Find Facebook Competitions On A Free Site

November 26th, 2012

Last week a new service launched offering compers the chance to easily find lists of social media competitions such as those on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Now you could choose to pay between £50 and £100 a year for such a service or you could save your cash and use a free site.

“But it’s so hard to find competitions on a free site” is something we’ve seen a few times over the past week…. well, it’s panto season so all together now “oh no it isn’t”. And before you can say “oh yes it is” here’s how to do it!!

1. Finding The Latest/New/Closing Facebook Comps

The three main sections of Loquax are our Latest Today, New Today and Closing Soon sections. Provided you’re using our “Quick Comps” format (that’s most of you btw) then you’ll see lists of comps on those pages.

At the top of the page you’ll see a dropdown box called “Display Options” – this allows you to filter the list by prize type (e.g. books, electricals, holidays etc). There’s also an option to show “Facebook & Social” comps only. Select that option and hit “Go” to activate the filter. We’ll then show you the relevant comps in a nice long list (it will get long at the end of the month, so we’ll sort out some pagination for you).

2. Finding Facebook Comps By Prize!

So you love comping on Facebook but you just want to win beauty stuff…. surely Loquax doesn’t offer such an option! Well, yes we do and yes that’s free to use too. All you need to do to find prizes by type is use our Prize Directory and then select the category of prize you fancy. Now our Beauty Section has 200 or so competitions, but if you click “FB Only” you’ll be shown only the comps running on Facebook for beauty stuff.

Cool eh!!

3. All The Facebook Comps

We admit, yes it’s very hard to find Facebook competitions on free sites. We apologise that our category called Facebook Competitions which we launched a few years back isn’t so clear and obvious with regards with what it does!!! By the way with that page you can sort the comps by date added, closing, sitename etc… that’s free to use too.

4. Facebook Comps By Type

It’d be nice to show FB comps by entry mechanic so this is something we’re going to be working on.

5. Daily Facebook Comps

You can locate these in two places – firstly on Loquax’s usual daily list and secondly via one of our tabs on the Loquax Facebook Page. Both have track/ignore options – and that info will appear in your Quack Stats!!

6. Advent Facebook Comps

We expect to see a few of these this year, so as last year, they’re on their own page – Facebook Advents. Bookmark it and don’t forget that that is free too!

7. And There’s More…

By the way you may notice we don’t list too many Twitter comps – time wise it’s absurd for us to find comps and list them just to see them retweeted by loads of compers moments later. Our advice is use something like Twitninja or follow other compers… it’s quicker, faster and it’s free.

However, some short notice Twitter comps, short notice Facebook comps and anything else may find it’s way on to our forum – check it out and also make sure you drop in on Loquax’s Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

By the way, a great way to get involved with Loquax is to share a few comps on the forum (and main site) and if you can help out then that’d be great. Shared comps amongst a community of compers is also a lot cheaper than forking out cash to find listings!!!

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