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June 3rd, 2015

Although we’ve made changes to the site recently, the Loquax Team are still firmly “retired” when it comes to posting competitions. This means that the baton remains with users and promoters to ensure that the site is well populated with the latest prizes and promos.

As well as improving the listings we’ve also been tweaking a few things to try and make things easier for those who do contribute and those who want to but struggle. Obviously with the speedier way to enter comps on Loquax now in full swing, “not having time” to post a comp or two will be a thing of the past 😉

Tag Search

Anyway – one of the first things we’ve fixed is the tag search. Tags are used to find competitions by promoter and the forum search wasn’t always perfect. Whilst the new search is not 100% it does offer a better search facility and also pulls up details of previous posters.

The previous posters are listed as we know some users like to have “their competitions” to post regularly. This is fine but it can sometimes cause friction when someone else posts – knowingly or not that there’s a “regular”. However, we can’t stop people posting or contributing comps that may have previously been posted by another person. What we do suggest is that you simply have a little chat via the messaging system and that should be more than enough to resolve issues.

We do have a regular posters list – although this is in need of revamping because it was originally designed for magazine posts and not the multitude of online competitions. The changes have definitely given the Loquax Team a lot more work to do!

Finding competitions to contribute can sometimes be a bit of an issue. First off no one is forced to contribute nor are there penalties if you don’t. It’s just nice if you do!

Tag Search

To help you possibly find comps we’ve updated our recently closed section. This looks at the number of comps posted for a particular site over the last 90 days and indicates whether we think they may or may not be worth checking for competitions. It’s a bit rough and ready but it does give you a platform to start from – should you wish to contribute.

Of course competitions can be found via all the usual sources such as emails, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

Finally the biggest stumbling block when it comes to contributing is that people feel they may do something wrong. Our posting competitions guide hopefully covers a lot of bases. However mistakes will happen so don’t worry about it. Any issues will be sorted out.

If you have any questions then please get in touch.

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