Abbreviated Competitions On Loquax

September 7th, 2012

Whilst trawling through the competitions listed on Loquax you might come across abbreviations or things in brackets. You may well sit there wondering “what the heck does that mean” or you might just make something up to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. However, wonder and thirst no more as here’s a quick run down of what everything means (or at least what they should mean).

FB: A nice easy one this – it simply means that you’ll need to enter via Facebook.

Tw: Another easy one – a Tw means that you’ll need to enter via Twitter.

EE: Extra Entry – this usually means you can enter daily for additional entries into a draw but they are not giving out daily prizes. You may also see this on some blog comps when they offer you a multitude of ways to get involved!

Code Reqd: Short for “code required”! You’ll normally see this on comps where you need to add a code from a promotional pack to enter.

Purchase Reqd: This is “purchase required” – i.e. you will need to buy something to take part. Sometimes (and sorry in advance) we mix up code requireds and purchase requireds but they’re usually similar (and it depends who adds the competition).

Pay: Fairly self explanatory – you need to pay to enter!

NPN: Means No Purchase Necessary. The competition at first glance may require you to pay to take part, but there’s a way to enter without spending anything. The National Lottery for example sometimes runs prize draws for players of selected games – but the rules will offer a NPN email route.

Customers/Members Only: You will see these on comps from the likes of Vodafone and The AA. Quite simply they promos we’re listing are only open to people who are customers or members. If you’re neither then it saves you going to the site.

SMS/Postal/Phone: Again a nice easy one. We’re basically giving you an extra indicator that the comp is not a web entry and these are the ways to enter.

Location: Sometimes you will see a location in brackets – for concerts this gives you an idea where the gig is being held, whilst for some comps we’re giving you a warning that the promotion is more localised. Sometimes you may also see “must collect” – another warning that the comp is aimed at residents of a specific area.

Hopefully that covers all the abbreviations and notes we use on the listings. Remember if you do have a question then just pop it down on the Loquax Discussion Forum and we’ll do our best to answer it.

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