Twitter Comping

Twitter competitions have become very popular – this section takes a look at how the competitions run. If you’re new to Twitter competitions then our blogs contatin useful information to help you, plus we also have a Guide to Twitter Comping that you might find useful.

Twitter competitions are getting even more and more popular, so we thought we’d update and remind you of some of our guides and blogs from last year. If you’re new to Twitter then the Getting Started with Twitter isn’t a bad place to start. It gives you a brief overview about the micro blogging site […]

No sooner do we decide to bring all the twitter competition blogging from Competwitions over to Loquax then there’s an almighty explosion of tweet to win prize draws. We’re now busy retweeting daily and you can keep up with us either via Twitter or our twitter feed. Sadly we can’t spot every twitter competition and […]

Scramble, the competition site that used Twitter, has unexpectedly closed down – at least in it’s current format. The site has never really recovered from the issues that arose when people grouped together to try and “fix” which item would win the daily prize draw. Many comper’s asked for fair play and Scramble reacted with […]

A competition site that uses Twitter has had an interesting few days! Scramble asks entrants to post items on it’s site and then these are retweeted by other players during the day. The item with the most tweets wins a prize with another prize awarded randomly to those who tweeted. This weekend, however, a gaming […]

Competitions on Twitter are the subject of an interesting article on The NMA. They ask if brands risk being labeled as spammers if they run competitions on Twitter and cite recent examples from Moonfruit and Mpora. The article is very interesting and has plenty of valid points. The best part of the piece comes from […]

There have been a couple of high profile twitter competitions lately, most notably the Moonfruit Macbook one. According to The NMA Twitter pulled Moonfruit from it’s trending topics list as it’s competition possibly became a bit too spammy (400 tweets a minute at one point). However, not all twitter competitions are as successful – so […]

One of the most popular questions we’re asked by compers about Twitter is “how do I enter the competitions”? Well, there are a number of ways that competitions are run on Twitter, you might have to follow someone, retweet a line of text, reply to them via a direct message (DM) or even write something […]

So you’ve decided to give Twitter a try and want to see if you can win some prizes? Brilliant! But what do you have to do to get started? Well, first of all you’re going to need to register with Twitter. This is quite painless to do and best of all it’s free. Before you […]

Back in February we blogged about finding competitions and prizes on micro blogging social media site Twitter. Slowly, but surely, competitions (or perhaps they’re better called competwitions) are starting to appear regularly on Twitter and this week saw the first one become a trending topic. Something becomes a trending topic when it becomes the focus […]

Earlier in the year we told you how you could follow Loquax on Twitter. Since then the number of people, including celebrities and brands, who use the micro blogging social network has increased. We’ve also spotted that, occasionally, there are competitions and giveaways. They tend to be short notice and can attract few entries (meaning […]