Twitter Comping

Twitter competitions have become very popular – this section takes a look at how the competitions run. If you’re new to Twitter competitions then our blogs contatin useful information to help you, plus we also have a Guide to Twitter Comping that you might find useful.

If you read comping forums and social media, it’s generally regarded that winning prizes has got a lot harder. On top of that the quality of prizes is perhaps not as good as it was. Most certainly the days of big cash prizes, multiple DVDs and 100s of tshirt giveaways are a distant memory. But […]

Once upon a time competitions used to involve purchasing an item, writing a slogan/tiebreaker and sometimes sending off a receipt as proof of purchase. Then, along came the internet and that kind of scuppered that way of comping. That’s not good news for brands who perhaps want sales as well as brand awareness when they […]

Keep midday free on the 3rd October 2012 and make sure you’re logged on to Twitter! Why? Well you could end up with a brand new car thanks to Auto Trader! The UK’s number one marketplace to sell new and used cars will be hosting a ‘New Car Drop’ stunt – where they’ll be suspending […]

We’ve focused a lot of this blog on Facebook competitions lately and overlooked the fact that Twitter also has it’s fair share of issues. There are still question marks about how winners are picked, mutliple entries and running good interactive competitions. Examples of competitions that aren’t good are always worth sharing – firstly it makes […]

The popularity of competitions of Twitter hasn’t gone unnoticed at the micro blogging network and news reaches Loquax that they are going to be introducing new restrictions that will effect compers. At the moment compers can retweet and enter competitions via Twitter with few penalties (with twitjail the only threat for over zealous users). However, […]

Twitter competitions have become increasingly popular over the last year or so. Every day, especially Friday, there’s usually a number of giveaways offering prizes ranging in value. To enter an entrant is usually asked to retweet a message to enter. What we, at Loquax, wanted to do was take a look at Twitter comps and […]

Twitter competitions, where promoters offer prizes to encourage users to tweet or follow them, have become increasingly popular. In any one day you can expect dozens of RT this message to win or follow us and we’ll giveaway a prize tweets. Follow a few compers and your timeline, especially during working hours, can become inundated! […]

Last week we blogged about WETcreative and their mysterious iPad Twitter competition that vanished forever leaving many twitter compers believing that it was in fact a bogus giveaway. Well now there’s another name joining them! This week it’s the turn of @Treasurechase. They were running a competition to win £250 of Selfridges vouchers. To take […]

Late on Friday we received a message on Twitter regarding problems with a recent iPad competition that had appearing on the social network. The message read “Please RT and unfollow @WETcreative for running a dodgy ipad competition #unfollowfriday”. Naturally intrigued we looked deeper and found that a number of compers were annoyed by the competition. […]

Friday is a big day for compers who hang out on Twitter as it’s the day when a lot of brands run competitions. Some have dubbed it #FreebieFriday which is good news for compers, but not good for our poor @Loquax account trying to retweet the competitions to you. Whilst we try and make sure […]