Fun & Stress Free Advent Competitions For 2012

November 29th, 2012

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year again. As of 1st December loads of compers will forsake their families, forget about work, give up on sleep and as for Christmas shopping – if it’s not done then Santa isn’t coming this year kids (he is really and he does exist). Oh hooray it’s time for advent competitions.

Briefly each day as we countdown to Christmas promoters run daily prize draws (some throw in offers or free gifts or vouchers too – just to confuse things). This replaces the more traditional Christmas scene behind the advent calendar prize draw. Now this used to be a nice distraction during December as there were usually 50 or so fun competitions – last year it was up in the 200s and 300s and insanely busy. Remember these are usually on top of the regular comps and promotions!!

Prizes vary from site to site – sites like Whistles will be offering some decent fashion items for example. The bad news is that there’s not a competition for the advent calendar that appears in the video above.

The key to advent is to be organised and our advent tracker launched last year will prove invaluable. Our advents are listed on two pages – web advents and Facebook/Twitter Advents – and are accessible now. Go through them and see which ones appeal – for example you might not like golf prizes so you can eliminate those straight away.

If you don’t like Facebook comps then you can ignore those, Twitter the same… once you “cross out” a comp on our advent list it will stay faded out. So when you return the next day you’ll know not to do it. For the competitions you like use the duck to track it (remember quack to track). When you click the duck it will turn yellow and the entry fades – at midnight we will reset the duck and you then know to go again. For more info do check out the advent tracker blog.

Worth noting is that because December 1st is a Saturday some promotions may not start until the 3rd! By this we’re thinking Twitter and Facebook daily giveaways that some promoters may do outside the guidelines. Being a weekend, it’s also worth mentioning that if competitions go wrong (and they always do) then it might not be fixed until the Monday. So if things aren’t right try not to stress about it, just move on to another comp.

In fact, for 2012 that’s our message regarding advent competitions. Try not to stress about them! Enjoy them and have fun with them – be selective. If after a few days you’re thinking “these are rubbish” (as always happens) then leave them be and concentrate on other comps. Remember you don’t have to do them and don’t have to do every one of them.

However, if you spot any advents that we are missing then do let us know. Your help at this time is especially appreciated as it means we too can enjoy a stress free and fun filled December too.

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