Ducks & Direct Link To Daily Entries Return

May 23rd, 2013

Although there’s been big changes at Loquax over the last few months it hasn’t meant the end of competitions on the site. Thanks to the efforts of the community the comping side of things have ticked along. As things have settled we’ve been able to start looking at improving things and redeveloping various features to improve the experience.

Daily Competitions

One area of comping that is popular is the ‘daily entry’ and clicking through loads of forum posts is time consuming. Fast forward to advent time (yes we have looked that far ahead too) and we’re going to need a solution for that issue too. So we locked Kirsty away for a few weeks to come up with something clever… and we’re pleased to announce the return of daily list – with direct links – the duck tracker for the dailies and the ignore button!

Thanks to some clever programming we’re able to take your forum posts, rejig them and turn them into direct links – so you can quickly waltz through the daily entry comps. You can mark the ones you’ve done with the ducky and fade out/ignore the ones you like to avoid with the cross. Exactly the same as the old system!

Once we’re happy that it all works wonderfully for you (we’re fairly sure it does) then we’ll set about sorting listing daily Facebook and other stuff that you like in terms of the daily entry competitions, such as blog comps, instants etc. Our aim is simply to make the forum system easier for you to use – but at the same manageable for us. So far so good!

We hope that this is good news for those of you who have stuck with us over the last few months, and interesting news for those of you who left feeling that a forum system couldn’t work.

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