Cross Out Competitions With Our Tracker

January 4th, 2012

Following on from the advent tracking system we devised, we’ve taken your ideas and suggestions on board and added a new feature to our “quacker tracker” – that’s the little grey/yellow duck thing to help you keep tags on the competitions you’ve entered. Sometimes you see a competition we’ve listed that perhaps you’re not interested in or perhaps you want to revisit at a later date?

To accommodate this we’ve now added a big red cross next to the grey duck!

Cross Out

The duck tracker works exactly as it has done before. Click the grey duck, he’ll turn yellow and the competition fades to indicate you’ve gone and entered that competition.

If you click the cross this will fade out the competition – meaning where ever you go on Loquax it will remain faded. An indicator to you that “you’ve done with that particular promotion”.

Cross Out

At any time you can unfade a competition simply by clicking the cross (or duck). So if you mistakenly hit the wrong icon just click it again. The cross out is on a per competition basis. When we recycle comp ids (e.g. for weekly competitions) those particular competitions should remain blocked out for you if you’ve chosen to do that (we hope anyway).

There’s another useful way to use the cross out – and that’s to mark competitions as ones you wish to go back to later on. But how do you know which ones they are? Well, we’ve created a page just for you…

If you follow the link through to your Quack Stats you’ll find an option to see your crossed out stats.

Cross Out

This will show the competitions you’ve “crossed out” on a particular day. You can also review your comping activity on previous days (we’re going to extend this from the current 14 days archive), but note that we’ll only show competitions that are currently open. If you then choose to enter any of the competitions you’ve crossed out, we’ve put the duck tracker in place so you can mark it off. This will move the competition to your “entered” lists.

Some Things To Remember…

1. Click the duck to mark as entered!
2. Click the cross to just hide the competition and indicate not entered/interested.
3. Double click a duck/cross and you’ll reset the competition.
4. You can find all your stats under “Quack Stats”!
5. You need to be logged in to use these options.
6. No ducks? Logout, go to and then log in again leaving “auto login” ticked!

We hope that makes sense to you and that it proves to be a useful additional tool to help your comping with Loquax.

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