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