Go Loquax Comping On Your Mobile

March 25th, 2017

It seems an age ago since the Loquax Team embarked on revamping the way your forum posts appeared as competition listings. What started out as a “shouldn’t take too long job” has taken a little bit longer than anticipated. However we hope you think it’s been worthwhile and thank you for being patient.

With the advent section now ready to roll, that has left us with one important step to complete the transformation. With more and more compers using their mobiles the one area of Loquax which wasn’t mobile friendly was the forums and competitions listings.

The good news is that the first steps have been taken to change that. We’ve made the competition listings mobile friendly so that you can review what’s new, closing soon, daily entry, advent entry etc. The listings have been simplified so out go the comp type icon and thanks button but you still have the direct to competition link plus the tracker buttons.

Loquax Mobile

The forum itself (threads/posts) still need some tweaking but should be usable and readable via mobile in portrait mode. If you switch to landscape then you’ll see the site as it’s always been. In time we’ll tackle making the site even more mobile friendly for forum reading and posting. However coming soon as we want to make sure our first tentative steps are in the right direction.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback about the mobile format then please drop us a line.

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