Loquax Gives You More Options

January 28th, 2010

One thing we hope to do on the blog in 2010 is give you more updates on what we’re doing on the site. We know we post updates on the forums and mention things in our newsletter, but even then many users are just unaware of how they can tailor Loquax to their own needs. Hopefully by posting on the blog we’ll get more people realising just how versatile the site can be!

1. Make The Bingo Go!

Bingo has become part of Loquax, but we appreciate that it’s not for everyone. Therefore we’ve created an option that not only allows you to omit bingo sites from the competition listings, but it also removes the banner adverts for these sites too.

Go to Edit Options and scroll down until you see ‘Hide Bingo’. If you wish to hide these sites select ‘Yes” and click the submit button. As long as you’re logged in bingo sites will be removed. Some references (e.g. the sidebars) will remain, but we think this offers a good compromise.

2. Order Your Prize Directory Listings

Thanks to Anthony for this suggestion! By default our Prize Directory listings are in date added order. We’ve now added an option that lets you change this to for example closing date order or site name order.

Again you need to go to Edit Options and scroll down until you ‘Prize Directory Listings’. Make a selection and the next time you select a prize category (quick comp listing format) your competitions will appear in the order you requested.

Remember these options are in addition to changing the colour of the site and the listing format (although the vast majority are now on the quick comp format with quacker tracker). You can also edit your profile and tell other users a little bit more about yourself. It’s not compulsory though!

If you have any questions about the options, or have some additional suggestions, then let us know.

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