2011 and The Year Ahead for Competitions!

January 2nd, 2011

The world of online competitions is evolving and the last 12 months has seen some of the biggest changes. We have new methods of entering competitions via the likes of Twitter and Facebook, there are new listing sites and blogs, and there’s the unsavoury side of comping life in the form of cheating. By the same score, the new social media elements do help bring these kind of issues to the foreground.

So what does 2011 hold for compers and competitions?

We hope that it will be a year in which brands and siteowners start to take responsibility for their promotions. That they start to think about how their competition is going to run and that they understand the pitfalls and problems before they kick off. Our guide to running competitions, written with over a decade of experience behind it, should be a good start for any promoter.

There are so many issues facing promoters when they run competitions – automated entry services, vote rigging, multiple accounts and cheating such as passing off photos/images as your own. They need to be vigilant and aware of these things. Sadly not many are! Let’s hope this year a few more get clued up.

We also hope that 2011 will be a year when Twitter and Facebook competitions are not so much regulated (as that would be impossible) but better structured. For example we’d like to see Twitter insist that a competition running via it’s system has accessible terms and conditions. Anyone can just post “Win an iPad – RT to enter” and generate themselves some promotion.

If Twitter aren’t going to suggest this via their contest guidelines, then it’d be nice to see compers asking for terms and conditions from twittering promoters rather than just randomly retweeting anything that pops up in their timelines. Promoters need to be more responsible but compers need to start insisting they are too – a good combination to help make online comping better (in our opinion).

We’d also like to see the end to the “we’ll giveaway blah when we have x likes/followers” or “we’ll giveaway blah to the x00th person” – just because they’re basically poor!

Blogs are one area to watch out for in 2011 with regards to competitions!

We don’t mean you writing blogs, but blogs giving away prizes. We’ve seen a steady growth in blog sites doing giveaways over the last few months and these are a good source for little prizes, especially for kids and parents. Mommy blogging has been big in The USA and it’s catching on over here too.

Bloggers are given stuff to review, they review it and then some of them giveaway the goodies. Entry is usually via commenting on the blog, but for some very odd reason many people don’t like entering this way. If you can overcome your fear of writing a few words on a blog then you’ll find a new way to enter low entry comps.

The downside is that some bloggers don’t like compers and prefer that their prizes are won by their subscribers. With that in mind we’ll only include blog competitions that are sent in to us.

With so many new ways to enter competitions (and indeed so many competitions) keeping a site like Loquax up to date is always a challenge. Our aim for 2011 is to try and provide the best service we can. If you help and contribute (posting FB/Twitter comps, posting to the main site, postal comps) then that helps us, but also helps your fellow users. Everyone’s efforts, no matter how small, are welcome.

If people prefer not to get involved (or use Loquax but go and contribute to other sites – as some people do *sob*) then fair enough, we’ll just continue to do what we do. And that’s updating daily (365 days a year), tweaking the site, making improvements and offering a free competition community site that is independent of any publication or data management company.

It’ll be our 13th year this year and it’ll be tough. But as we’ve always maintained – whilst we’re enjoying running Loquax (and people keep visiting) then we’ll hope to be here. 2010 in hindsight was a good year for the duck and probably the most enjoyable work wise for a few years too, we hope that 2011 will be equally as good.

Win a Loquax Mug & Pen!

So what are your predictions for comping in 2011?

Do you think comping in 2011 will be better than 2010? Are you worried about the rise of Twitter/Facebook comps or do you think they’ll fade away? Will sites like Loquax still be an important element for compers or are the days of the listing site numbered as people move to mainstream social media?

Let us know your thoughts – we’ll giveaway a Loquax Mug and Loquax Pen to one lucky commentator. Closing date for entries is the 21st January. Entries from The UK only please and only one comment per person will be included in the draw.

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