Loquax Competition Listings – Update!

January 4th, 2013

Earlier this week we announced the difficult decision to end the competition listing service that we have run for almost 15 years. We expected a wide range of reactions and to be honest we have been overwhelmed by the mostly positive comments and thanks from users. We can only thank you for being so kind and understanding.

It’s been an emotional week for The Loquax Team and for the moment we will be taking a step back and taking stock of the situation.

However, we have been surprised by the reaction of users who want a competition service to remain on Loquax. They’ve started adding competitions to the forum and looking at ways to keep a comping community on the site. Whilst we can’t offer guarantees to the long term future of the forum, we will monitor it over the coming months to see how it develops.

It’s important to note that this is by users for users, so it’s success and future really comes down to people getting involved. If you choose to stay on at Loquax then you’ll find the competitions listed in the Postcard, Phone & Online Competitions – Posted For Users by Users section. There is a tracker system in place (click on the thanks button) and there are ways to view closing competitions and competitions by date added.

Unentered Online Competitions
Closing Online Competitions
Entered Competitions

For some users this format may not be ideal or a touch more anarchic compared to the main site listings – at the moment it’s on an as is basis but it’s useable once you figure out the options. Other users and mods are on hand to help with any questions.

If you are a siteowner, blogger or promoter then you can add your competition to the forum – please register as a user and follow the instructions for posting.

Finally we can reiterate our thanks to everyone who has been supportive. Thank you.

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