Our 1st Video Newsletter & How You Can Win £1000

November 7th, 2007

How would you like to win £1000 from Loquax? Of course you would! But how can you get your hands on this prize? Well watch our first ever competitions video newsletter and all be revealed! What’s that? A video newsletter! How does that work? Well watch and see – basically it’s a video (complete with Jason’s voice over) featuring a couple of competitions and features on Loquax. Our aim is to see if by using video we can perhaps get over to users some of the more interesting things in the comping and Loquax world better than perhaps our newsletter can!

As it’s an experiment, we’ve stuck with some familiar websites and other than our forthcoming £1000 competition there’s perhaps not too many revelations that a well informed Loquax user wouldn’t know about. Anyway.. take a look:

Sites Featured In The Video
Win an Apple Ipod Touch
Win a Remote Controlled Helicopter (I Want One of Those)
Win 1 of 1 Million Prizes (Baileys Million)
Torque of the North (Cancer Research Sponsorship)
Jackpotjoy (Win £1000, PS3)
Loquax Daily Scratchcard (Free Jackpotjoy Prize Points)
Loquax Forums
The Winners Post
The £1000 Loquax Competition – Coming Soon!
Xmastime (Christmas Gift Ideas & Discount Codes)

Thank You To..
Bubbles17 for sending in a prize winning photo
Apollo Brummies for music!

We’d like to do more video newsletters in the future (e.g. monthly, bimonthly) as we think we can definitely improve a few things, and also have more user involvement too (photos, video etc). This is a unique step for a competition site and we hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave (constructive and kind) comments and/or suggestions!

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