Loquax Competition Listing Revamp Continues

June 8th, 2015

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Now that the new system is ticking along nicely we’re now busy tidying things up a bit. First of all we’ve added a boatload of listing options to new, closing, list by prize and list by competition type. This means you will be usally able to sort each list by date added, closing date, sitename, prize category and type of entry needed.

With the new tracker in place you need to be able to see what you’ve ignored and entered – so our new entered comps and ignored comps pages will be of assistance. We’ve kept them basic in so much that you can review entered/ignored from A to Z. From these pages you can change the status of a competition too.

We may jazz them up a bit in the future but history tells us stats and other nonsense isn’t that popular. The pages also only list current competitions rather than act as a database of your comping history. Again history tells us that not many compers really want to see this information.

What you do want to see though is competitions and our new tracker system now includes comps posted in the postcard and phone forums. There aren’t as many of these methods of entry these days but they do have big prizes – especially the ITV competitions.

You’ll recognise the postcard or phone-in comps by their icons – plus we’ll take you to the actual forum post to enter as well. The duck tracker can be used to mark off your entries and we’re currently working on integrating duckie on to threads/posts so that you know what you’ve done when using the forum in the usual way.

We hope you like what we’ve done with Loquax over the last week or two. As usual – if you have any questions or suggestions then do leave us a comment below or via the forum.

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