Loquax To End Competition Listing Service!

Loquax To End Competition Listing Service!

For almost 15 years Loquax has been listing competitions and providing compers with a fantastic free service. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and we are today announcing the termination of our competition listing service. Effective immediately (2nd January 2013) we will not be adding new competitions to the main site. The closing & prize sections will naturally taper out over the coming weeks. Once that process has been completed then changes will be made to the site to realign its focus in other areas. We appreciate that this announcement will come as a shock and surprise to our users. We can only apologise! We’ve been lucky enough to be in charge of a wonderful site and this kind of decision is not taken lightly.

A Dramatically Changing World

Over the last few years, and especially in 2012, the comping world has changed dramatically. The volume of competitions seems to never end. In previous years the busiest day for us would be the start of the month, now every day is a busy day. Whilst our team has managed to cope successfully during the past twelve months, recent personal events have caused us to stop and seriously think about the future direction of the site and business. We are a small team and that has it’s limitations in terms of what we can offer, how we develop and what we do. We’ve always been aware a kind of ‘crossroads’ moment where big decisions are needed, would arrive. For various reasons it’s cropped up sooner rather than the anticipated later. Sadly, after taking a pragmatic approach, we realise that going forward we’re unable to sustain the site to a standard that we’d be happy with in the coming weeks, months and years.

We Are Not Closing Down!

Therefore, rather than let the competition listings become a shadow of itself and/or uncompetitive, the time feels right for us to make this decision. It allows us to develop Loquax in a new direction and it also gives us the much needed time to concentrate on other things – inside and outside of the business. It should be noted that we are not closing Loquax. The forums will remain open to users as long as they wish to use them – and the rest of the site (other than the listing service) will continue as normal. Our Facebook and Twitter presence will also continue and we don’t intend to depart from the comping scene altogether. In time we hope to find a new role within the comping community.

Our Apologies & Thanks

As mentioned above all we can do is apologise to those of you who are upset by this decision. It’s been a difficult one to make, especially given the years of support many of you have given us and the years of effort we have put in to making it the best it could be. With that in mind it simply remains for us to add: To everyone who’s been involved with Loquax’s competition listing service over the years – promoters, submitters, siteowners and compers – we thank you. It’s been a pleasure providing this service over the years and we wish you all the best in 2013 and the future. Discussion about this blog is on the forums. Blog comments are closed.

Additional Information – Added 4th January 2013

After our decision to close, users have decided to keep things going by posting competitions on the forum. This is for you by you and is a community led set up – the more that help out and share, the more competitions you’ll have to do. See Loquax Competition Listings – Update Therefore, contrary to some compers reports LOQUAX IS NOT CLOSING! It will be different and it may not suit everyone, but it’s an option for you to use.